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    platform for penryn based xeons

    just a quick question: AFAIK the penryn based xeons will require a new mainboard. Is that correct? Or will they be drop-in compatible with current 53xx based xeons mainboards?
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    cannot install XP??

    ok, a friend of mine bought an ACER 5683 WLMi Notebook, which comes with Vista Home Premium by default. He wants to have XP installed on the machine, though (i couldn't care less, so please don't get into a vista/XP fight). Now the problem is, I cannot make the computer boot from his XP CD...
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    I have a couple of questions regarding agenaFX and hope someone can help me out here: Does anyone know if there is a semi-solid release date for these processors (such as august for barcelona)? Secondly, what platform will they be used in? AFAIK the agenafx processors will be the first ones to...
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    fist time dual socket build - any advice welcome

    Hi all, I am currently in the process of speccing out my first dual-socket built. That being said - I'd really like to hear what you guys think about it, as I do not have any experience whatsoever when it comes to server/workstation-class components. There will be a total of three machines...
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    cannot start IE7 in vista64 anymore!?

    ok, here is the problem: yesterday microsoft update installed a new cumulative security update for IE7 on my vista64 machine. since then, i cannot even start the bloody program anymore: whenever i intend to, IE7 starts up briefly and then the download window pops up asking where i want to save...
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    AMD Phenom I kinda like it... I guess.
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    "I hate macs"

    All in good fun (I do own Mac products, so don't even bother) - thought it was a rather funny mocking of apple's ad-campaign:,,2006031,00.html - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -...
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    can X800 based cards...

    Can X800 based cards display all Vista Aero features, such as the transparent window effects, the alt+TAB window selection etc.? I was just wondering, as installed a copy of Vista Ultimate on one of our computers, today, and it doesn't display any of the above-mentioned features. I have to...
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    recommend me a decent headset

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    x1800xt crossfire

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    this RAM for my new x2 rig?

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    custom scroll-bars in frames and DIVs

    ok, i know i can change the look of scrollbars in opera, conqueror and IE through CSS, but unfortunately firefox just doesn't like that. do i really have to dive into java, hide the standard browser scrollbars and place the java ones on my site? there has to be a simpler way, right, i'd hope...
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    8 cores - 3600 bucks?

    We are a small studio that does CGI for TV ads, architectural and product visualization and such. Small translates into "we don't have unlimited funds", while unfortunately "cgi for TV ads" simulatiously translates into "we always need more processing power" :D That beeing said we are...
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    can one of you guys with a 8800GTX do me a favour?

    Last year Fallguy helped me get professional 3D-application benchmarks for the 7900GTX, based on the rather common SpecViewPerf benchmark. The original thread can be found here. Now, with g80 released, it would be really cool to see how it fairs in professional applications. Therefore it...
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    BFG 8800GTX 799$, PNY for 809$

    From L'Inq here - and here is the pictures to 'prove' it: guess that is pretty reliable... ouch! Obviously that is a...
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    New System advice

    Just a quick question. I am about to put together a C2D system for some work I occasionally do at home. Here is what I've come up with after reading around - any major screw-ups in this, or good to go? Thanks a lot in advance, guys, j Intel Core 2 Duo E6400 Thermaltake BigTyp 120 VX...
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    Olivetti d-Color P24 Color Laser - personal experience?

    Hi all. We have the opportunity to get the Olivetti d-Color P24 for fairly cheap, i.e. new including duplexer for 500 bucks. I personally have no experience with Olivetti printers whatsoever, though, and wanted to post here hoping to get some hands-on advice from one of you. We were thinking...
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    apple/PCesk: Wii vs PS3

    friend of mine send me this link and i thought it was worth sharing: cheers, j
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    onboard VGA ok - add-on nogo. why?

    I bought an el cheapo ASROCK mATX mainboard for websurfing & DVD at home after my IC7-G crapped out on me. The board supports an 1.5V AGP 8x slot (not 3.3V as mentioned in the manual a couple of times). AFAIK my 9700pro should be absolutely fine with that, as it operates with 1.5V when in 4x...
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    OS reinstall obligatory when mobo swapped?

