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    low score 3dmark05

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    6800 gs, what is it?

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    do you guys think the new x1800xt sucks?

    i do. benchmarks all show it at 3rd, last place... this card sucks. do you agree? and i was thinking about buying a 7800 gtx, what card maker do you guys recommend? and is a new nvidia card coming soon?? thanks, andre. :)
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    should i move to amd or stay with complicated intel.

    is it worth to go and buy a new intel cpu now. or do you guys think i should get an amd instead, amds are beyond 3.8ghz now, good/bad idea?
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    16x pcie slot.

    i know that the pcie video card slot runs at 16x, what does my ati radeon x850 xt pe runs at?
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    sony fw900 or dell 2405, 24" monitos

    would you get the sony or the dell? :)
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    where is the playstation 3?

    any news on the ps3? links?
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    old silver samsungs lcd monitors what happen to them?

    do you guys remember those samsungs silver lcd monitors? they were suppoused to be the best monitors, but after a short period of time they completely dissapear... what happen to them? weren't they good enough, what happen?
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    3800+ impressive number!

    say, is a 3800+ faster than my p4 550, 3.4ghz? anyone with both know?
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    can you guys post some quake 4 screenshots?

    thanks, andre. *post some q4 screenshots please!
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    what are the features of dx10?

    what card is going to be dx10?
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    ie7 anybody liked it?

    i got the first ie7 version, and it is full of bugs! what is the current ie7 version out now?
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    holographic disc drive

    how fast will these holographic disc drives going to be compared to harddrives?
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    6800 gs, what is it?

    what is this new 6800 gs?
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    low score 3dmark05

    i am getting low score on 3dmark05, my card is the connect3d x850xt pe. what should i do first, uninstall the video driver, and then, install inf driver again, and then, reinstall video driver? what are the correct steps? my current score is +- 4300.
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    quake4 and, halflife2

    is like they say, quake4 is too much like doom3, i really didn't like d3, is q4 great or not? i was thinking about buying a game, what do you guys recommend, q4 or hl2?
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    i have a new hd, if i use norton ghost to copy contents of my main hd to this new hd and the main drive is damaged, will i be safe copying data from one to the other?
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    is the amd64 4000+ faster than the pentium 4 670 3.8ghz?
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    why do we need windows vista?

    can't ms just release a new service pack, what new features vista is going to have that can't be on a windows xp sp3?
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    get rid of damaged areas

    do u guys remember when in dos you could fix a damaged harddrive by using chkdsk to create files that would ocupied harddrive damaged areas and the result was damaged areas would be ocupied then you would lose those areas, and have less disc space, but drive could be used as normal showing up...
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    post here x850 xt pe 3dmark05 scores only.

    i got 4200 something, that's not normal is it? how much do you get? i'll post futuremark link later.
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    is it called "water cooling" ?

    can someone please explain? if they (intel and amd and others) are having problem making faster processors because of heat why not use water cooling?
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    sed monitor read what is the dot pitch for the monitor?
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    monitors, read please how come i can't find those monitors here, in the us?
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    ide vs sata interface.

    does anyone here still uses ide for harddrive interface?
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    recommend a harddrive to me please!

    can i have some ideas? what harddrive for a hot place do you guys recommend under $250?
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    what is the most sophisticated linux graphical user interface there is, and where from can i download it?
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    5400rpm drives any good?

    does anyone here has a 5400rpm harddrive as your main hd?
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    moving to external drive.

    do external harddrives run as fast as normal internal drives?
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    looking for mbs that can't oc.

    can you guys help? i am looking for a motherboard that can't overclock, like intel mobos.
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    550 to 650 bad/good idea?

    650 has 2mb cache and is 64bit. comments?
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    nvidia demos on an ati?

    how can i run a nvidia geforce 6800 ultra demo on my x850xtpe ati card? is it possible?
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    next pentium

    next pentium processor. i was reading maximum pc, the pentium "5" intel claims it will be 5 times faster. i want to know, how much will it cost first, any ideas?
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    is my lcd dying?

    i hear people saying lcds, plasmas, don't last to long. i have a hyundai L90d+, when will it "die?" how long do lcds last anyone know?
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    x850xtpe = or almost = to gtx & x1800 series

    with every new benchmark i see, my x850xtpe seem more & more like a great card. in the first benchs, the gtx shown to be 2 times faster, but now, the x1800 and the gtx are just a little faster not to much, am i right?
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    having to replace an old problem. help!

    how often do you guys replace your main drive (the one with windows in it), i have lost count i guess this is my 13th-15th drive i will have to replace, i don't know what i do wrong, maybe i just use my computer too much? this is my 2nd or 3rd this year. i going to get a raptor one, say, is...
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    10ghz promised

    cpu companies once said that we would one day get to 10ghz. now we have stopped at 3.8ghz. what is the technical reason why we can't get more clock speed? :confused: :)
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    ati's site clock what is that?

    do you guys know what is that on the ati site, the clock, what is it for?
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    free antivirus where?

    what is one good free antivirus program?