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    Privacy Statement is Broken

    <a href="">Contact Us</a> - <a href="">Sister Site to [H]ard|OCP</a> - <!-- <a href="archive/index.php">Archive</a> - <!-- - <a href="">Privacy Statement</a> - --> <a href="#top" onclick="self.scrollTo(0, 0); return...
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    Need editor suggestions......

    Searching revealed nothing of value, so I decided to make a thread. I'm looking for a windows text editor, preferably with PHP-style highlighting and function reference, that can operate over SCP on live files. I'm tired of running FTP, merely so I can use PHP expert editor on live pages...
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    sshd troubles

    On one of my machines, I continue to have constant problems with sshd. I can connect, with no unusual lag, and I can enter my username and press enter, again with no unusual lag. However, after entering my password, nothing happens. The SSH client just sits there and does nothing, even after 15+...
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    Extremely odd problem with PHP

    In the interests of time, I will keep this short. I am using php to handle file uploads. Part of the uploading makes reference to the file's mime type, as determined by mime_content_type() - yes, I did build php with mime_magic support, and it works fine when I test it with other files...
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    'file' returning incorrect mime type

    When using the file command, it is returning "application/octet-stream" as the mime type of a WMV (windows media video) file, instead of the correct mime type of "video/x-ms-wmv" Is there a workaround to identify these files correctly? I need to be able to recursively process folders of files...
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    snmpd configuration problems

    Ok, I am absolutely retarded when it comes to SNMP; I basically haven't had any experience with it before. As such, I have been used to default configurations in the past, and haven't really ever had to tinker with it. Right now, I am trying to install Cacti on a new machine (CentOS 3.4...
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    PSA: More Browser Vulnerabilities (IE, Firefox, et al)

    Earlier today, security consulting firm Secunia released details of exploits affecting both IE and non-IE browsers. Many users of non-Microsoft browsers may have a false sense of security, and will want to pay extra attention to the threat affecting their browsers identified in this thread...
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    PSA: JPEG exploit released

    As many of you are aware, an exploit involving Microsoft's GDI library (specifically JPEGs) was discovered recently. The exploit is classified by Microsoft and others as "Critical" and affects Windows XP/2003, as well as a variety of Microsoft applications, such as the Office series. (full list...
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    FreeBSD 5 you have failed me

    Recently, I have been trying to use FreeBSD 5.2.1 on a few machines, and like its status implies, it certainly is not release grade. but intended as a technology preview. Between the random lockups, the horrid IDE speed, and the one time the OS totally died following an Apache build, I just...
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    RANT: Descriptive thread titles

    Too many threads seem to be lacking descriptive thread titles. Does it take any more effort to at least include a halfway related tech term than to rattle off some BS? Tip: You have a better chance of being helped if people can get a good idea of your question by the threadtitle.:)
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    Install Problems-IDE lockups upon probe

    OK, so I am trying to get Linux set up on a system, but have had immense problems with getting the hard drives to be recognized. The machine locks up during probing on slackware, gentoo, freebsd (4 and 5), and debian. It works on FC2, alhough running it is out of the question. The motherboard is...
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    Posts Per Page

    Would it be possible to get a higer limit on posts per page? I understand the bandwidth issues, but some multipage threads in general mayhem would look much nicer in 200ppp rather than 40.
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    Golden Rules of Computing

    I am compiling a list of rules for computer newbies and even power users to abide by, to maximize productinity and minimize problems. The list is open to suggestions and I hope it will be stickied to prevent repetitive questions, and assist those wishing to protect themselves. The list stands...