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    Amazon Sucks at Running Whole Foods

    Agreed, multiple sites and reports are that this was a cost-savings program implemented by Whole Foods to cut down on their costs and OPEX. Basically a system, which appears to be short sighted or not researched and analyzed well, to cut spoilage to near 0 at the expense of lost sales due to...
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    What was your first HOLY COW! moment with an actual video card?

    Geforce 2 GTS and Half Life 2!
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    No 2017 Bonus for You, Hewlett Packard Tells Employees

    Glad I work for HPi, which ironically is the picture that is posted. HPE doesn't use that logo fyi, theirs is the big ugly green rectangle. HPi did great this year, no idea how HPE keeps sucking.
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    HP Envy Dv6 725 won't run windows 7? (buying tomorrow please help asap)

    If it's a DV series, its identical to the Win7 version. Down to the casing and wiring inside, they are 100% feature and hardware identical. Just download the Win7 DV series driver packages and install away.
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    Windows XP support for _any_ socket 1150's?

    Not necessarily, sometimes its because the highly specialized equipment that requires these old OS's the makers are dead and gone, or they just don't bother supporting their hardware. An example would be a request for PCs i recently got where the client was a university and they too needed XP...
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    Difference between ULV and desktop i7

    Pretty sure the ULV i7 is a dual-core only as well.
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    Intel Retail Edge "The Summer Deal": i7 3770k starting $60+shipping, i7 3930k $150+sh

    For those wanting to breeze to 10k, just do the certification stuff. That's an easy 9k and takes about an hour. Do the 1k quiz of the month, bam done.
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    Woman Lets Internet Name Her Baby For $5k

    Winter is coming... Someone has watched too much GoT :D
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    China Has A World of Warcraft Theme Park

    Well to the people thinking this park has nothing to do with WoW, if you go to the reddit article this is from there is a whole bevvy of pics, and about half of the rides explicitly mention WoW/Warcraft. An example is a pic of a board talking about being a soldier of Silvermoon under the...
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    Galaxy 6 Weeks of Christmas GPU Giveaway!

    Always loved Galaxy graphics cards, the cooling solutions are always top notch!
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    Samsung To Unveil Galaxy S3 Mini On October 11?

    HTC Rezound: 4.3″ Super LCD HD (1280×720 resolution) – 342ppi Been out for almost a year. As an owner of said device, I can safely say I adore its size and find, for my small hands, that the S3 is too big for me to easily be able to reach both sides of the screen with 1 hand with...
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    Labor weekend: Lenovo i7 laptop - $499 after MIR

    Just to jump in on this, in respect to photo editing all modern photo editing and RAW processing engines such as GIMP/Lightroom/NX can fully use a video card as an additional resource for the work, so having a good video card can greatly help. My sister just got one of the DV6z PCs with the A10...
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    Labor weekend: Lenovo i7 laptop - $499 after MIR

    i7 and the subpar integrated graphics? What use is this, who really needs an i7 for office work, especially at the big hit to battery life that comes with it? Good price, but I don't see the point of machines like this.
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    Best Verizon phone right now?

    The Rezound is a great value phone right now, 1.5ghz dual core/1gbRAM/8mp camera with a 720p NON-AMOLED screen, can be had for around 50 bucks when they go on sale. Hardware wise the S3 beats it, but if you want something that isn't so big and non-AMOLED screen the Rezound is really a nice peice...
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    Galaxy S3 and AMOLEDS in general - Screens

    Troll is as troll does.
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    G700 Coating

    The coating is more like textured plastic, I tried to scrape it off with a knife on a part I don't touch and it won't come off.
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    Pioneer Speakers!

    Well its for movies and the like, so its on a Yamaha reciever. As for the sub, yeah it whistles pretty badly if its turned up but the room its in is about 14x10 and I don't have it even at 30% as I don't like it when a sub is overpowering/shaking my room. I could afford a nicer one, but it...
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    Pioneer Speakers!

    I have a surround setup of the Pioneers (41s front, 21s back and their center) and I couldn't be happier, especially as it cost about 230 bucks for the full set, throw in the Polk 10" ~100 dollar sub and it makes for a great setup.
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    Audio-Technica ATH M50 vs V-Moda Crossfade LP Durability?

    The M50s take a bit of breaking in before they REALLY come alive. If they are a bit tight on your head, stretch them over the top of the box they came in and run some white/pink noise on loop for a few hours. It helped mine a ton.
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    Need recommendation for a wireless gaming mouse.

    G700, its fast as heck, buttons galore and free-spinning-on-demand scroll wheel is awesome. Battery life is ok, I have a set of 4 charged eneloops in my desk drawer I swap out as needed, I don't even recharge with the cable anymore as you can get a full eneloop setup at costco for like 20 bucks.
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    Logitech G700 79.99 instore YMMV

    Best Buy has it for 79.99 in store right now, making it the best price out there on this mouse if you are needing one. I didn't see this in their ad.
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    Diablo 3 Guest Pass

    Mine are gone to Kevin003 and Eldest One
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    Diablo 3 Guest Pass

    I have 2, first 2 people to PM me will get them.
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    FREE Beef Jerkey Sample

    They need to work on their site, their welcome email still uses for support lol.
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    LEETGION | Hellion Gaming Mouse Lucky Draw

    I would love to abus...I mean review this mouse by running it through its paces with some monster clicking action in Diablo 3.
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    Ocean Marketing Guy Files Suit Against N-Control

    Well trolled sir, well trolled.
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    Deus Ex Human Revolution - $6.99 @ Amazon

    Stupidly good deal on this game, I can't count how many times I have played through it. Great game for sneaking around or just gunning down anything that even thinks of moving.
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    Pioneer SP-BS21-LR Bookshelf Speakers $50 FS AC

    I have a pair of these and the 41s along with the matching center that I collected from awesome sales on woot, they sound fantastic for movie watching.
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    Foxconn Plans New Iowa Plant

    Exactly this, it was those types of conditions that got unions started in the first place.
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    Foxconn Plans New Iowa Plant

    Sweet, iOS will join with RIM to become the new Overlords of the West!
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    The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim Updated on PC Only

    Agreed, Skyrim is even worse than Diablo when it comes to the crack-cocaine for the mind factor. It's like a can of Pringles, once you pop youuuuuu can't stop!
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    Railworks 3: Train Simulator 2012 - 60% off on Steam!

    It is showing $-21.00 right now, says I cannot add to my cart at this time.
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    hot i7 toshiba laptop (refurb)599.99

    No sir, I just lurk there.
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    hot i7 toshiba laptop (refurb)599.99

    This, seeing as there is nothing listed on Intel's site about such a chip.
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    Hot: Andrew Jones Designed Pioneer 8" Powered Subwoofer $79 Shipped

    Yay finally a deal on that center, been needing a center for awhile now.
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    Tesla Downplays Danger of 'Bricked' Battery

    What I want to know is what in God's name is drawing that much power that it can kill the Roadsters battery in 11 weeks. The thing has 53kWh of capacity "A fully charged ESS stores approximately 53 kWh of electrical energy at a nominal 375 volts". At idle, I could leave my PC and monitors on...
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    which headphone? $100~ish ($150 max)

    Audio-Technica M50 gets my vote.
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    Hot: 42" LG 42LK450 LCD. Makes Perfect PC display with 4:4:4 support $449 Free Ship

    Yeah, half my research for this TV came from your fantastic thread over in the monitor subforum, alot from AVS too. I did what someone on AVS suggested with a loupe and the VA version didn't have the square pixel setup (if I am even remembering WHAT it was that made it visually apparent for...