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    TERA Online {an MMORPG}

    The Official Site: Trailer: A few minutes of early beta gameplay:
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    Intel's test: Buy the PC, then pay for more speed To quickly summarize, Very interesting article. Personally I hope this tests flops.
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    PSP : Same music files going corrupt?

    I currently have the new PSP Slim. Recently I loaded a few more songs onto it. But there are these 2 songs that randomly become corrupt over time. If I start my PSP up, there’s no issues. I can listen to all my songs, but these 2 songs... after listening to songs for over an hour or so...
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    Orange Box / Gift not so bad.

    Orange Box Gift I haven't been active on the PC boreds for a while, but I did read some complaining about the Orange box and what if you already own HL2 and EPS1. Well now you can give them away to friends. This link tells you how. If this information has been posted already please...
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    Offical Site The game takes place in the present day. A young woman by the name of Ellen is lured to the sea-side village of Doolin, in Ireland, led by a letter from her supposedly dead mother. Meanwhile Keats, a journalist from an occult magazine called Unknown Realms, receives a phone call...
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    CS:S please help me find this spray!

    Has anyone else see this before? I'd really like to grab this spray if anyone knows where to d/l it :) CS:S Spray
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    Grand Theft Mario (comedy)

    Honestly I don't spend a lot of time looking through videos or what not, but I ran across this and thought it was pretty funny, but if it’s old, sorry for the repost. Posting in hopes that some of you out there haven't seen it and enjoy a good laugh too. Grand Theft Mario This Game is...
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    PS3 to PC Monitor?

    I know this question has been asked before, but I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong here. So I picked up a HDMI to DVI cable in hopes that I could take my PS3 with me to LANs and have it hooked up to my monitor/switch between PC and console. But no matter what I do I cannot get a picture to...
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    PS3's : Home Delayed

    Article I've been looking forward to home, but I personally don't mind delays if it means a better product. I got burnt out on vibrating controllers with N64 and StarFox64. So I think I'm ok with the extra super light non-vibrating controllers. Thoughts?
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    Ratchet & Clank Demo

    Zap! Well this news is 3 days late, I haven't seen any talk on here about it. News to me, news to you? Time for me to shop around and see if I can get my hands on this demo :) I hear its awesome!
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    Motorstorms Expansion pack...

    So after beating the game I decided to get the expansion pack. After I downloaded it (at a friends house, and when I downloaded it and installed it I didn't have my MS game disc on me) and go back home, popped in my game disc, my TV shows me going from the XBM menu 1080p to 720p, but stays on a...
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    Warhawk in 48 hours

    So Warhawk as well as a PS Store update will be coming to us all Thursday, Aug 30th. Source **Please before you post, we don't care about the X360 in this thread, we also don't care if you don't like the game, please create your own thread if you wish to discuss those matters** So I'm...
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    Wii question(s).

    Since I don't have a Wii I have no idea what is available for download through VC. I noticed on Amazon that Majoras mask has dropped in price and I was wondering if that is due to it being downloadable on the Wii. Someone was posting a craigslist add to sell a gold cartridge and I offered...
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    Experts: Video games not an addiction

    Article Here Well damn, I guess they haven't touched a Wii. Seems like Wii's can be pretty sociable, as well as spending time with the family or being energetic. I do think video games are addicting, but not in a mental disorder kinda way. :p
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    Delay playing on HDTV's?

    So I haven't really noticed it myself, but my friends swear than when playing Guitar Hero 2 on my HDTV that it’s off by a little, compared to a SDTV. Has anyone else experienced this? Are there any solutions? Personally I don't think it’s my TV, I think it’s their crappy ass burnt game...
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    NASCAR 08 Out Tomorrow

    Not sure how many of you are NASCAR fans, but I am .(well not a real hardcore fan, but I will watch it from time to time in HD) Was thinking about picking this up. Since I don't have an X360 I guess I'll be getting the PS3 version. Alrighty now. :)
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    Natural Selection Clones?

    So I've noticed there has been FPS after FPS released and haven’t really seen or heard of any other games which offer game play like Natural Selection (a MOD for HL). Has anyone heard of any future games coming out that offer a FPS along with a commander who plays the game like a RTS? Are...
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    Need Help with buying Card.

