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    Build advice - Review of what I've picked so far

    1) What will you be doing with this PC? Gaming? Photoshop? Web browsing? etc Gaming/Photoshop/Lightroom 2) What's your budget? Are tax and shipping included? $800-900CAD 3) Where do you live? Canada! 4) What exact parts do you need for that budget? CPU, RAM, case, etc. The word...
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    Buying question for netbook

    Acer Aspire 1410-2817 Intel SU2300 2GB 250GB 11.6IN HD Win 7 Home Premium (499) or ASUS Eee PC 1201N Black Atom N330 NVIDIA ION 2GB 250G 12.1IN 1366X768 Draft N WIN7 (529) I guess it comes down to processor power vs video power and what makes it all around more usefull. I'd be using it for...
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    best low profile card?

    I'm looking to upgrade the crappy x1300 thats in my Dell 745 at home. Needs to be low power and low profile for the chassis. I'm leaning towards the ATI 5570 so far as it's cheap and looks to be a good option. Anything else I should be looking at that's faster and around the same price?
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    Dell Optiplex 755 Upgrade (full tower)

    So snagged a desktop from work last week. Optiplex 755 (managed to snag a full tower and none of that slim crap) It's a pretty decent machine except the ATI HD2400 pro is a bit lacking in the power department for gaming. I've got a friend with an extra 8800GT he said he'd lend me for a...
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    No video output

    Just quick question for you guys. My brothers desktop has an onboard video card that he used for a while. I ended up giving him my ati 9700pro when i upgraded quite a while back and everything was fine with it. A couple weeks back His monitor stopped getting a video signal from the new card. I...
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    PSP must haves?

    So I finally broke down and picked up a PSP yesterday. I got it along with Final Fantasy Tactics and since i got the star wars bundle I got the included battlefront.. now i'm looking for must have games to track down. So far I'm thinking about: MGS:Portable Ops - want to get the first one...
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    PSP Demo: warhammer 40k

    The demo for this is up now on pspfanboy. Funny enough I just bought a psp today (damn FF: tactics making me finally break down) Grab it here (apparently needs firmware 3.71)
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    Canadian Students: Office 2007 ultimate

    Got this email from MSDN flash Special Student promotion for Office Ultimate 2007 - Grab your copy today! Starting on September 12th, Microsoft launched a special promotional offer exclusively for eligible students allowing them to acquire Office Ultimate 2007 via the web at low pricing...
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    Wii Friend Codes to be Title Specific What the hell Nintendo. People hated this with the DS and now they're doing it to the Wii. After having a 360 for a few weeks now and seeing how flawlessly it works, it makes me think Nintendo is going off the deep end. Even Sony is looking at...
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    upgrade from x1800xt -> 8800GTS

    I've got a friend who is contemplating going from his ATI x1800xt to an nvidia 8800GTS (evga) His main issue with the ati card is that he runs dual monitor, and plays WoW in windowed/fullscreen mode. Whenever there is some sort of popup (msn notification/webbrowser form suggestions) or...
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    monitor or video card?

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    SATA vs PATA

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    Laptop purchase advice

    My girlfriend is heading off to China for 4 months at the end up August and is looking to get a laptop to take with her. Her budget is around $1000CAD but could go a bit higher if needed. This is strictly a web/office use laptop as she never games. I have been looking around and so far I've...
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    Upgrade Time

    Got no response from my other thread but I've done some more reading. Just wondering if there's anythign in here that I should look at changing up. (canadian dollars/retailer so no newegg :( ) ATI Radeon X1800XT 625MHZ 512MB 750MHZ 256BIT GDDR3 PCI-E Dual DVI HDTV-OUT Video Card Retail...
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    x1800xt or x1900gt

    friend of mine is upgrading within the next week and I'm trying to decide between these two cards. It looks like for now, the x1800xt wins, but there is the possibility of the extra shader stuff on the x1900gt winning out in the end. Anyone got a clear winner between the two?
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    upgrade advice

    So a friend of mine is wanting an upgrade and I'm trying to help him out. His budget is about $1000 after tax (CAD dollars/retailers so no newegg :( ) Current Specs: AMD2500+ ATI radeon 9600xt 1GB DDR pc3200 Abit an7 board (i'm pretty sure its this one.. just after the nf7-s was released)...
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    foobar question

    Hey all.. i've been playing around with fubar a bit and am wondering something. i don't use playlists much and stick to the database, but is there a way to have it auto-update when new tracks are added (like the winamp media library scan folder deal)
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    Mix match sizes

    I'm just wondering, with my av8 3rd EYE (kt800 pro chipset), can i Populate the RAM slots as following: Slot 1: 1GB Slot 2: 512MB Slot 3: 512MB Slot 4: 512MB I know I won't get dual channel, but am wondering about the size difference on slots 1/2 and whether it will work ok.
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    laptop backpack

    Hey everyone.. I'm looking into getting a laptop backpack (the messenger style tends to hang too heavy on one shoulder when i'm on trasit) and am looking for somehign fairly slim. has anyone tried: ? Or if you have any other...
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    x850 pro upgrade?

