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    Samsung HD204UI write error rate

    Hi, I have two Samsung HD204UI HDD's. Both of these show an increasing number of write errors via SMART (C8 - Write Error Rate) (as you can see below). On one drive the raw data is 29 and the other is over 50. The current/worst values on both of the drives are still at the original 100. There...
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    Phenom X4 955 - High temps

    Hi, I've built a PC for my sister. MSI 790FX-GD70 with a Phenom II X4 955 BE. I see on AMD's website that it has a maximum rating of 62c. It is not overclocked. I purchased a Zalman CNPS10X cooler for the machine but found that it would not fit in the case due to a side panel fan and that it...
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    NTBackup in Server 2008

    Hey all, Right, I know that this is now no more in Server 2008 and that it has been replaced by Windows Server Backup. Is there any way of doing streaming Exchange backups/restores with Server 2008? I really want to avoid purchasing a plugin for my backup software.
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    Fireproof NAS Units

    I've seen a couple of companies that make these but they are only available in the US. Anyone know of any that are available in the UK?
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    Editing phpbb forum layout

    Hi all, Quick question, which file do I have to edit (and which part of it) to add an extra section within the "posting" page of a phpbb forum? When you are on the posting page (posting.php) you see several sections. The header, post body, upload/bbcode section, and then the footer. I would...
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    RAID 1 Rebuild Questions

    I've got a server which has recently had a drive failure. I've replaced the failed drive with an identical drive. In the Intel RAID utility (the one during statup) it says that the RAID 1 array is currently rebuilding itself and both of the physical drives are recognised. When I go into the...
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    Xbox 360 via Xbox VGA HD cable to Dell 2007 WFP

    Should I have to specifically set the Xbox settings to HD? All I can change is the resolution and it comes up with a message saying that I must use a HD cable to view in HD. Obviously. I've set it to 1024 x 720 at the moment. I remember having to select HD when I took my console round to a...
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    VPN Connection Location

    Hi, I am assuming that all VPN connections and their settings are stored as files. If so, where are these located? I don't mean the connection icons in Network Connections, but the actual files. Regards, Michael.
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    Side by Side div's without using "position:absolute" nor "float:left"?

    As per the title, is there a way to position multiple div's side by side without the use of absolute positioning or using the float property? The reason for this is so that they can eventually be centered on an unknown page width using a containing div. "float:left" effectively takes them out...
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    Computer Restarts Randomly

    I'm not sure what is wrong or why it is so, but my computer keeps restarting quite frequently now. I have made no changes in hardware or software. Everytime it does so it beeps immediately before. There have been intermittent beeps over the last few days and now it has resorted to restarting...
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    Excel Formulae

    Hi, Does anyone know whether it is possible to write a formula with a fixed cell reference, so that when you copy the formula to other cells it does not increment/ decrement them? i.e. A3 could have the formula =A1*4 but when copied to A4 using the little square at the bottom right hand corner...
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    Java repaint()

    For several months I have been creating a Java chess game, and all of a sudden the graphics are being erased when I move the window. I have not changed any code but the appearance of the buttons has changed (to a different look and feel i think). Before, when it was "normal" the drawings would...
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    Windows Activation Time Limit?

    Is there a way of finding a more accurate time as to when the 30-day grace period runs out? The baloon currently says 2 days, now does that mean somewhere between 24 and 48 hours? or between 48 and 72 hours?
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    Computer powered down in stages

    The strangest thing happened a few minutes ago, in the following order. Computer goes silent, fans turn off. Fan controller display loses its backlight. Computer switches off (no bang but very audible).Initially I thought it was a powercut but everything else was still on. I turned my computer...
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    Burn-in on Dell 2007WFP

    Hi, I'm experiencing an occasional level of burn-in on one of my Dell monitors. I can have a firefox opened for a matter of minutes and the outline of the browser toolbars and statusbars will remain on the monitor for a short while. Is this normal? I was doing a bit of coding a few weeks back...
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    Populating an instance array in Java

    I am a little confused as to why this instance array is not working out as planned. Maybe someone could shed some light on this problem. I have a class called Piece with a bunch of variables including int colour and piece. 32 of these have been declared and initialised using an instance...
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    Java JDK 5/6 on a USB Drive?

    Is it possible to extract the runtime environment and compiler to a USB drive so that I can compile wherever I go? I'd preferably like it to be a clean install so that it does not mess up whats already on the drive. The reason I am asking is that some places in Uni do not have the most recent...
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    9800 Pro and 1680x1050

    Hey, I currently have a Sapphire 9800 Pro. Is it possible for this card to display the 1680x1050 widescreen resolution? and on both VGA and DVI at the same time. Checking the resolution list from their website, it is not natively supported. Is there any way to safely resolve this? Thanks
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    UK: 2007WFP Panel?

    Hey, I have tried to search but "uk" is too short to go through the search query. I have seen many places that state the pannel lottery has been seen in North America, Asia and Austrailia. And every post on I have seen says they received S-IPS panels. Does anyone know...
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    20/21/22" Monitor Selection?

    Hey, As per my other thread earlier, my flat screen monitor has suddenly stopped working correctly. I have been pondering buying a new one for a few months now but never really got into selecting one. I currently have a dual screen setup with an old (now broken) 15" flat panel along with a...
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    Issue with very very dark monitor.

    Hey, Last night I thought that my monitor was switching itself off every few seconds. I checked the power saving settings but nothing was wrong here. After about 2 minutes it stopped and all seemed to be fine again. I have just come to start my computer this morning and it is very very...
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    UK: Speaker Stands for Gigaworks s750?

