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    HDTV Lag in 480i

    My family just got a new LG LCD HDTV, taking advantage of the after-christmas sales. Now, this TV was going to be for the gaming setup upstairs, replacing an aging SDTV. Downstairs in our home theater setup, we have a Samsung DLP HDTV. Now, from the few times I hooked the Xbox 360 to the DLP...
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    Oblivion with GeForce 6500?

    Hey everyone, I'm planning on getting a couple of my friends a copy of Oblivion for their birthday (they are twins). They have a great PC except for the fact that it has onboard Intel Media Accelerator graphics, so I decided while I was at it I'd get him a new graphics card as well. I'm on an...
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    F.E.A.R. Messed Up in Vista B2

    (System in sig) So, I installed Windows Vista Beta 2 after hearing about so many people rave about it. Well, about 10 hours of driver hell later, I finally get all of my old applications to work. That is, except F.E.A.R. Now, I would post a screenshot of exactly what is happening, but I...
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    Suddenly Can't Boot

    Rig in sig. Well... I don't know what to do. I've been running my new 7-month-old comp. nearly every day now and everythng has been great, including the hard drive. Well, then I go to boot it up today... It loads the BIOS logo and everything, then hangs for a really long time. After that...
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    First HTPC Build

    Hey guys, I'm a bit of an HTPC n00b as I'm currently in the process of building my first one... I currently have: Intel Celeron D 330 (now discontinued?) - Foxconn 865PE7MC-E microATX mobo Now, this HTPC's purpose will be a...
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    Processor Usage in 32-bit WinXP

    Alright guys, maybe you can help me figure this out... I've been having trouble with my main PC for the last few hours. Specs in sig. I don't know if many would call it a problem, but it is bugging the heck out of me. I started noticing in my task manager that CPU usage is, for some reason...