    So.. the local best buy has an ATI x850pro (AGP) on sale for $299 (canadian). I'm thinking this may be a good price for a last upgrade to my agpness. I just picked up BF2 this week so i'm finally noticing the 9700pros age (WoW/COD/HL2 all ran flawlessly for me). Worthy upgrade? I'm hoping...
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    X-FI Platinum Headphone output

    For all you X-FI guys, I was just wondering how the headphone output on the front panel of the x-fi platinum sounds? I'll be running some audio technica a500s off it so the output power doesnt need to be much, I was just wondering how noise free it is?
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    a900s just arrived at my desk

    now I gotta wait till 5 to go home and enjoy them :( :(
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    x-FI question

    Question for y'all w/ the x-fi platinum or higher. If you plug headphoens into the front jack, does it auto-change the sound settings to headphone as well as mute the speaker jacks on the back? (I assume there's still an option for the mute)
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    monitor or video card?

    I figured this is the best place to try this as you guru's like to lurk around here. So here's my issue: My display has been acting up lately and I'm trying to narrow down the problem to a couple things. I'll be working normally when all of a sudden a chunk of my display (about 5" thick)...
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    upgrade worth it?

    Hey all, i've been thinking lately it might be time to retire the old 9700pro that has served me well. I want to stay on agp for now and just do a budget upgrade. I've been thinking about getting a 6600gt. Its faster than my 9700pro, and supports HDR and the goodies like that.. and comes in...
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    active monitors in canada

    hey all, i'm moving out soon with some buddies so my current 5.1 setup will probably go into the general theater room. I'm looking for a 2.0 solution for when i don't feel like using headphones. I'm thinking something like the swans m200 would be ideal but i can't seem to find a canadian...
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    hl2 savegames

    Can't remember if I actually posted this and didnt see it in a quick search. Just wondering something. I recently did a re-install and in the process of my mad transfereing back and forth lost my hl2 savegames. I was on chapter 11, and was wondering if someone could email me a decent save at...
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    lost hl2 saves

    So.. during my last re-installed i accidently deleted my HL2 saves. I don't have the time to get back to where I was and was wondering if someone could send me a save. I was just at the start of chapter 11. Any would be great. You could email it to sean.chapman at and thanks.
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    quckie abit an7 question

    Can anyone tell me if the abit an-7 mobo has mounting holes for a heatsink?
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    Picked up a neopower last night

    I was having an "awsome" issue where when I powered down my pc I'd have to wait about 20 minutes for it to turn back on. If I tried it earlier it would just about post and reboot over and over. Posted here a while back about the issue (thought it was the new motherboard I had picked up, but an...
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    WoW to creative support

    Just thought you might all like to see this (especially you creative supporters). So my soundcard shorted out a few weeks back in the PCI slot. Didnt know if it was the board or the soundcard doing it but The pci slot as well as the PCI connector on the soundcard got a nice toasting. Got a...
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    Which portable USB soundcard?

    So I'm now in the market for something portable to use with my md33s and my a500s. I've been looking at the following three options to satisfy my needs: AudioTrak OPTOPLAY: Pros: fairly cheap ($70CAD) specs look decent Cons: Looks kinda big, external power supply Turtle Beach audio...
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    audigy 2 nx

    This gotta buried in the other thread so I though I'd make a new topic for it: MisterX... Would you compare the headphone output to that of the Front output on an audigy2 ZS? I'm just wondering as my new board just cooked my A2 so I'm undecided between another or the NX. For DTS, I don't...
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    Best surface for out of case mobo

    I'm planning on ripping my board out of my case tonight to do some more testing with my awsome reboot before post error. I was just wondering what the best surface is to run it on to prevent shorts anywhere. I was thinking a piece of wood maybe with an antistatic bag on top? Also.. so I have to...
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    DOA motherboard?

    I initially posted this in motherboards, but with little response I thought I'd try here: So.. I'm kinda stumped by this problem and thought I'd turn to all you genius'. Bought a new AMD a64 3000+ and the abit av8 third eye yesterday and hooked it all up. When I try and boot it, it starts...
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    DOA motherboard?

    So.. I'm kinda stumped by this problem and thought I'd turn to all you genius'. Bought a new AMD a64 3000+ and the abit av8 third eye yesterday and hooked it all up. When I try and boot it, it starts to boot, doesnt POST and jsut resets itself.. then loops this behavior over and over until I...
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    upgrading to 64 bit.. processor question

    I'm finally making the move to 64 bit and am wondering about cores. I'm planning on getting this: and am wondering if its the right/best one for me. Money is an object and I'll be pairing it up with...
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    finally going 64 bit

    So I'm thinking of making the switch to AMD64 and am wondering about motherboards. Right now I'm thinking of the ABIT AV8 3RD EYE and am wondering if this is a mistake? I'm not planning on switching to pci-e for quite a while so my AGP 9700 pro will do. I'm pairing it up with the socket 939...
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    just a price check

    I'm just wondering... Since I know I can't post this in For Sale/Trade I thought I'd throw it here. (Mods.. feel free to delete if I'm breaking a rule) I'm thinking of finally making the upgrade to AMD64 and I have a friend who needs to step up from his duron 900. He's thinking of buying my...