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    Starcraft Scaling Problems Nvidia vs ATI

    Well I just switched over to the red team and and I noticed that Starcraft looks very grainy. I've played with different setting within the ATI driver menu. Different scaling options GPU enabled monitor enabled etc. I'm running windows 7 64 bit with 30 inch monitor. My monitor does not has a...
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    Semi burnout backlight?

    It didn't want to turn on, when it did this is what I saw. Power cycled it after a few minutes and it was fine.
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    Photoshop Scratch Disk Raid setup?

    I have been reading a lot about how raid 0 offers very little real world performance. I'm building a new computer for photoshop work typically printing large images ie 3x 4 foot high resolution photos with vector graphics. Is it worth a raid setup for the scratch disk or what configuration do...
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    How big is too big 30, 40, 46 inch?

    I’m in the market for another monitor. Currently I have a 30 inch dell which I sit about 28 inches back from. I’m now looking at a 40inch Samsung monitor/TV but I’m wondering if it’s too big. I want something dual purpose I know sharp makes a 32 inch tv but it’s very similar in size to my 30...
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    two 4 gb kits at PC2 8500?

    Is it possible to maintain a stable clock and timings for the Reaper HPC Edition 4GB (2x2048) kit x 2 across all four banks? Will I run into problems? I'm planning on working with a lot of high res photos in photoshop. Or should I just pick up a 8 gb kit such as OCZ DDR2 PC2-6400 / 800 MHz for...
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    Jerker inspired desk

    For some time now I have been looking through various posts about workstations, case modding and other various projects. I have tried a few mods including a custom liquid cooling box. But now I want to apply what I have learnt to a jerker desk knock off (kind of). Maybe this doesn’t fit...
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    Laser mice being choppy

    Hi, I seem to be having problems with my laser mouse. It’s been an on going process. I find that the mouse is not as smooth as the LED based ones and I am wondering if this is normal. When I move the mouse left and right I find that it seems like the cursor is a bit jumpy compared to...
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    HDMI Switch which one?

    Hello, I've been looking for a HDMI switch and have seen a positive response for XtremeMac 4-1. I was wondering if anyone has any experience with these switches and longer cable lengths. My output run is going to be around 26 feet and each input around 6-7 feet. Do these switch act as...
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    720p or 1080p projector for large screens 92 + inches?

    hello, I am looking for a projector. Specifically the panasonic ae100u 720p projector and I was wondering what everyone’s opinion is about 720p and 1080p. I was thinking of having a 92 inch screen because I already have the screen and an old NEC CRT 7 inch gun projector (1027x768). The 1080p...
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    HTPC near Subwoofer

    Hi, My htpc is about 1 foot above my 12 inch sub woofer. There is no other place to move it. I'm not worried about vibration I'm worried about the magnet effect to the hdds (3 x 500 gb). Should I be worried?
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    New dead pixels popping up on a 3007wfp after a few months

    I bought a 3007wfp last year and it has one dead pixel. It was a blue one near the very bottom which I was fine with. Now it is nine months later, and I have just noticed that there is a cluster of dead pixels within a 2.5 inch radius in the center of the screen which was not there before. How...
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    Dell 2007wfp weird hour count

    I bought a 2007wfp back in November and I checked the service menu because of the lottery issues and everything seemed normal ie 0 hours for the hour counter etc. Today I checked the service menu and it says its been used for 2400 hours and there is no way I used the monitor for 2400 hours. I...