    Hey, Does anyone know of any places within the UK that sell speaker stands compatible with the Creative Gigaworks s750? I have been searching kelkoo and plain old google but cannot find any. The only ones were from Creative themselves "Creative Speaker Stands MT1200" for about £40 a pair...
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    Java - Can I combine different data types to form an object/instance name?

    Hi I have multiple instances of a custom class called a1,a2,a3,; I would like to call a function from each using a for loop. Is it possible to do something like the following: for(int i=0;i<20;i++) { ai.getSomething(); // I know this isnt doing anything, just as an example. }...
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    Position of Firefox on Monitor's

    Hi I have just come across a VERY annoying problem with Firefox. I have a dual monitor setup, and like to have Firefox open maximised on the second monitor. This has never been a problem before, I just had to do it in steps when I installed Windows. i.e. Open Firefox, Move to second...
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    NFS:MW crashing :(

    As the thread title says, Need For Speed : Most Wanted has been crashing a lot lately. I have been playing the game for several months, completed it twice, and just a few minutes ago I had the following in a single pursuit: Bounty: 6,000,000 approx Cost to State: 650,000 Time: 30+ minutes...
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    Strange problem with dual boot

    Hi A while back I installed Ubuntu on another partition. It works fine, and so does Windows, except: The only way I can boot into Ubuntu is to put a bootable disc into my drive and ignore the "Press any key to boot from CD" message on startup. I can then choose which OS to run. If I do not...
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    Bandwidth for Web Browser

    Ok, I dont fully understand myself that what I am asking is how it works, so bare with me. I am on a 2000/256 dsl line. I have just been downloading a 100MB+ file at a constant 245KB/s, I then opened my web browser (firefox) and the speed of the download dropped momentarily to 240KB/s. This...
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    Creative Inspire 6700 6.2?

    Here is my situation. I have had the SoundBlaster Audigy 2 Platinum eX along with Creative Inspire 6.2 6700 speaker setup for a number of years now. A few months after buying my speakers, a defect was found on the sub by Creative, so they sent me a brand new one free of charge. I still have the...
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    Hi. My home network atm includes an ADSL connection split to 3 computers. Here is a diagram of the setup; Could you tell me how I can share the printer with the computers? Also, could someone give me a rundown of ip addresses of each machine, workgroups, whatever i need. The...
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    JApplet drawPolyLine problem

    Hi. I have a problem with an applet that I am creating. It is an oscilloscope but there is one problem. Here is the section of code: x[i]=i*timeSelection + 250; // x-coordinate calculation y[i]= offsetIn + (int)(voltsSelection*amplitudeValue*Math.sin(frequencyValue*i)); timeSelection is...
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    Radiator comparisons?

    Hello Does anyone know of any comparisons on the Internet between radiators. i.e. different radiators (size, type, heatercores), but with the exact same setup? Thanks for any replies Mike
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    JApplet: JScrollBar increment

    Hi Quick question here. I have a JScrollBar and would like it to have an increment of 0.1 when the tab is moved or the arrows are clicked. So I believe this will be a unit increment, correct me if i'm wrong. I have done some searching and found that I have to use this line: void...
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    Please comment on this water cooling setup

    Hello. Just had my student loan through and can now afford a water cooling setup. I have done a fair bit of research but want you're opinions. This is for the comp in my sig. Here is the setup (from; Danger Den Maze 4 A64 Lucite Top - £38.23 Danger Den Maze 4 Acetal GPU...
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    How much difference will an xp-90/ zalman 7000AC make?

    Hello With the system in my sig, AMD's own HS and fan, at stock speeds the temperature is hovering now at 47/48C and at load upto 57C and flicking back and forth to 61C. My question is, how much difference in temperature would an xp-90 or a Zalman 7000AC make? I have priced up...
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    Which heatsink would you recommend?

    Hi I have a bit of a problem. The setup in my sig seems to be operating quite hot. I bought this about 4-5 months ago and used the standard HS packaged with the CPU, as I did not intent to overclock. The temperatures started at about 44C/ 49C load, but they have recently (past week) rose to...
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    Freecom FX-50 DVD +/- RW DL only writing at 0.8x?

    Hi I have a Freecom FX-50 DVD +/- RW DL and the maximum write speed that it actually writes at is 0.8x (1.1MB). It is capable of writing at 16x on +/- R's, but on 2 different types of media, and two software packages, the maximum it has got to is 0.8x. This is annoying because I know it...
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    Freecom FX-50 only writing at 0.8x

    Sorry, Wrong section.
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    124782.exe, hooks.dll and inst.exe

    Im pretty sure this is a dialer, although, ive seen that hooks.dll is related to keyloggers. Cannot work because im on dsl. But, how do I remove this? I can delete the files no problem, but then inst.exe pops up as a command prompt and installs them again. This happens on random web pages...
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    A [H]ard Forum Rule = No More?

    I've read the rules, and one of them was a 10 line sig limit. Does this still exist because I have seen so many long sigs and nothing has been done about them. I think they take up too much room. Isnt there a way to limit the text box to 10 lines for the sig?
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    Error: Cylic Redundancy Check

    A while back I burnt a lot of video files to some DVD-R's. A few of them take about 10 minutes to load (i have tried in 3 different DVD-ROM's). One in particular is far worse, so I tried to copy the files from the DVD and got an error: 'Cylic Redundancy Check'. And whenever I am lucky enough for...