    My friend is looking at picking himself up a new video card. Hes looking at this. From what I can tell it looks like its a decent card for the price, would any of you suggest something else for this price range 100-220? I don't know his PC specs, I know that may help determine a better...
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    Ninja Gaiden Sigma - Out

    Well EBGames shows that it was released today. Has anyone here got their grubby fingers on a copy yet? If so, are you liking it and does there seem to be any improvements over the demo? I'm just confused, which copy should I get :p This one? This one?? Or should I just go all out. :D
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    Ninja Gaiden Sigma CE

    I love the demo and am very excited to see this game get released later this month. EBGames says that its going to be out 6.26.07 ... about 16 days away or 2 weeks ;) Also it stated this.. My question is... will both regular version and the CE version have the extra missions (on Disc?)...
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    [H]'s thoughts on best cooler for PS3

    I was at my local CC and was looking around at their PS3 coolers... I thought about picking one up ... but one of the guys working there told me to stay away from the ones they had in stock... he had heard bad things about it. (the one cooler that plugs straight into the power port and then you...
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    MotorStorm V1.2 *kinda soon*

    Source Well I'm glade that this first update isn't going to cost me anything. Seems like some pretty cool features are being added. I really do like how you can download (I think I read that right) other ghosts to maybe see how they got such a good time on the track :)
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    Rampart This Week (PS3)

    I plan on downloading this... anyone up for a 4 player game?? :D -IGN- :D
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    Educational Video Games

    My daughter is going to be going on 10 months here pretty soon.. With it will come walking (oh god :p ) and she’s already grabbing for my PS3 controller but isn’t sure what to do with it. Does anyone know if there are some great educational games for consoles? Did anything ever...
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    DiRT Rally Racing

    I haven’t played to many Rally Racing games.. but this game DiRT looks awesome. Yes its coming to both X360 and PS3... lets please not turn this into a console war or a format war... IGN's article here So basically it has great graphics, great physics, the way damage is done to cars...
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    45nm Chips?

    Anyone have some information on 45nm chips? ...also.... now that the PS3 is trying to push Cell CPU's... anyone know if AMD or Intel gonna try some sort of Cell CPU for the PC market? That way I don't have to worry about putting in a "physics card" :confused: One site I found... 45nm...
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    Has anyone else here bought the full version? I downloaded the demo off Steam and it seems like a half decent game.... Graphics looked decent too :p
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    For all the X360 fans :)

    Well if this mod fixes the 3 red lights of death... I would do it! :eek: What you think? *2 Thumbs Up*
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    Soon more content for MS (ps3)

    Glade to see they are adding more content to MotorStorm. I just picked this game up about a week ago, loving it so far. With time attack being added, I wonder if they can also upscale this game to 1080p and add 2 player. Then I would be in MotorStorm heaven :D Article here. Enjoy!
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    PS3's XMB

    I know most of you know that the back ground color (during the day) is based off of what month it is. What I find very interesting is that Aprils color is Green. Well they didn't get that color fromt he birthstone.... maybe 420? :D :D ;) Also with the XMB, has anyone heard of an update...
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    Preview: Lair.

    Yesterday I stopped by BestBuy to pick up MotorStorm for my PS3. Before getting MS in my hands, I stopped by the PS3 kiosk to see what content they had on their PS3. I held down the PSHome button to exit out of their demo and went to their "Movie/Trailer" section to find a trailer of Lair...
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    I used to play Contra back in the day... just recently found a video of NEO Contra for the PS2... I see that it got like a 7.0 rating, has anyone here played it... did anyone enjoy it? I wonder if we'll see a Contra for the PS3. :p
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    SpiderMan 3 @ PS3 FTW!

    Source (The X360 hands-on) PS3 hands-on I don't care about Achievement points and I'd rather play through the game as the Goblin :) (more game content FTW :D ) Other than that... game looks like a web-full of fun :)
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    GTA:4 // PS3:X360:PC ?

    OK.... so now that most of us have seen the trailer, of those that liked what they saw and plan on getting it, what platform do you think you will get it for and why? I'm wondering if GTA:4 will have more going on (more people or cars) in the PS3 version because of all the cell cpus? Or do...
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    Transformers via PS Store

    If you havent already downloaded the trailer from the PS Store, or haven't checked the PS Store recently, Sony has added more content, ... some of which is Sonic "Add-On" Levels that come with a $$ tag, Shreck 3, and Bee Movie. They also released Transformer trailer in 1080p, and I have to...
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    Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Double Agent

    Anyone else plan on getting this on console? Kinda thought about picking it up on PC... but thought it might be more fun with my PS3 controller (I wonder if they will use SIXAXIS) and HDTV. ;)
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    PlayStation 3 FAQ

    Thought this was a good read, though most of this information is already available, its nice to find it all in one spot. I've taken the time to highlight some nifty features, I feel like half the time people talk about anything they are pulling stuff straight out of the air.... Enjoy...
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    LOTRO anyone here gonna give this a try? haha why don't they name it WoH ... World of Hobbits :)
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    PS3 Home ...

    :eek: Home I like. :D
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    Half Life 2 : Episode 2

    Who here plans on getting it? I personally liked HL2 and HL2EP1 but I know a lot of people that thought EP1 was a waste of money... I can't wait for EP2... specially after the ending to EP1 :eek: