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    BF2: anyone else hoarding some weapon unlocks?

    I've got BF2 and SF and I'm sitting on 5 weapon unlocks. I guess I'm holding on to them at this point because I'm thinking that some of the new Euroforces weapons will be unlocks that can be used in BF2 also. It's like I'm worried if I use my unlocks I'll miss out on something cooler just...
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    Id's Adrian Carmack forced out: files lawsuit

    I didn't see this anywhere on the Hard today so here: from the Wall Street Journal, summarized at this Gamespot link: Here's some other site with the story: I haven't been...
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    WHy does launching BF2 cause my mic to mute?

    I then have to alt tab out of BF2 and unmute the mic. Obviously a big drag. I've got the basic X-fi card and a simple desktop mic plugged into it.
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    soundcard features through USB headphones?

    Is this even possible? I've got an X-fi now and it appears only basic sound comes out of the USB headphones. It is looking for headphons which are plugged into the soundcard, of course. Is there special configuration I can use to get, for example, the surround sound feature for headphones, to...
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    Quake 4 and Call of Duty 2 pre order boxes spotted

    Yep. I was in Best Buy looking for a printer and spotted them. So that means...? Does a pre-order box mean that the game is X days away? (i know, not really). Wondering if those will tear me away from BF2. You?
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    BF2 Battle Recorder? Anyone actually d/l some

    Just curious. Anyone actually been able to d/l battlerecorded files to view? Seems like it could be a cool feature. I found files listed in there but when I tried to d/l them it could not find the server.
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    How do I troubleshoot sudden shut down?

    It's happened twice. ONce in the middle of Doom 3, and just tonight in the middle of Half Life 2 DM. System just shuts down flat. No error. I have to flip the power switch on the back of the psu back and forth and it starts back up without touching the PC power button on the front...
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    Ohio Road Runner users

    Anyone having issues online gaming tonight? I'm hitting a couple Columbus routers and the latency is skyrocketing. Going from 10ms on the 4th hop, right up to 250ms on the 5th hop. (problem ticket open) So of course, every server I see has horrible ping. NO gaming tonight for me. Gah...
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    Any Speed runs through DOOM 3 yet?

    Remember when people made game demos of flying through Quake 2 single player and stuff like that? Speed runs to make it through the game? Well....anyone found any stuff like that yet? I know the game is new and all but I wouldn't be surprised.
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    Any Best Buy insiders here?

    I have 280 bucks in gift cards and want an ATI AIW 9800 Pro. When are they gonna carry it? They don't have it now, last I checked.