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    intel retail edge cpu vs retail

    Is there any difference between intel retail edge cpu's and the retail ones? example to many 4930k are being sold for 450$ ~ $500 while retail stores sell it for 580$ ~ 620$ all the intel retail edge cpu's are using the same batch starting with 3331b5xx, this specific CPU's could be bad in...
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    Foxconn Mars or Asus P5Q-E

    in my country Foxconn Mars is available and I really like it, but it has an older chipset P35. There is also P5Q-E available, but I read some bad reviews about the P5Q-E, so my choice is between the Foxconn Mars ($190) and the Asus P5Q-E ($210), I will use an E8400 CPU. I also want to know if...
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    Which memory to go with ?

    I have 2 choices between: 1- Patriot Extreme Performance 2GB (2x1GB) DDR2 800 Dual Channel Memory, SLI, EPP Ready, RoHS Compliant, PDC22G6400LLK 2- Buffalo FireStix 2GB (2x1GB) DDR2 800...
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    will dual channel still run ?

    I'm using nforce 570 AM2 mobo, I'm currently using 512X2 ram, can I add 1GBx2, so total will be 512MBX2 + 1GbX2 = 3GB, will dual channel still work ?
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    Building HTPC

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    K9N MS-7250 + X-Fi anyone ?

    anyone is using K9N MS-7250 + X-Fi and the X-Fi is installed in the first PCI-slot ? I want to check to see if K9 users have same IRQ sharing I have or it just me
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    DFI LanParty UT RDX200 CF-DR Socket 939 $54.99
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    is that artifacts ?

    sometimes while browsing or watching video, I see a green dot on the black color.
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    What is the correct way to remove stock A64 heatsink ?

    What is the correct way to remove Stock A64 heatsink with stock thermal paste without getting the CPU to stuck in the HSF ?
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    Poll: Do you use AMD Cool’n’Quiet™ feature ?

    Please write the processor you use and choose yes or no ;)
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    1GBX2 Mushkin Single Vs 1GBX2 Mushkin Dual Pack

    I found Mushkin 991521 (1GB) HP2-5300 for 102$ and I can get 2x and use it in dual channel for total of 204$ which seems good to me, the dual pack of this memory costs 270$. will I suffer from problems in dual channel or stability if I got this ram seperate (same model/same company) but not dual...
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    Need you opnion spending 350$

    I'm currently using gigabyte mobo with vga built in geforce 6100 and AMD64 3500+ AM2 new boxed didn't open it, also still no ram, so I didn't yet completed the system I have 2 choices Geforce 7600GT + AMD X2 4200 and I can sell the 3500+ and get 1GB DDR2 or Geforce 7600GT + 2GB DDR2...
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    Does ATI Catalyst have this option ?

    there is an option in nvidia forceware named: Full Screen Video, so I can choose to Full screen secondary display. the benefit of it that for example I can open a movie in windows media player and browse internet at the same time, but only the movie will be shown in my television using TV-out...
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    do I have very time to clear CMOS ?

    just a general question, do I to have to clear CMOS evey time I change VGA card, memory, pci card ... ?
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    Building HTPC

    I have choices between this motherboards: Gigabyte GA-M55plus-S3G Nvidia 6100 & 430 Gigabyte GA-M51GM-S2G Nvidia 6100 & 430 BIOSTAR TForce 6100 AM2 Nvidia 6100 & 410 ASUS M2NPV-VM Nvidia 6150 & 430 it will be paired with A64 3500+ and 1GB DDR2 800 thx...
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    DFI INFINITY NF ULTRA-II-M2 Vs BIOSTAR TForce 550 some reviews for the DFI: TForce 550 review:
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    Opinions choosing AM2 mobo

    I have this choices 1- GigaByte NVIDIA® nForce 590-SLI GA-M59SLI-S4 2- ASUS M2N-E NVIDIA nForce® 570 Ultra;modelmenu=1 both are same prive , I really like the...
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    strange boot problem

    I have strange problem which happen random: sometimes when I hit the power I hear 1 Long Beep only, strange that windows continue to loggin and I hear the windows welcome sound but I can't see anything on my monitor, I just try time after time till the pc turn and I hear normal short beep, what...
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    +12v falculation is good ?

    checking the +12v with speedfan program, I got this readings: min: 12.04 max 12.16 average 12.10 when you compare min and max, it is about 0.12 jitter I want to know if I am in safe side , or I have to worry about this falculation ? I was hoping +12 falculate by atleast 0.06...
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    1GB High Quality vs 2GB Value Ram

    What will be better option ? 1GB high quality ram or 2GB value ram ?
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    Any one is using HEC Orion 585W ?

    any one tried this psu ? I know that hec made good quality psu, but this psu is kinda cheap, any info ?