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    Guess which browser

    Doesn't crash here? Its the new ipod commercial, and it crashes my IE and Firefox 1.0.7 miserably. I mean like going down in flames and smoke coming off the motherboard. Its not even a special video or anything. Just a QT video, pretty nice resolution. It shouldn't crash an otherwise...
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    How to Give [H]ardOCP Credit for a purchase

    I want to give [H]ardOCP/[H]ard|Forums credit for my newegg purchase, probably one of the biggest i have/will make. I know, you're supposed to click the banner add. But, the banner ad doesn't go straight to, its some newegg offers site, which doesn't have the stuff i'm buying...
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    Music skipping with LITE multitasking

    My buddy has a Dimesion 2400 with integrated audio (Analog Devices ADI 198x Integrated Audio). He has 512 megs of ram and Im guessing a processor of more than 2.4 gigahertz. When he surfs the web, his music skips. We tried reinstalling drivers. Another fix I've heard of is disabling the...
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    There's a fella that needs help

    Here on these very fora, there's a fella that wants to know wtf a folding pc is. I gave him my best, but it really looks like our dc people stay inside their shells and avoid the other fora if I, just I, am the only one to take a look. Guys, lets go give 'em HELL...
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    Help! Compy is Fubared!

    Ok, heres the deal. I built a budget rig with an a64 2800+, 512m PQI PC3200 ram, Seagate 120G S-ATA drive, and K8M800-MLVF micro atx board, in an antec case with a 350w PSU. This morn, mom's computer was off, prolly due to power outtage, but none of the appliances were reset. I thought...
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    Got $300 to burn! What's my best bet?

    Ok, right now my Athlon 64 box is hooked up to a 5 year old 15 inch beige beast. I need something better. I've been thinking along the lines of a 17" LCD, but sometimes the 19" Acer is cheap enough that I would bite on the offer. I don't game a lot, but would like to have a game-able...
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    Is This Phishing? (56k=Sorry)

    FYI, That's not my name. My name is steve. Also, I never get emails from Can you tell if it's really an "L" or a capital "I" or a "1" at the end for Dunno, but I had it for a while and it kinda creeps me out.
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    Linux Install Woes

    OK, this is gonna be a sad story. Computer: A64 2800+, 512mb RAM, 120g Seagate SATA HDD, NEC 16x DVD burner, DFI km800 miniatx mobo. I've tryed installing Fedora Core 3 several times, on a different HDD as well. (80 gig hitachi sata deathstar) After half an hour of installing, all i get...
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    How do you monitor non-local machines?

    I've got some borgs spread out across the town and another rig on my LAN. I'm interested in a way to reach each rig's individual statistics from my home computer. This may have been covered in the FAQ, but I never found out how to configure EM for that task. Is there a way that box3n could...
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    How much bandwidth does F@H consume?

    Lets just say per computer or for 100 computers. Assume that they are WinXP SP2. My school shares bandwidth with an ISP, so basically we get a free T1 line. Boss concerned that we'll suck up too much bandwidth if we fold.
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    Don't Thank Me...

    For all of you forum spammers out there.... I'm leaving the copyright open on this one... Use it if you want. Thanks to ImageShack for Free Image Hosting
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    Sound not working...

    OK this is a friend of a sister of a friend kinda deal... The person's sound aint working. I'll let him\her do the talking I suggested newer bios and update chipset drivers... What else can he\she do? Oh and i'm still working on finding out the system specs. thx in advance EDIT...
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    Folding Problem

    I use F@H 5.02, the graphical one, and now it's not folding. It is either saying "Attempting to send results" or "Attempting to get work packet" and it won't ever go to the folding part any more. I have restarted the proggie, but it won't start folding. It's been doing this for the past...
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    Future of AGP

    I want to buy a 6800OC after xmas, but i was wondering if that was a good idea. With all the new chipsets for AMD coming out, and more availability of PCI-e cards, will AGP videocards go up in price? I've got exactly $300 in my paypal account, and I wonder if I should go now, or wait.
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    Thank You!! [H]ardOCP

    I would just like to say, from the bottom of my heart, thank you all. The new title is greatly appreciated. Do I get to keep it, even if i like it? Well, if you find a worse one, then I will still like it. Thanks so much! Keep it up! -apHytHiaTe fake edit: I feel so endebted that I am...
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    X800 Se

    What is this card about? Looks interesting... Is it soft moddable? Found it on the egg
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    Another reason to fold

    I cant say who, but someone very important in my life just found out that they had cancer. It is in the esophagus and has been there for a year, the Dr. guessed. Thanks all, prayers are appreciated. God bless, and FOLD ON.
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    teh apHytHiaTe! w00t!

