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    Cataloging Archived HDDs

    I find this product useful
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    Sorcerer King: Rivals

    So the last one wasn't finished but why should that stop releasing a new "version" for the punter to buy eh? Nothing like continually repeating the same game (and since FE making it worse into the bargain) - Elemental / Fallen Enchantress / Legendary Heroes. Maybe this time the AI will do...
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    What switch are you using for your home lab?

    Gnodal gs4008 - 40 x 10 gbe & 8 x 40gbe + two dlinks with two 10gb uplinks for access connectivity. Dlinks have limited layer 3 but I don't use it.
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    Brocade EMC MP-8000B

    Isnt the trouble with brocade that it will only work with brocade cables (perhaps nic's as well). Not conclusive, just an initial view when I was looking to buy something similar.
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    Seagate 8TB Internal HDD

    Most of my recent media data is in a snapraid / stablebit pooling combo - 6 drives + 2 for parity. I'm debating whether to get 8 to replicate this setup going forward or a frankstein 6 x 8TB shingle drive + 4 x 4 TB "normal" drive in 2 x RAID-0's for the parity drives. Or just stick with the...
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    Seagate 8TB Internal HDD

    Not sure, this PDF for the 5Tb drive states 36MiB at the outer cylinder. This thread suggests 36MB on outer cylinders for the 5TB drive...
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    Seagate 8TB Internal HDD

    Is this true? From what I've read it will re-write the band, not the platter or whole drive. Unless the 8TB drive is different... See
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    FlexRAID shortcomings. NAS? Other Software?

    I use SnapRaid + Stablebit Drivepool. Currently pooling 36 disks in two pools - obviously excluding the parity disks snapraid uses for circa 140TB usable space. Touch wood no serious issues - did have a problem with the NTFS permissions being inconsistent at some stage. I've only done a...
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    Your first OS

    First OS' was probably CICS for me - not sure if this an OS - was all mainframe stuff. But could have been sinclair basic on z80... way back First x86 - DOS 3.3 (I think) with Word Perfect 5.5. Still the business from a simple word processor pov. Best OS - NT4.0 -though those NEXT boxes sure...
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    GPO with focus on security?

    Long time since I have looked at his but doesn't the baselines in SCM give you a start? These are obviously tailored at the enterprise, not home.
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    flexraid and streaming

    I agree with this comment. Is it slow with one user streaming? I don't understand the first statement in terms of how long it takes apple tv to "find" the media. What is the network bandwidth to the apple TV's?
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    Disk Catalog Software / Backup Software

    Hi Does anyone use any disk catalog or backup software that accurately reports if online storage is backed up somewhere else - either on other online arrays or on offline media - external disk drives being the major one but tape drives would be a bonus? I have a reasonable large primary...
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    Stablebit Drivepool downsides?

    Thanks Slug - according to this link Areca's still aren't supported. I might still give it a go but more than likely going to uninstall the scanner for now.
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    Stablebit Drivepool downsides?

    I don't use the redundancy part of Drivepool (I use SnapRAID) but the pooling has worked fine for me - Windows 2012R2 - 24 4TB drives in pool. The latest version has some great functionality around directing incoming files to certain disks. I have had one issue - I had custom NTFS...
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    What's the craziest thing you're virtualizing?

    I setup a virtualised Windows 98 OS to see if a problem I was having with Heroes of Might and Magic 3 was down to my Windows 7 config or the save game.
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    What to look for in Used Rackmount Servers on eBay?

    As I remember wrt my DL180 G6... if you use recognised HP expansion cards you are fine. Stick something in that isn't HO, like a non HP badged LSI array card, and the BMC won't know what it is so sticks the fans to high. Unlike the 3xx range there is no control within the BIOS. The DL180G6 is...
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    ESXi 5.5 Mellanox Drivers

    To make the gen 1 cards work (Ethernet) I had to disable passthrough in the BIOS. Maybe you could try that?
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    Most Reliable 3-4TB HDD?

