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    Gamestop employees talked me out of buying a PS3

    People still shop at GameStop? Wow, you learn something everyday...
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    Skyrim Modding Megathread

    The MOD community is pretty huge, any word, if even possible of a Multiplayer or CO-OP MOD? If I could play this with 1-4 friends over LAN, I would be in Heaven.
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    PC gaming is cheaper then Console gaming(according to IGN)

    I think the real question is, why does this topic keep coming up? I've debated on this topic several times a few years ago, but it's interesting how it keeps coming up. Like people are trying to prove something. Lets just go with X is more expensive, and get back to what matters, playing...
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    The Cost of PC Gaming Vs Console Gaming

    This debate has been going on as long as I've been a member, and it's still doing full circles. Same song and dance.
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    Hacker Group Promises Doom for Sony

    Sony isn't the only Corp. getting hacked, everyone is. Hackers attack Nintendo's servers in United States Google recently reported being hacked, Yahoo and Hotmail also hacked. List goes on and on.
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    Sony’s Answer To PS3 Piracy: Serial Codes?

    Haven't touched my PS3 in months, this could be the tipping point for me to just to go ahead and sell it.
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    Buy Portal 2 on PS3....get the PC/Mac version as well?!? Plus cross platform play

    I don't know, but this works for me. Trophies for my PS3, and being able to play it the way it's "meant to be played". Win WIN!
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    Killzone 3 to rock over 70 minutes of cutscenes

    Shows how many of you played Killzone 2. Cut scenes were skippable.
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    Sony Breaks Out the Lawyers Over PS3 Hacks This will be an interesting case. Basically all their doing is jail breaking a PS3, no different than an iPhone. If they were the ones ripping and releasing games, but their not, so... will be interesting to say the least.
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    Who says console games are more popular than PC: BC2 team actions stats

    Who cares? Stop trying to explain to people why they should like playing the way you do. Fine you like X because of B, I like Z because of A.
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    Why PC game?

    I use both. Both have provided me with many hours of entertainment. PC + PS3 FTW!
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    Sony : Playstation Network is not profitable.

    Did you even read the last sentence of your own quote? :eek:
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    First look at Uncharted 3: Drakes Deception

    Great news!!! I think I'll do the same thing I did for U2, media blackout. Made for a much better experience once released.
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    HoN or Lol?

    I concur.
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    When do you think the next round of consoles is coming?

    This is how I see it. Nintendo will probably be the next company to release a console. The Wii is doing great, but now that PS3 and X360 both have motion controls, other than first party titles, Nintendo is going to need something to make them stand out from the rest. I also believe that...
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    OMG, Gran Turismo is actually ready!

    2010 has turned out to be a great year. DNF turns out to not be shovelware and neither is GT5. 2pac "Today was a good day". :)
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    kb/mouse for ps3

    Because "exclusives" exist? If I can't play Uncharted 1 or 2 on the PC, then I'm left with the PS3. If I had the choice to run with M&KB over controller, I would. Actually arcade sticks do give a huge advantage over controllers. Much better precision/speed when it comes to doing...
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    Gamers who play both PC and PS3

    As for the OP; I recently had been playing my PS3 non-stop. Then I finally got around to buying a new Laptop, now I've been catching up on some PC titles, so I haven't used the PS3 in a while, but I do plan on keeping it. PS3 + PC is a great combo :)
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    Gamers who play both PC and PS3

    I love when people pull crap out of their pooper. The first 3D title that comes to my mind for the PS3 is... KillZone 3. Yes, 3D graphics and also able to use the PS Move. I've also heard Motorstorm is running in 3D?
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    Anybody else regretting buying SC2?

    The real question should be, who plans on buying the next installment, followed by another installment?
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    Anybody else regretting buying SC2?