    The mainboard of my old computer crapped out on me last week. I now received a new one and wondered what happened if I just fired up the old WinXP install. Of course it'd go caddy wompus on me for the first boot, but then what? Would I be ok if I just installed all new drivers? Never tried...
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    Northbridge fried? What potential damage to other components?

    I need your advice. Two days ago I turned on my old computer in order to check mails. When I had just booted into Windows the screen went black, Monitor went into standby - nothing. So I turned it off and tried to fire it back up. The PSU comes on, HDDs start spinning, all fans running, green...
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    HTX so soon?

    This has to be a non-functional mock-up, right?
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    motherboard for woodcrest?

    Is there any high-end enthusiasts' / low-end workstation mainboards announced for Woodcrest that are somewhat similarly positioned like for example the ASUS K8N-DL or MSI dual socket mainboards for Opterons? Decent overclocking features etc. etc. IIRC the lack of such an alternative pretty...
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    dell to sell opteron servers

    ...and the stock skyrocketed :)
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    pricing info on woodcrest?

    Recently stumbled over early Conroe pricing info here on the forum. So I was wondering if a similarly leaked pricing scheme for woodcrest exists? Thanks in advance, J
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    NAND Flash-Based 32GB Solid-State

    source "Samsung's 32GB Flash-SSD is official We reported earlier this month that Samsung had shown off a prototype of its new 32GB solid-state hard drive at CeBIT. Samsung has now announced that it has officially introduced the drives for the mobile sector. According to Samsung, the...
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    "Clearspeed plans AMD co-processor link up" and can someone with knowledge on microprocessor architecture give me short real world pro / con sum-up of this possible approach, please? ;)
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    computer restarts instead of turning off

    Whenever I log off from windows and click on shut down the computer reboots instead of shutting down. Once it got back to the log-on screen I can then again click on turn off to shut it down - needless to say this is highly annoying. Any idea what could be causing it? Otherwise the system is...
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    apple switched to intel too early?

    priceless :p
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    anandtech early x1900xtx benchmarks

    In case this has really not been posted before (I looked but couldn't find it anywhere) l'inq: looks very promising IMHO... :D
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    z-RAM cache

    source you gotta love how quick new stuff is on the horizon in the hardware arena :D - and yeah, I know it's a lot of "could" and "sometime-in-the-futures" in that article :p
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    stability issues - i need your help

    ok, guys, i need your help. about a month ago i put together the following system: Opteron 170 /w TT Big Typhoon (temps under heavy load never exceed 35°C) asus a8r-mvp (wanted to go for passive cooling and anandtech's review looked good) 2x1024 GB crucial value RAM ATI FireGL V5100...
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    AMD's future

    here is a link to an article/interview about 'AMDs future'. I thought I'd post this for a coffee break ;)
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    quick BIOS settings question

    I have two MaxLine III 250GB drives hooked up to an ASUS A8R-MVP. In the BIOS there is two options I cannot figure out what to set them to: 1. In the "storage configuration" tab I have the Option to enable/disable "32bit Data Transfer". By default it is disabled, do I want that enabled? 2...
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    Opteron 170 rig finally up and running - thank you guys!

    I just went from an Intel rig (2.4C@3.2 on an IC7-G) to my new system, which I finally got up and running. Opteron 170 /w a Big Typhoon, ASUS A8R-MVP, FireGL5100, 2gig of Crucial Value RAM, 2x 250GB maxline III. Man, this is one nice system! My first venture into xp-64 as well - and softimage...
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    jump to 64bit - a couple of questions

    i am currently putting together my opteron system and would really like to give xp 64 a spin - mainly because softimage XSI is now fully 64bit. problem is: i am currently using AVG as a free anti-virus program along with zonealarm as a firewall. both are not 64bit ready, according to their...
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    It wasn't even close