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    Upgrading from 1080 to 1080 ti..

    Thinking of going from a EVGA 1080 FTW to a Asus Strix 1080 TI oc. Will I notice the gains in gaming from going to the Strix.? Running dual monitors, 34" Asus ROG and 27" Asus Rog. I do play A LOT of new titles ( For Honor, Ghost Recon, GTA 5, WOW, etc.. ) Money isnt an issue, thinking I...
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    980ti with 2 Asus SWIFT monitors.

    Can a EVGA SC 980ti run games well with 2 ASUS swift 27" monitors? I already have one, and a friend of mine is selling another, would it be worth it, or should i wait to get a 10 series card first.? Thanks again, decided to edit to make it more simple.
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    Corsair H110GT in NZXT h440 placement.

    I purchased the H110GT and H440 all at the same time, did the whole setup, and went to install in the typical location, top of the case etc.. I ran into the problem of the radiator not fitting up there. I was going by the installation guides, and seeing how most people have their setups in the...
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    LG 34um67-P - SOLD

    Take this beast off my hands! You'll enjoy it, especially if you're running an AMD card.. :D LG 34um67-P AMD FreeSync 34" Gaming Monitor - SOLD
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    AMD TL - 60

    I was looking around on the dell website, and the vostro 1000 comes with this processor, i'm usually all for intel, but i wanted to give AMD a try, what are the reviews on the processors, which to stay with and which not to.. Thanks for the help in the long run guys.
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    any info on this Alienware laptop?

    A good friend of mine is wanting to sell me this alienware m7700, any of you guys have reviews on it? He's wanting to let it go for $1320, so i dont know if it's a good deal, i mean it's a gaming computer, but i'd love to know what you guys think...?
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    light gaming / internet advice....

    I got the dough to get a laptop finally, i'm at $500, but i can go higher. I'm a firefighter, and we have a ton of down time, and i dont wanna miss out on world of warcraft, and the internet. I'd like some advice on a laptop that will do the job for what i'm looking for... thanks a ton.
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    x1950 pro bottlenecks?

    I was in the process of getting this model of the x1950... It's supposedly the " turbo " version of the card, it seems pretty nice, but i'm stuck cause i've seen 4 different versions of the card, i've been a long time Nvidia fan...
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    x1950 pro...?

    Ive been reading a ton about this card and whatnot, well i'm a big Nvidia fan and whatnot... I would love to get a card for my system that is running aright along with the x1950. My system is AGP, and was wondering what would be my best bet that was Nvidia styled and based right with if not...
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    watercooling newbie...

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    Sony DVD+R drives ?

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    surge protector question...

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    cooling replacement on nvidia cards

    I have the nVidia 6800OC in my system, and i'm wanting to change out the heatsink and fan, the stock one broke on me, and it's too noisy. I'm a total noob when it comes to upgrade the cooling on my video card, any of you guys direct the way for me :)
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    256MB now or wait?

    hey guys, i had a smal question about my mobo / video card combo and was wondering on what to do.. I bought this asus motherboard about 1½ years ago, and i purchased the 6800 OC 128MB when it first came out, the motherboard is AGP.. I wasn't aware of the pci-e at the time, and now i feel like...
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    Geforce 6800 vs BF 2...

    I downloaded the newest drivers for nvidia 6800oc and i bought BF2, at random times if i play the game it blinks out a bunch and comes back with a blue screen. It's saying that nv_disp.dll or whatever has corrupted and system ram dump, whats this all about? I usually have to restart just to...
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    Audigy 4 vs Audigy 2 series...?

    hey guys, i just went to Bestbuy tonite and purchased the audigy 4 card from them, it was $80. I was thinking it was a good deal, i can't find poop about it vs the Audigy 2 card, What do you guys think? Was it a good deal i got the 4, instead of the 2 series?
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    Windows Loading screen?

    Is there anyway in the world to change the size of the windows loading screen? Whenever i start my computer and it goes into the Windows Professional and has the bar loading into windows... The picture is huge and looks pixeled out and crappy, is there anyway in the world to change the...
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    watercooling newbie...

    Where can i get some good info on where to buy my first water cooling setup?
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    Decided to get this monitor...

    I was looking HARD into getting an LCD monitor, but was stuck on which one to get. I was looking at the Hyundai L90D+. My friend Cori just picked up a Viewsonic VP201s, it's a freaking beautiful monitor. I fell inlove with it in like 1.3 secs, so i decided to spend the extra few hundred bucks...
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    looking for 19" flat lcd.

    I've got some money coming in, and i was wondering what would be a good flat lcd screen to have. I dont want to spend over $500, well that's not including tax, i know if you want a good monitor, they are around 499, but paying tax is least of my concern. I play WOW A LOT, and some CS here in...
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    windows 2000 vs windows xp question...?

    I'm currently using windows 2000 pro on my home machine for games. I have a 3ghz intel HT, with 6800oc video card, and 768mb pc3200 ram. I play WOW a ton, and sometimes i'll pop in HL2, and i was wondering. Since win2k can't recognize Hyper Threading, how much of a difference will Hyper...
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    How bad is it to mix?