    Starcraft 1 is one of my favorite games of all times. I played SC2 for a couple of weeks, but there is just so much going on in the gaming world. Between my PS3 and PC, I don't have time for SC2.
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    TERA Online {an MMORPG}

    Anyone who spends more time than someone else in any RPG is going to level faster. The guy playing Killzone 2 10 hours a day leveling up and unlocking badges to unlock more skills and weapons is going to probably have the upper hand to the guy only playing 1 hour. There are tons of games out...
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    TERA Online {an MMORPG}

    Seriously? IF a private server can cut back the grind by just adding an XP multiplier of 10X... what exactly needs re-balancing? You just level faster, items remain the same, skills remain the same, it's not very complicated. It's just adjusting xp rates gained from mobs or missions. Lower...
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    TERA Online {an MMORPG}

    Except they've already announced the Western version won't have as much grind. :eek:
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    TERA Online {an MMORPG}

    Yea, the PvP sounds the same as Lineage 2. They had little dueling pits, where soon as you walked across this line, you were game for anyone to hit you, if you died you didn't lose XP. Outside of the dueling pit PvP worked a bit differently. Everyone who starts off the game starts off with...
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    TERA Online {an MMORPG}

    To me, it looks like it's on rails....
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    TERA Online {an MMORPG}

    Damn, lots of haters. I guess I'll be stuck playing with the billions of Koreans :P
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    TERA Online {an MMORPG}

    Yea, that's why I ended up going to a private server. I think it was like 10x/5x/5x (XP, gold drops, item drops) The thing about grinding in L2, by itself is rather boring, but it's all the drama that can occur during grinding that can make it fun. Because L2 allows you to attack anyone...
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    TERA Online {an MMORPG}

    Your right, at first I didn't play on a private server, but I couldn't stand the grind on a normal servers, so later I moved to a private server for faster xp rates. But donators did get great items, which once I hit higher levels and was playing with donators, is probably one of the reasons...
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    TERA Online {an MMORPG}

    I've been keeping an eye on GW2, but sometimes I prefer the huge open worlds, Lineage 2 style. Blade and Soul is much farther off than TERA, but does look good. Vindictus, looks average, but good for a free to play. I'm just not sure how I feel about free to play games, where people who...
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    TERA Online {an MMORPG}

    Updated the OP with some vids.
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    TERA Online {an MMORPG}

    The Official Site: Trailer: A few minutes of early beta gameplay:
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    buying used games = piracy

    I don't agree DD or cloud services being the only way to buy games in the next several years. Even in the USofA there are still plenty of areas that have Walmarts who sell X360's and PS3's, but the people living around it may not have access (not that they can't afford) to high speed internet...
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    Valve announces DOTA 2

    I'm fine with HoN right now. I've now got 6 local friends playing it. Xenomanic would be 7, but he fell off the bus.
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    HoN or Lol?

    You are aware you can change brightness levels, colors of heros on the minimap to simplified (as in like red vs green, instead of each hero being what ever color they picked), and gamma on your graphics card? As for the OPs question. HoN all the way!!!!
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    So, Resistance 3 Anyone?

    I liked them both equally for different reasons, but agree mostly with DDigital. One thing I did like about R1, was being able to carry tons of weapons, R2 went to a 2 gun system. Oh, and R1 has no trophies :P (I Platinum'd R2)
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    Spent the evening playing 3d console games on a friends 50" Samsung 3d TV....OMG!

    I believe Samsung has come out with/soon to come out with a 3DHDTV that does not require glasses. The current technology doesn't allow for 60inch screens (only up to like 21''), but this is the future and evolution of TV's. I don't plan on updating my HDTV until I can get another 46'' size...
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    Dead Space

    I Platinum'd it on the PS3 :) It was that good.
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    Hero's of Newerth

    I did have time for 1 match making game last night after I got off of work. I ended up going something like 14/5/17 as good ol MageBane. The random team I was partnered up with ... best team I've been with in a long time. 80% of the game was nothing but team ganks and perfectly timed ganks...
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    Hero's of Newerth

    Yea, but for the OP to constantly check it (if you're talkigng about posting peoples stats).... I personally wouldn't bother.