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    A few F@H setup questions

    Hi, Ive just come back to F@H recently. I have some older hardware that I am not really sure on how to setup my clients on for best results. I have a couple older AMD based computers - durons - in the 1.3-1.6ghz range. I know these are not worth much PPD but it all counts right? Should these...
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    MW2 Intro Vid!!

    Gotta love this game!
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    Upgrade path?

    I currently have a NCCH-DL running dual LV 1.6 Xeons @3ghz +2gb of pc3200 a nvidia 6800 agp card and a vantec stealth 520w powersupply. I am mostly happy with my system currently but I am wanting to get on the PCI-E bandwagon. Ive been out of the loop concerning dual core or amd's new...
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    Weird Prey Graphics Errors

    Prey is giving me some wierd graphical glitches... I the screen also "flickers" sometimes (ie black blinks up) the textures that look weird also change whenever you start the game up. Dont know whats causing this, I have changed all the settings around and they still show up. I actually got...
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    PSone LCD modded, video overlay issue

    Whenever I pull up an avi, mpg, or my tvcard's display over to my freshly modded ps1 lcd, the video overlay seems to be squished and streched down to the extent that I can only see half of the video (distorted) The lcd is plugged into a gforce2 mmx pci card I put into the computer specifically...
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    A few networking/security questions.

    Q1. I am a lab-tech at college (just for the extremely crappy pay.. and the flexible schedule.) We try to keep the computer lab pretty secure... The one thing that I cant figure out though is how to disable the ability to type in C: into IE, which allows access to just about anything. Q2. I...
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    MSI K7D master-L help needed.

    Hey, need some help with my dualy. Few nights ago I was playing WOW and in mid reply to somebody my machine hard locked with a black screen (no video at all). There was no stuttering or anything similar before this happend. I did not hear any odd noises, but I was wearing my 280 pros at the...
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    Yes.. Another "what headphone" thread... But slightly narrowed down.

    Hey guys. I need some headphones for the dorm.. Roomate likes rap (unlike me) soo that means I need closed headphones for his sake, For my sake I need over ear headphones (ie ear muffs) Noise canceling is ok, not required. If it needs an amp to get full listening value, thats ok, just point...
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    Athenatech A106 Question/problem

    Hi, I was in the market for an mAtx case(building a multimedia system) I was going for that black raidmax for ~30 on the egg, but when I saw the Athenatech A106 in the Workstation thread, I just had to have it. I got that case and the Biostar M7NCG 400. Everything works fine, and I was...
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    Wireless headset

    Hello, I am looking for a good quality wireless headset in the 0-150 price range, are there any available? if not could you just give me some examples (no price limit) Thanks TED