    I've been buying 3TB Toshiba drives & 4TB WD Red but as drescherjm stated any stats almost anyone here could give you would be inconsequential (although I read that there has been several follow-ups to that Backblaze study so I wouldn't use that as a guide without following all the threads...
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    ESXi / Quadro 4000 / VT-D Question

    Thanks, was kind of thinking that but wasn't working. Turned out to be I needed to add another video card for the host to user, the instructions on using only a single card didn't work for me. Again many thanks
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    ESXi / Quadro 4000 / VT-D Question

    Hi Dumb question - do I need VT-d switched on if I want to use the hardware acceleration features of the card (not pass thru, just h/w supported vSGA.) I've got VT-d switched off at the moment cos it doesn't play well with a Mellanox card I have installed in the server but I can replace that...
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    Legends of Aethereus

    Thanks, looks interesting
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    Storage strategies

    Its nice to make things go faster :) Let's face it, if we all bought what we just needed then probably wouldn't be on this site!
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    Storage strategies

    That is the endgame but I assume since vendors are using tiering (in some cases in addition to caching) there is some benefit e.g. you can manipulate the persistent data in tiering easier than in caching. I'm sure that is the case but as per my example above Windows 2012 R2 now offers tiering...
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    Running away screaming from ESXi (Free), best alternatives?

    I'm not convinced that open is necessarily best. Everyone needs to make a living; I try to remain as objective as I can and pick the one that suits me best regardless. VMware have annoyed me slightly with some of their changes (their MAC address changes screwed up one of my former clients for...
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    Storage strategies

    That's caching, not tiering. Caching makes a copy, tiering moves the file. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. I'm not sure I agree with the last statement either. All the high end vendors seem to punt SSD tiering at the moment. I could be wrong, pretty new to this SAN game :)
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    Storage strategies

    To be fair that isn't particularly true. You can pin stuff manually to the SSD tier and then let the system decide what else resides there - see that MS link I have for more details. I've no idea if that is possible on enterprise systems but putting in an EMC VMAX with FAST VP in the near...
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    Storage strategies

    Windows storage spaces (yuck!) has some capability in this area now. (
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    Used Supermicro 836 or new Norco 4U-4316L

    The Supermicro's have been on ebay for a while. I think the chassis is quite an old model so it will probably use individual SATA connections rather than mini-sas. I would ask them to confirm the model of the chassis. So this all depends what RAID / HBA card you are using. The power supplies...
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    new supermicro storage chassis SC847 amongst others. I bought one of mine from here. Boston are always helpful so I would ask them for a price -...
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    Recover from a RAW partition?

    You could look at Spinrite to attempt to resolve the h/w errors. But definitely a last resort thing. See I'd leave it on overnight with whatever tool you decide to use. As long as you are seeing a RAW...
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    Recover from a RAW partition?

    R-Studio seems to be the most used one and its worked for me (NTFS). You can download the product and see what it could recover first before spending the $/£/€ etc. Read the blurb before installing it though I suppose you can't install it on the RAW...
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    ReFS Wierdness

    2 drives, 3 TB used as SnapRAID parity drives. Identical make. Same parity file. Same disk size in Windows 2012 disk manager. Same volume size. Same parity file size. No other files, hidden or otherwise. But... different disk usage stats resulting in one reporting 600 GB left and one...
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    The [H]ard Forum Storage Showoff Thread - Post your 10TB+ systems

    That fan control is brilliant. Do you monitor the disk temperatures and if so what are the results? I'd love to know how the hell to make these, I have 3 SC847E1-R1400LPB's and when I turn them all on its like a Vulcan bomber taking off.
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    Hyper-v server 2012 passthrough

    Whilst my personal opinion is that I would stick with NTFS over REFS (esp with SQL), not sure how you know that no business in the world anywhere is not using it?!
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    Dominions 4 beta

    on Desura if turn based games are your kind of thing:
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    Norco 4224 + ZFS Transfer Errors

    Probably a little off topic but I think this was the blog on the "exploding" backplanes. It doesn't appear to contain any comments putting the blame on the power supply. Is there another blog that I'm not aware of?
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    Best way to migrate data - ESXi (non-work)

    Thanks, I'll take a look, although I was hoping to copy rather than migrate just in case things go wrong :) Btw, tried Veeam, super super slow from the host I installed anyway. Might try a reboot just in case.
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    Asus P8Z68-V LX not booting

    Hi I've a motherboard that doesn't post. Power is fine, fans spin, CPU gets hot, but the wonderful post screen never appears. It starts up for 30 seconds, spins down, and then starts up again - until I switch it off. There doesn't appear to be any physical damage. Anything I can do to...
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    Best way to migrate data - ESXi (non-work)

    Hi What is the best way to migrate data from one iSCSI service to another that is essentially free? I'm moving my vm files to a new iSCSI service but every method other than using vmkfstools is dog slow (and that's a pain cos I can't leave it running overnight since the way I read it only...
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    Considering a C1100 (ebay) for virtualization -- Looking for alternatives

    In response to the original questions, the Supermicro twin servers sometimes go quite cheaply. Not as cheap as the Dell ones though!!