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    Reinstalling Windows 8 on my Dell Venue Tablet. Help!

    Long story short. Have a Dell Venue 8 Pro tablet. I received it second owner from a person who upgraded it to Windows 10. All sorts of issues, no sound, runs poorly. Want to go back to windows 8 but the recovery partition is gone. My question, is the operating system essentially just a desktop...
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    Editing .PSD files. Any non-subscription based software?

    So I play Assetto Corsa and race in leagues. One of the fun parts for a particular season is having an option to design a livery for the car you are racing that season. The files are .PSD and I've been told photoshop works like a charm. Of course, recently they've gone subscription based, I...
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    Windows Blu-ray Playback software

    Looking for free or inexpensive playback software for windows 10 Blu-ray. I have a drive i just don't have software. I keep seeing 50+ dollar applications which to me is a waste of my money. I don't need anything fancy, but if those are the only choices i might as well sell my drive and cut my...
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    New Speakers! M-Audio AV42, Mackie CR4, or Creative T40?

    These are the three speakers I'm looking at. I want a plug and play 2.0 set that can be moved if need be. I cannot fit bookshelves with an amp somewhere otherwise I'd do that. I essentially want a solid set of speakers that will last and sound good. I currently use Bose Companion 2 speakers that...
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    PC Audio Fluctuating, Appears to be Speakers, Please Advise!

    I have been having issues with audio fluctuations on my PC (Windows 10). They are spontaneous, sometimes worse than other times. Last night it was unbearable. An example of the sound fluctuations would be placing a pillow firmly over the speaker, then removing it. Sometimes its only half a...
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    GTX 1060 6gb with 8 pin adapter?

    Got my answer, thanks!
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    Upgrade Time, RX 480 or GTX 1060 with my PSU?

    Time to upgrade my GF's GPU.. currently an AMD R9 270.. works great and all, but looking for a little more horsepower... the limiting factor? I have a Seasonic G-360 PSU.. Awesome PSU, but low output. I figured a 1060 would work fine, but the RX 480, I have doubts. I'm leaning towards the 480...
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    M-ITX case that will fit 980 Ti Classified?

    I currently run a Phanteks Enthoo Luxe. Awesome case, I don't want to get rid of it but I find myself bringing my setup to other houses and carrying that massive steel case is, well, not fun... I want to do a Mini ITX build, the catch is my massive 980 Ti Classified, and my BeQuiet dark rock 3...
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    Windows 10 Blu-Ray playback

    Hi all, I'm searching for a reliable software for blu ray playback in windows 10. I don't necessarily want to download some sketchy free software. I don't mind paying for software, I simply want something reliable. Thanks all!
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    Gigabyte G1 Gaming GTX 970 dying? Or software?

    Hello all, I will have to update as I go along troubleshooting I just want to get a good idea of what may be going on. I've been house sitting for my aunt who got a new Samsung UHD TV. It displays 3820x2160 @ 60 hz over HDMI. So far (about a week) it has been glorious. Playing GTA V, Lego, Dying...
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    Power Mac G4 Case Mod front I/O?

    So my friend has the Power Mac G4. It is actually a pretty neat case on the inside. He wants me to mod it to fit a custom PC, nothing high end, to play some games on. I can more than likely get this to work well, if I find the right PSU. However, my only problem is integrating some form of I/O...
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    Intel DH57JG G.Skill RAM Boot-Loop?

    So the Intel DH57JG I have needed some RAM, so i found G.Skill Ripjaws X on sale for a good price and grabbed a set. Now this motherboard supports 8GB up to 1333 MHz, this RAM is 1600 MHz, however when I boot into the BIOS it recognizes being run at 1333 MHz and recognizes the two 4GB sticks...
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    Inexpensive but reliable 2x4gb 1333 kit?

    Hey all! I just finished a build for my girlfriend, a mini itx build using the Intel DH57JG 1156 motherboard. I'm now looking for the last piece, an 8gb kit (I could do a single stick) of 1333 MHz ddr3. The board may not support a single 8gb stick I'm not certain but it does accept a 4gb stick...
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    WD Blue 1TB "Healthy, RAW" Won't format?

    So i picked up this drive from a guy local here, its practically new and is under warranty until sometime in 2017. I also got a 64 gb SSD that i have now installed windows 7 onto and was going to use the WD Blue for storage. At first, when both drives were connected and i booted from the Windows...
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    Looking for socket 1156 mini-itx

    I've been searching for a 1156 mini itx. I have found a kind man selling a combo in the for sale section that should be here today, but I'm curious as to what other options I would have for a 1156 mini itx board, there doesn't seem to be many. My primary concern is the case I got (thermal take...
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    Know where to find Halo 2 for PC cheap?

    Hey all, I'm just wondering if anyone has seen any inexpensive copies of Halo 2 from a reputable source. Amazon has it for like $22.00 + SH but that seems just a little high for such an old title. Thanks in advance!
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    VESA Mount for BenQ BL3200PT to TV Stand/Center

    I'm wondering if the BenQ BL3200PT monitor could be mounted to my current TV center. The monitor is VESA compliant according to Linus. The TV Center that I have uses a mount similar to a wall mount. It uses two horizontal support bars that attach to the entertainment center and two vertical bars...