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  1. HDriscoll

    EVGA X99 Classified with Samsung 950 Pro M.2 SSD

    If anybody is having trouble getting this M.2 drive to work, let me know. I was messing around with my setup yesterday and finally got it to work.
  2. HDriscoll

    Project ONE

    This is the build log for my gaming computer. It will be sometime before I can start on any case mods. I do have a HighSpeed "top deck" test bench to install the parts on so I can be sure everything works and do some benchmarks.
  3. HDriscoll

    making custom length coax cable

    I just put together my new TV stand and need to make some custom cables. I have the compression crimper from Klein: Do I need to use the F-connectors from Klein, or will any...
  4. HDriscoll

    Are three cards the only option?

    I have two GTX580's and three 22" displays. I wanted to activate SLI and have the two outer displays go black while I game on the center display. No matter how I connect the displays, it doesn't work. Will adding a third GTX580 solve the issue I'm having with multiple displays and SLI?
  5. HDriscoll

    looking for a Razer Black Widow Stealth

    I'm looking to buy a Black Widows Stealth edition keyboard. Not the new one with USB pass-through. Any sites I should look at? I've been to amazon and ebay.
  6. HDriscoll

    USB to SATA HDD adapter

    I'm looking for an adapter to connect my SATA hard drive to the USB (2.0) on my laptop. Is there anything I need to know before getting one? Are they all the same?