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    Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel Review

    I played it for a few hours at a buddies place I'll pick it up when it goes on sale I don't see myself paying 60$ for it
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    Wolfenstein CE preorder: With no game.

    terrible idea
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    Is Battlefield 4 worth buying

    I picked it up for 25$ I played it with 3 other guys at a lan over the weekend my game kept crashing every map change...for about 10 maps, then that stopped my buddies then started randomly having the game crash, totally random the sound on some of the maps just cuts out...for everyone...
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    Will this PC be able to handle BF4?

    that CPU is plentiful for that game, GPU is not my i7 920 @ 2.6 doesn't see above 40% usage at 1080p, ultra with 7950 6gb ram, win7
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    MSSQL and MySQL Backup Software

    for mysql, if you need it automated, you can setup a cron/task to dump the database to a file whenever you need it...I had backups nightly from this mysqldump -u USER -p PASSWORD DATABASE > DB_FILE.SQL this should work on both linux and windows
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    Rage sucks

    agreed could be a lot of factors unknown to us, or he could be saying that to save face from all the hardware issues the game has been having on PC
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    Rage sucks

    John Carmack: Developing RAGE for consoles was a big mistake, future titles will put priority on PC hardware....
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    NHL 12 EASHL - Xbox Team

    hey, I remember you too ! :D can I be part of two clubs? some of the guys in my beer league team invited me to play with their club ... I'm a newb with all this :o
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    NHL 12 EASHL - Xbox Team

    Awesome, I'll send the request tonight
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    Gears of War 3 open beta no longer "open"

    how dare a company try and make money and how dare they delay their product enough so they can release a good version assholes, yes!!!! DOWN WITH EPIC gonna go preorder, brbz
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    Bad Company 2

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    Check out the Switchblade from Razer

    looks neat at first I thought it was a joke, the way the first guy introduces it
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    Gaming mouse to replace Mx518.

    g5v2 I came from an mx518 too, mine broke last month, I had a bit of an issue at first, especially with the middle mouse button (mouse3) but it's breaking in nicely and I am getting used to it
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    Best Sub $200 Computer Chair?

    if it's metal, use jbweld if it's plastic, use jbweld for plastic that stuff is super strong
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    1.5TB drive showing up as a 500GB drive?

    your google skills are much superior to mine as I tried searching before the post but came up empty handed thanks for the reply
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    1.5TB drive showing up as a 500GB drive?

    so I just got a seagate 1.5TB last night I formatted (quick format) and then copied everything over from my HTPC last night over to it, no issues...I checked it this morning and ensured everything was there and the PC could read it I move it to my HTPC today...says it's not initialized and...
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    eyefinity - anyone running the Dell DisplayPort to Dual Link DVI Adapter?

    thinking about getting this for eyefinitiy (3 monitor setup) am I missing something or will this work fine? I am out of the loop is there anything cheaper/better out there I should get instead?
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    php permission issue with writing files/creating directories

    LAMP server...the issue I am having is the user is uploading a file to the server, I have the php script create a random directory and place the file inside the user needs to be able to FTP into the server and delete the files, but the permissions are all wonky, sets the ownership to 'apache'...
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    Bad Company 2

    I been trying for the last 2 hours to connect to a server, any server, and no go the few hours I have when kiddo's napping and it aint working, frustration
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    Bad Company 2

    I haven't found a way and curious as well
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    Bad Company 2

    you can only use the TOW if you have a certain specialty enabled...I don't remember which one, but I am sure someone can chime in
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    Bad Company 2

    anyone else having an issue with the server browser? I get into the game now, and the server browser loses it, it's like it's trying to constantly refresh I have to force quit the game :S tried rebooting a few times, no go
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    Bad Company 2

    ya, noob tube or not, it works and it's gonna help me get that gun :p when I picked it up, the guy had the red dot on it, and I don't like using that, but I saw a guy off in the distance and fired 2 bursts, DOWN everyone I saw, 2 bursts, DOWN I was like WOAH, I gotta get me this gun
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    Bad Company 2

    the only reason I am doing the assault now instead of any of the other classes is because I picked up a guy's kit, and it had a gun with 3 round bursts...I don't recall the gun, but that was awesome, almost 6 shots (2 bursts) would drop someone ... I did maybe 6 kills before I got taken out by a...
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    Bad Company 2

    stab people my stats, medic mostly, but trying to unlock rest of the classes, I HATE assault's guns, so much
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    Bad Company 2 lol go PC!
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    Bad Company 2 Eyefinity Benchmarks.

    hmm you got me thinking about eyefinity now maybe I'll just suck it up and buy the adapter
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    If you love BF2 will you like BFBC2?

    I played BF2 religiously, but last year or so haven't touched it I got this game and it really filled that void
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    Bad Company 2

    that's messed up I played it since ... 6 oclock straight it's 2:34AM I have a feeling my wife's gonna divorce me soon :eek:
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    Bad Company 2 - Start your preloads. :-)

    I thought it was about steam as well :(
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    Lag on all games... No idea what the problem is..

    run benchmarks on individual components and see if any show weakness? I mean if the only thing left is the board...consider swapping it out to see
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    Bad Company 2 Beta - thoughts, opinions?

    what's that mean exactly? anyone who gets their game the first day of launch has access to those maps? so steam, retail, ea downloader, whatever?
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    Bad Company 2 Beta - thoughts, opinions?

    I just assumed it was the same, oops anyone know what the deal is with the veteran thing? I signed up with all my BF2 info (sf, AF, EU) and still have 0 veteran points :confused:
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    Bad Company 2 Beta - thoughts, opinions?

    my bad, I didn't know steam time was different I ordered it from steam too, I better not have to wait :mad:
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    Bad Company 2 Beta - thoughts, opinions?

    based on this: it's going to be 12:01am on tuesday and I will be up waiting :D
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    CD key probem...Steam

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    Bad Company 2 Beta - thoughts, opinions?

    werd last game I enjoyed like this was BF2: SF
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    so what's your opinion on ARMA II ?

    I played the demo and didn't like it but this thread has got me debating picking up the game...hmm decisions, decisions