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    Hilarious- Pirates Foiled by Deliberate Glitch in Batman: Arkham Asylum

    I read this on DailyTech today. Funny stuff! I could live with this type of DRM! I read the Rules... I don't think this is against them. Please let me know b4 banning if that's the case. :D
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    Hilarious: Pirates Foiled by Deliberate Glitch in Batman: Arkham Asylum

    I read this on DailyTech today. Funny stuff! I could live with this type of DRM! I read the Rules... I don't think this is against them. Please let me know b4 banning if that's the case. :D
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    Thread for those waiting for a "Good" MLB game

    Just wanted to get everyone's take. I think the last good Major League Baseball game I played was EA's MVP baseball 2004. Anyone else? I've got a Wii and a PC so my options are limited. I bought MLB 2k9 for the Wii, (absolutely horrid game btw) and actually liked 2k8 on the Wii, but it was...
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    Daughter Peed on Headset-Need help

    My daughter (terrible 2 year old) decided in her infinite wisdom that she would pee on my Turtle Beach HPA2's. They obviously stopped working which kind of sucks because I loved this headset! :( Regardless the more I read about people's opinions of 5.1 surround sound headsets the more I'm...
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    New Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood

    Hey all! I've been seeing more and more trailers lately for the new Call of Juarez game. I'm not sure about anyone else but I played the first one on PC and LOVED it. It looked amazing, had an engaging plot with good voice acting. Game play was tight and really had me hooked. I had heard the...
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    i7 setup reboots during Windows 7/Vista installation

    Hey all! I posted a thread in another area will no responses so I figured I'd try the always friendly "General Hardware" area. I recently (April) built the system in my sig. XP 32 bit runs perfectly with no issues what-so-ever. If I try to install Windows 7 64bit RC1 and/or Vista Premium 64...
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    System reboots after "loading windows files"

    Hey all! I just got my system running stable, (@ 3.2 w/ dummy oc- Prime95 running for 8 hours, 3DMark06 running on a loop). Temps stay below 45 degrees Celsius with a Zalman 9900led and Arctic Silver 9. Windows XP (32 Bit) is installed and running perfectly, however every time I try to install...
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    XMP changing speed from 1600 to 1333

    Hey all. I recently bought a 6 gig kit of OCZ , the XMP ready series. I enabled XMP profile 1 and profile 2 at separate times. I've noticed the timings, and the voltages seem to be set to the correct settings. However, every time I enable XMP the system will post @ 1333. I was messing around...
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    OCZ XMP 6GB (1600) paired with OCZ Platinum 1333?

    I just ordered this and I already have 3x1gb OCZ Platinum 10666. Is it possible to pair these together? I'm only going to be mildly over-clocking so having just 6 gigs populated in 3/6 dimms isn't necessarily an issue. Unless pairing non-XMP ram with XMP ram is a bad idea. They're also...
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    Games that 'everyone' hates... but you love! (warning- play nicely)

    Just curious who out there is brave enough to admit to loving that Barney game on Sega Genesis, or Leisure Suit Larry on XBOX. There's no embarrassment on the internet... only truth and... well you get the idea. MAN UP! What's the majority-perceived worst-game PC, console or otherwise (Candy...
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    OCZ XMP 6GB(1600 Triple Channel)- $67.99 w/promo code & MIR

    $92.99 -$20 MIR -$5 w/ Promo Code EMCLRPL53 Subtotal: $67.99 w/free "eggsaver" shipping Great price on a sick triple channel XMP kit. I just bought em'. Should be a nice upgrade from my OCZ Platinum 1333 3x1gb kit. Link
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    Zalman 9900+i7 920 fun... anyone else installed/used this?

    I just got the Zalman 9900 for my new i7 920. I haven't seen many postings on this but have read (Maximum PC) that this is a surprising imporvement over an already solid cooler; the 9700. Is there anyone that has installed this cooler and/or overclocked the new i7's with it? How difficult is...
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    Anyone installed the new Forceware 185.68 Vista 64-bit Beta drivers?

    I just installed the Forceware 185.68 drivers specifically to test Ambient Occlusion and to see if my Vista lockup issues woes would be solved. So far, (when the system is running), my frames drop about 50% (as expected) but I've got to say with the games I've tested it on; what a feature...
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    Vista Home Premium 64 bit freezing constantly

    Hey there... Just built a new system last month and have had relatively few issues thus-far. However in the last week or so my system has randomly locked up. Mouse doesn't work, no error, no BSOD. I have to hard reboot my machine to make it come back up. This typically happens fastest when I'm...
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    Which budget beast would you choose?

    So I'm upgrading from 2 8800GT's in SLI to a single card solution. I'm planning on pairing up another card with this yet to be named card in a few months. My question is fairly simple. I want to see a noticeable performance increase, with this single card. My budget is $250 and I've narrowed...
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    Upgrading from 2x PNY 8800GT's XLR8- need recommendations

    Hey there. I have 2 8800gt's that are running wonderfully. However, I've noticed that with intense shading this card just isn't cutting it(even WoW crawls with shaders turned up). Frame-rates are great at 1900x1200 on my 24" Sceptre, however an opportunity has come up and I'm going to jump on...
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    AM3+ SLI? Need help finding a mobo.

