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    Computer crashes installing XP SP2

    Try a different newer XP install CD. One you make or borrow. If it still does it, your HD is on it's way out. "Exact same spot" indicates that it's hitting a bad sector on the HD.
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    Avira releases FREE AV Resuce Boot Disc

    Did you have to set the directory to scan before it would run or did the default directory work? I can not get it to scan accurately. It scans for about one second for me and then says it's scan has finished. Then when I tried to change it to any other directory, it wouldn't start scanning at...
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    Dell Outlet - 3007WFP-HC for $749

    When you have 4 monitors per computer. Yeah that sounds about right.:D you bastard you:D
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    Warm: GTA 4 $29.99 w/ FS at Newegg (Xbox 360)

    So do the dvd's usually have scratches? I could careless about the case being in good condition, I want the game disc itself to be in great condition though? Thanks.
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    Warm: GTA 4 $29.99 w/ FS at Newegg (Xbox 360)

    What type of guarantee does Gamefly give if they sell you a scratched up dvd? I want to buy this game but not sure if I should just get it from Newegg for $10 bucks more.
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    Avira releases FREE AV Resuce Boot Disc

    Thanks OP, will have to check this out
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    Best Backup Utility - Program like Mac Time Machine for Windows?

    I don't believe the newer Norton versions especially version 14 can make an image while running off the CD(Out of windows). Am I wrong? I'm looking for a full fledged imaging prog that runs outside of windows for backing up my main OS drive. For my other drives, I just copy my Data files to a...
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    Intel Ships 160GB Solid-State Drives

    Are the Intel E SSD's that much better than the Intel M SSD's performance wise? Also, I will assume that 128GB version of the E's will be right around the corner.(what do I know:p though) I haven't been paying enough attention to SSD's but I really want to get one for my desktop OS drive. Are...
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    Best Backup Utility - Program like Mac Time Machine for Windows?

    Is Norton still used as a bootable cd or does it run in windows only now?
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    NSA Patents Network Tampering Detection Technique

    How can I go about getting a patent? I'm just going start patenting everything I can think of.
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    Lenovo to Release Dual-Head Laptop

    The best part is the 12 minutes of battery life.
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    Ebay Buyers - Possible 35% CASHBACK from Microsoft

    I've tried all the words mentioned ten times each but I just can't get anything for ebay. I did see 12% but it wasn't for ebay. thanks though.
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    Ebay Buyers - Possible 35% CASHBACK from Microsoft

    So no one can even get the 8% off now, right? I had it a yesterday but now there's nothing. If anyone has any words that work, please let me know...
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    It's Baaaack - Gateway P-7811-FX Refurb - $750+shp

    Warranty kinda sucks. Not sure if I would do it with only a 3 month warranty. Knowing my luck it would break the day after the warranty is up.
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    It's Baaaack - Gateway P-7811-FX Refurb - $750+shp

    Awesome deal, wish I could do it. Thanks for posting it though:(.
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    Microsoft Offers Free Software for Start-Ups

    The first hit is free.:D --------------------------- He'll be back, they always come back.
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    Isn't it funny

    Isn't this thread funny? NO,NO it's not. I will probably buy an I7 as an upgrade to my E2180 that just doesn't give me the power needed.:D I won't be making this purchase for better gaming though(Of course).It will be for multitasking. Right now when I encode a movie for my ipod and run a...
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    Payday = New Display!

    I had a BenQ V2400W for almost a week and a half until I sent it back this week. I had to send it back since it came defective with some of the buttons not working on it(Enter) so it gave me extreme headaches. But brightness set to 100% will do that even when you turn it down using Nvidia's...
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    Where to DL Fedora Core 3?

    I just tried to find it for you for the fun of it. My conclusion is to get a new text book. Also, if they're teaching you out of books that old, something is seriously wrong. That's BS. I don't believe you will find a download for that. I also believe you shouldn't have to find the download for...
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    Bang for the Buck OC....

    Okay, didn't know that. Awesome though. thanks for the info. But my next chip will be quad.:D
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    Free Schick Quattro Titanium Razor

    I'm not sure if I received this exact one yet but I've gotten a lot of razors from these darn things in the last 1 to 2 years. I would have to say I've gotten 8-9 of these things(two were girls razors for the girlfriend).
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    Best software for trojans/virus/malware/etc?? I personally believe toptenreview to be very accurate with it's ratings for these products. Although I believe Counterspy to be the best. Still close though. But you should always use three to four different top rated antispyware programs for...
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    Bang for the Buck OC....

    Edit:Had some bad info. Deleted...
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    How to find if there is domain squatting, or get a domain that "appears" taken..but..

    Any updates?
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    Would like to see ALL OUT OC only [H] review.

    Great Idea. I would also like to add that you should pay for the items as it's your idea and a good one at that.:D
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    Free 1 year subscription for iolo Search and Recover 5

    Got one just to find it out it didn't work with XP PRO SP2 64bit... oh well free is free Thanks
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    Windows XP PRO X64 error

    I still haven't figured this out.:(
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    Windows XP PRO X64 error

    In the last week and a half I've put together my newer(budget) system and converted over to XP PRO SP2 X64 to utilize 4GB of ram. But the last couple of days I've been getting an unexpected restarts and an error message that has to be linked to some sort of software that I've recently installed...
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    Best Screen saver? ( Spyware Free & Perferrably Free)

    That reminded me of one I used to use awhile ago and forgot about. It's only a trial version here though. (or torrent) I want newly built awesome ones though, starting to think there isn't any.
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    Best Screen saver? ( Spyware Free & Perferrably Free)

    So I take it there are no good new high def screen savers.:( Oh well... I will survive and just turn off my monitor as well. Just wanted a nice screen saver to run for a few minutes before my LCD goes to sleep.
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    Ipod conversion for T.V use(noob), what is best setting for highest quality?

    I just recently started converting a movies for the ipod(80gb classic, 5th gen, I think) so I can watch the movies at different locations with ease. I've tried a few different quality settings in Videora but thought I would also ask because I may learn something that would take me awhile to come...
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    Newly Discovered State Of Matter Could Extend Moore's Law

    Well Damn. My first Ockie QFT Big QFT
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    How to find if there is domain squatting, or get a domain that "appears" taken..but.. sits on a lot of good names for the potential of high profit. They will more then likely sell it to you. But the price will be discouraging. Edit: this might be kinda useful for something but probably not but I will throw it out anyway since I never heard name cheap dot com...