    How bad is it to mix types of RAMS, meaning. I found some HyperX ram i'd like to get it, it's 512mb pc3200. The RAM in my system right now is 256mb pc3200, would it be bad to have a stick of hyperx and the other one not be hyperX? I didn't know if the system might not work that well with 2...
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    WOW memory question.

    I tried to play WOW with 256mb pc3200 ram, but it was fun, but choppy at parts. A friend said he'd let me borrow a stick of pc3200 256mb ram to make my system have 512mb. Will the system run any different with 512 mb compared to 768, or maybe even a gig? It's not a bad time for me to buy ram...
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    cooling recommendation...

    I have a p4 3.0 ht with asus motherboard powered by neopower 480w psu. I was wondering what is a good way to keep my system temp down. What is the normal temp for a system usually run at? I'm not trying to upgrade at all, just wanna keep my sys happy with my gaming.
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    better connection hookup?

    I just bought the motorola 5100 cable modem and it gave me USB and ethernet cords, which one will have a faster connection?
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    Cable Modems...

    I was wondering what kind of cable modem you guys used, and which service? I'm using a com21 cable modem with Comcast. The cable modem is going out slowly and it's slow, i'm going tommorrow to get a new one.
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    dang it, why oh why 6800oc

    I just got my BFG 6800oc in today in the mail. I almost have my system done, just gotta install my harddrive. I haevn't installed it or my cd rom yet, i wanted to see how quiet my video card would be. I install the card, i just wanna turn the system on, see the bios flash up and turn it off...
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    windows 2k and XP home

    If i read right that WIN2k doesn't support Hyper Threading, but WIN XP Home does support HT, am i right?
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    Sony DVD+R drives ?

    hey guys, i was looking on newegg for a dvd-r drive to keep up with technology. I want to be able to watch DVDs on my computer, and use it as a CDrom and whatnot. I was looking on newegg and ran across this, would you guys recommend this drive? I've seen a few reviews on it, but i'd rather...
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    OS difference...?

    I got my system all together, and was about to boot, but one problem. I have no OS yet, my mom just bought a emachine. she said i could use her disk, but i told her that wouldn't work. I was in the process of buying an OEM version of XP, but this ran across my mind. Would that even work if...
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    front panel LED lights...

    I was hooking everything up onto my computer, and was about to get it started. I noticed that i had a little trouble remembering how they went in? Should the letters on the connectors be facing down, or facing up? I'm not sure which was is the ground. I read the mobo manual but didnt see how...
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    ah yes, the 6800 OC

    I'm in the market for getting the card, everytime i goto outpost to get the card. I get the same message, call for avalibility, does anyone know when they'll get the card back in? How bout another place to purchase it from?
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    surge protector question...

    I was wondering about surge protectors, thought you guys could help. I just bought a neopower 480w psu, i've heard it was always good to use a surge protector or battery backup, i'm not sure which one. Which one do you use to filter out all the bad charges from the wall outlet so you dont fry...
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    help me decide !!

    i'm going for either the, i've had opinions on this before, just not these 2, so i narrowed them down.! I dont plan on OCing my system at all, and my system will be used mostly gaming and internet use. Antec Neopower 480w atx v2.0 - $115 Enermax Noisetaker 485w atx v2.0 - $122 My...
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    quick rookie ram question.

    I just started building my custom system, and need definately some more RAM. I have 256mb pc3200 right now, upgrading to a GIG definately. I dont plan on OCing at all, i just use it for gaming, and internet use, but mainly gaming. I would like to find some popular ram that wont knock a huge...
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    question for aluminum case owners...?

    I just bought the Cooler Master aluminum case, i was wondering about the drives, and floppy. What color do you guys use, do you have black drives, or do you have beige drives? I was wondering what looks better, but can't decide if you guys have pictures, do show.
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    Best card for $300

    I was in the process of getting the 6800 OC for $299.00. I saw it at for $249.00, but it was out of stock, actually call for availibility. I'm wanting the 6800 model perferably, what models of the 6800 can i find for around $300? I have my mind on the OC, how much are the GT and...
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    which one do you recommend?

    Enermax v2.0 485W or Vantec 520W Intel Pentium 4 3.0ghz HT 40gb 7200rpm HD Asus p4p800s-x 256mb pc3200 RAM ( upgrading to 512mb pc3200 ram within the...
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    What are the differences in buying a psu that is v1.3 compared to buying one that is v2.0? I see that in the newer Enermax psus, and noticed the price was a bit more. I wanted to get a psu that was affordable, but didn't wanna go broke, i ran across these and was wondering about the differences..
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    Power supply help please!...

    I was in the process of getting the Fortron Blue Storm PSU, i started seeing some bad reviews about it and thought maybe i should have a backup plan. I've heard good stuff about the Fortron blue storm, how reliable is the 500w compared to the 400w? I'm not sure if anyone knows if it's the 400w...