    Howdy! :D I'm building a new system for a friend who wants to go the way of AM3. He wants to use this system to game on his 50 inch Sony Bravia TV to burn music and DVD's. He'd like this machine to be upgradeable for the next 3-4 years (and "futureproof"). The budget is a maximum of $750...
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    Curious about DDR3 XMP... worth the money?

    I was looking at the supposed decreased DDR3 prices and was wondering how XMP is going to shake out? Is this going the way of ECC? Is ECC vs. XMP apples and broccoli? Someone explain that has a better understanding than I. Newegg has this triple channel kit on sale for $99... I might bite...
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    Issues with PhysicsX + Mirror's Edge?

    I recently bought a copy of Mirror's Edge; more to check out the eye-candy that comes with PhysicsX, as I hear the game can get a bit repetitive and the fighting system is supposedly ridiculous. (So far I agree) Every time I boot up the game it randomly freezes and the entire game locks up...
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    Enermax Infiniti 720- Beeping, red light... no power! HELP!

    I recently upgraded my old-school Asus socket 939 platform to the new Intel i7 EVGA board. The power supply started beeping, (long hard beep, about 3 seconds apart), with a red light on the back. I tried to hit the reset button on the back and the light turned amber, then green once you hit...
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    Building a new i7 Core system->$700!?

    My budget is $700 and I already have all of the "extras"- (i.e.- Case(xclio 380), power supply(Enermax 720), drives(all SATA), sound card(X-Fi Fatal1ty Champion Series), video cards(2x8800 GT's)). ZOTAC X58SLI-A-E, Intel Core i7 920 Nehalem 2.66GHz, OCZ Platinum 6GB (3 x 2GB) DDR3 1600, Vista...
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    AM3 or i7 core build under $700???

    I'm upgrading my old Nforce4 Socket 939 SLi build for a new and improved version. I've always tried to do one upgrade every 3 or so years, (paging the first SLi dual-core chipset...6 years ago), but I do my research. Here's the scoop- I already have the extra's (i.e.- Case(XClio 380), power...
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    AMD Opteron 180(socket 939) RETAIL - $124.99 FS no rebates!!!

    Hey all you Socket 939 fans! Just kidding, I'm not a necessarily a fan, but can't see the value in completely changing platforms when I can already play all the new games at 1900x1200 with all high settings. (yes, this includes Crysis). With an FX-55 and 2 8800gt's in SLi. However, this deal...
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    Seagate ST3500320AS 500GB internal Serial-ATA hard drive with 32MB-cache- $109+FS Use coupon code EMCADAHBJ to get $10 off the $119.
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    Free TV shows and movies online with little to no commericals!

    Saw this on "Attack of the Show" Go to Check it out, it's definitely legit!
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    HOT? Corsair XMS2 2x1gb DDR2 (PC2 6400)- $29 AR CORSAIR XMS2 2GB (2 x 1GB) 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 800 (PC2 6400) ($29.00 after $24.00 Mail-In Rebate)
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    ThreatFire software tool- anyone used this?

    This type of "all-in-one security solution" has been an idea of mine for a long time. 's software was featured in MaximumPC's Internet Security tools. It is listed as the best security solution paired with AVG in this month's issue. Anyone had any experience with this...
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    WD Raptor X WD1500 150GB 10,000 RPM 16MB Cache SATA150 HD-$174.99 Free Shipping One of the fastest SATA hard drives on the planet! Free shipping and excellent reviews. Also received a "Kick-Ass" award from MaximumPC and multiple other awards. I didn't see this on the posted deals in the NewEgg thread, so I...
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    Luke-Warm deal: Dell 10% off coupon This is for those thinking of buying an XPS or Inspiron system. *notice the fine print* ALL ORDERS ARE SUBJECT TO APPROVAL AND ACCEPTANCE BY DELL. Offers subject to change; not combinable with all other offers. Taxes, shipping, handling and...
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    frozen pixel+ -does it work?

    I have a Sceptre 24" with one frozen pixel that gets a bit annoying. Sceptre said they will not RMA without 3 pixels in a row being dead or frozen, or 5 scattered on the screen. Newegg stated it had to be 6 or more dead/frozen pixels. I tried this jscreen fix to try and free it up but to no...
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    X-Fi Fatal1ty Champion + Turtle Beach HPA2 5.1's configuration question

    I have both the X-Fi Fatal1ty Champion sound card and the Turtle Beach HPA2 5.1's. Does anyone have configuration tips on this? I went into the CMSS settings as well as the special headset settings. But shouldn't these be listed as 5.1 speakers, not a headset? Are there any special speaker...
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    KFA2 GeForce 8800 GT Overclocked $249.99(in stock-one per customer)

    Never heard of KFA2 and I haven't had any experience with tiger direct. But here's the link for those 8800gt fans. Let me know how/if it works out.