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    LG 34UM95C-P monitor $500 AR, Free S/H @Adorama

    Adorama has 34" LG 34UM95C-P 3440x1440 IPS LED Monitor (US Model) on Sale for $550 - $50 rebate = $500. Shipping is free. This version does not have Thunderbolt
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    Batman: Arkham Knights $13.95 at has the Batman: Arkham Knight Game (PC Download) with BONUS Harley Quinn DLC for a low $13.95. No Tax or Shipping Costs. For $20 you get the Premium Edition, which includes Main Game + Season Pass, Harley Quinn DLC +...
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    LG 34" 34UM65 2560x1080 monitor - $580 @ Newegg, Free S/H

    Newegg has the LG 34UM65 34" 2560x1080 IPS LED LCD Monitor for a low $579.99 Free Shipping after Coupon Code: "EMCPBWA34" (Exp 8/20). Tax in CA, IN, NJ, TN. This is $20 less than elsewhere.
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    Seiki Digital SE65UY04 65" 4K UHD 2160p 120Hz LED HDTV - $999 @ Walmart

    this seems really cheap for some reason the best part is this:
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    Wallpapers for 21:9 screens - 3440x1440 goodness!

    For those lucky bastards with a 34" 21:9 screen, I envy you. I figure since I made a thread for wallpapers for dual 16:10 screens and 20/30/20 PLP setups, I should make this one as well Dead Rising 3 Lost Planet 3 Titanfall Warhammer Dawn of War Justine Miller please feel free to add...
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    Dell Outlet Coupon Code 30% off Refurb Monitors (U3014 30in IPS $657)

    Dell Outlet is offering 30% off the following Refurbished Dell Monitors after Coupon code: "T7F8J060V$5LV5" (Exp 3/16). To get these deals see SEE INSTRUCTIONS BELOW. Tax in most. Go to Scroll down to the bottom to "Refurbished Monitors" Click on...
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    30% off Dell Refurbished Monitors - U2913WM for $350

    Just saw this on Dell Outlet is offering 30% off the following Refurbished Dell Monitors after Coupon code: "9?19Z2J9GPS1VL" (Exp 2/21). To get these deals see SEE INSTRUCTIONS BELOW. Tax in most. These are some of the best prices we've seen on Dell UltraSharps. [Compare Prices]...
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    Nexus 4 phone price drop - 8/16gb for $200/250 no contract

    $100 price drop! 1.5ghz quad core CPU with 2gb ram and 720p 4.7" display. For $200 off contract.
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    Dell UltraSharp U3014 $899 - today only :(

    Dell Small Business has the massive Dell UltraSharp U3014 30" IPS LED LCD Monitor for $899.99 Free Shipping after Coupon Code: "VLH6GD5V4L3LD2" and "G4DSC4?667FMDJ " (Exp 8/3). Tax in most...
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    Warmish? Dell U3011 30 inch monitor for $899 search for U30111 Free shipping but there's tax.
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    Cheap triple monitor video card for nongaming

    Hey all, I'm upgrading my current 3 year old system to an i5-3570 with 16gb ram for photoshop. I need a video card that supports three 24" monitor in portrait off the bat but not necessarily for gaming. When I do game it will just be one monitor anyways. Any suggestions? i was thinking the...
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    Wallpapers for dual 16:10 screens - 5120x1600 goodness!

    alright since i moved on from my 20/30/20 to dual 30" of goodness, it's time to start another thread of custom wallpapers. I know there are already threads about dual monitor wallpapers. The only problem is that no one factors in the bezel correction except for me :) These should fit all...
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    where can i get these mounts for my 20/30/20 setup

    i got this from a thread on macrumors. The owner of this setup used mounts from a UK site. Where can i get equivalent parts in the US? I guess i could search monoprice. It would be extra awesome if the middle mount could rotate, cause a 3007wfp in portrait mode will prevent me from ever...
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    wallpapers for 20/30/20 users :)

    just got my 2007fp / 3007wfp / 2007fp combo working, so I made some wallpapers. Most of the artwork came from this thread on Neogaf. Click on picture for 4960x1600 wallpaper goodness. PLEASE FEEL FREE TO POST YOUR OWN!! Darksiders Darksiders God of War 3 World of Warcraft
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    Can you 3007wfp and 2x2007fp with one card?

    I'm currently rocking a 8800GT PCI-e and a 8400GS on PCI. PCI is really really slow and i am sooo regretting not getting a SLI-capable motherboard. So is it is possible to buy one video card that can power all three? I don't need anything fancy, just maybe run starcraft2 (and battlefield 3) on...
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    so i upgraded to an AMD Phenom X4 II 620 and Photoshop CS4 is still slow

    so i just upgraded to an Athlon II X4 620 processor and Win7 64bit. My CPU score went from 4.7 to 7.1, and my memory went from 5.1 to 7.2, even though i kept the same 4gb of PC800 DDR2 ram. the problem is that photoshop cs4 still runs hell of slow. I mean, it was virtually unusable before...
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    yeah, i just lost the ability to burn DVDs on my computer :(

    first, nero 6.6 says i need to install "burnrights" cause i don't have administrator privileges, and so I uninstalled it and tried nero 9 and got the same problem. so i installed two different dvd recording programs, CDBurnerXP and Infrarecorder, both of which can't detect my dvd burners.and...
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    so my 3007wfp looks like crap all of a sudden at 2560x1600

    the text is unreadable, yet pictures look okay. if i shrink the resolution down to 1600x1200, the text is readable. i tried switching the dvi cable but that doesn't seem to work. I'm not sure if the problem is with my video card or my monitor. i did just move my setup upstairs, but i don't...