    hi. welcome to me projlog. sup. yo. howsithangin. okay this is another freestuff mod. hoping to turn out better than the warped keyboard+mousey. i worked on someones computer, and they gave me their spare :eek: w0ot, yay! pretty standard 'lil midtower inside...
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    HTT and how to overclock a64's

    My buddy is buying a new rig. He is getting a newcastle 3400 for the processor, and a DFI lanparty UT motherboard, and a gig of OCZ platinum rev2 3200. My question is how do u use the HTT? im sure that memory will sustain very high clock speeds without htt, but i imagine HTT will make it run...
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    Memory Prices Going UP or DOWN

    Yo Soooo, im saving for my first build, and desparately needed gaming comp, and i gots limited moolah. I have about 250 to spend on something right now. I already have a HDD and case is on the way. I was wondering if i should invest in some nice Ram now or not. I am planning to get some...
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    budget comp for sister

    Hi guys, My sister came to me, asking where to buy a computer, so i told here of course that dell and gateway are crap. She just wanted a tower for ~$500. So i have decided on these components Barton Athlon XP 2500+ Chaintech 7VIF4 Mushkin Basic Green 184 512MB DDR PC-2700...
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    DDRII and AMD64

    Does anyone know when DDRII will be used with Athlon 64 processors? I'm guessing it will have to be for nForce 4, but people are saying that it won't come out with nForce 4. Will DDRII have to wait until K9? Since the memory controller is integrated, won't they have to redesign it to accept...
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    down alot lately

    What's going on? I'm not complaining, (after all, it's free) just curious. What's been causing the downtimes? Excessive load on the servers? Do you guys need more servers or bandwidth? You guys are awesome, and thanks for fixing whatever you fix! God bless, apHytHiaTe
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    Quick Question-Censorship

    What i don't get is that the word f4nb0y gets automatically censored, but curse words do not. Just doesn't make sense. Is f a n b o y simply more offensive than "dirty words"?
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    Time 2 Mod! Free Kboard and Mousey

    Ok, please forgive my noobishness, but this is pretty much my first mod. (Some expirimentation before). Here's the story. Someone gave the school and old beat-up MS keyboard and optical mouse. My boss let me take it home for free :D So, what better to do to an ugly looking mouse...
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    WindowsXP and Duron 750

    A client of mine is using a computer which contains a Duron 751mhz processor running WinXP Pro. It suffers from frequent lock ups and general sluggishness. Is this the fault of the processor? It has a 5200 vidcard and 576M of ram. If so, then i can easily slap in a new 2500 or so and a $50...
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    6800U vs. 6800GT.

    I was just wondering if there is any reason at all to get a 6800 ultra over the GT. To me it seems like the same situation as the 9800xt and the 9800pro(if you get the same core). The GT is just underclocked, right? So i could easily just oc it to the speed of the Ultra, give or take?
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    19" CRT: Best bang for buck

    I am looking to build a computer system from the ground up soon, and I want a nice 19" CRT. I know that the 930SB is simply the best, but its a bit pricey. I've looked at the Samsung 997Df, Viewsonic Graphics and Professional series, and the Nec/Mitsubishi monitors. Does anyone know what the...
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    Sempron? What's up with that?

    Does anyone know how these will compare with Bartons on overclocking, performance, and price? Might wanna use one in my first build this fall.
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    New Asus Mobo "A7V880"

    This is the second of these that I've seen. It is a KT880 chipset on an Athlon XP board. Also, it has a higher maximum memory of 4 gigs, and it has 4xDimm support. Can anyone fill me in on this. It's a good buy at so I might put it into my new system which will be an Athlon XP...
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    Is athlon xp good enough...

    I am in the market to build a new computer for mostly gaming, and I was wondering if Athlon Xp's are enough processor to power the next generation of game IE Half Life 2 and Quake 3 and the like. Money is an object, so it will be alittle tougher to get ahold of an A64. And yes overclocking is...
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    4x256 vs. 2x512

    Assuming there is room enough on my motherboard, and money is no object, which combination is the best for DDR SDRAM in dual channel. I have already dismissed 1x1024 because of lack of dual channel (although greater expandability). Thx in advance.
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    OC'ing retail computers

    I recently learned, to my dismay, that most retail computer companies lock computers so that they cannot be overclocked. Companies I have heard of include, HP, Dell, Gateway, etc. I'm either looking to buy or build my first computer, as I need a computer of my own - mostly gaming. I look to...