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    Triple monitor desk recomendations

    I have three one 21" is at the very edge and I got one of those pole mounts for the other 24" one and the middle is 27" fills the desk but it works you could get one of those pole mount dual monitor setups and attach that way would free up space on the desk
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    New here on this forum but I hope someone can help.

    Oh didnt notice you post count, either way I'm sure she will like it has to be night and day over the fire setup
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    Dell XPS 8700 Side intake massive positive pressure case cooling solution

    what cpu fan setup is that thing is massive
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    1080 ti Asus poseidon starting at 1 penny

    That and its only the box who know what he did to that card
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    New here on this forum but I hope someone can help.

    +1 for iPad Pro and Apple pencil I have this setup is pretty close to pan and paper, I think there's an iPad pro in the for sale section pretty reasonably right now
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    Borderlands 3 others leaked

    I found MadMax to be too much for a Batman Arkham clone game it was almost the same gameplay with different skins and more car time really felt phoned in by Avalanche
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    GPU Rig Cooling help - noob

    If you have some extra cash I put kraken brackets on mine and found some cheap cpu water coolers and it works great
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    There must be something that does this with Pi?

    This sounds interesting you could use the third sensor for spa temp Arduino seems like it would be a minimal footprint solution
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    Sega Saturn Development Kit Console Japan *BOXED

    Yeah I guess I can see that I am still holding on to my Apple camera paperweight lol
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    Sega Saturn Development Kit Console Japan *BOXED

    Still seams like a lot for something that doesn’t do much
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    Sega Saturn Development Kit Console Japan *BOXED

    Someone needs to buy this and start making Saturn games again
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    STEAL!? not!

    Wow I never thought about that one that's quite a process to screw someone over
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    Anet A8 Frame

    Have any of you guys with the Anet A8 swapped out the acrylic frame for one of the wood or metal ones that are online was curious if it makes that much difference as I hear that acrylic one is pretty fragile
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    Translation App

    I used to use babelfish not sure if its any good anymore, word lens is pretty cool on iphone
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    STEAL!? not!

    i remember P-P-P-Powerbook had a brick in it
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    Best places to find 3d Projects.

    well there goes more hours saving cool stuff lol
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    STEAL!? not!

    Hes going to flip them for 19.99
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    Printer Enclosure Project

    Are you planning to move the electronics outside the enclosure or do you think they will be fine inside there?
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    What printers do you all use?

    I just got the Anet A8 waiting for it to arrive not sure what to make first
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    STEAL!? not!

    I wonder how many people he gets with this lol
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    Serious Sam Sale on Steam (= dead deal)

    Ah yes LAN parties great memories of this game then
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    Fallout: New California mod alllllmost ready

    This looks sweet hopefully it lives up to the hype
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    Borderlands 3 others leaked

    Kinda surprised they said they would never make a BL3 game years ago but please let it be good if true
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    A 1080TI that will make you laugh --- or shudder...

    its gotta work fine look as the placement
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    What game have you logged the most hours on?

    Right now Wildlands and Boarderlands
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    The official "clean desktop" club.

    yeah mine is pretty embarrassing need to get on this these are sweet
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    My works

    Wow those are nice!
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    Lost Account Access and Passwords Changed

    Kyle is defiantly doing the lords work over at [H]eadquarters, praise be!
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    15 days til Alan Wake

    Anyone played it yet? is it good?
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    Spirit Jailbreak Released

    Is that the vivid theme?
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    iTunes library: Sharing Sync between Windows 7 and OSX

    To sync reg files I uses sync mate works good and has a realtime option should work for music too
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    Steam for Mac - thoughts?

    It works good on my mac book pro (2009) the only problem i have is steam cloud wont sync which is a pain in that ass kinda defeats the purpose of multi platform gaming
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    new killer nic crapshoot is coming out "2100"

    The price does seem quite steep considering all its really useful for
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    Red Faction TV Movie in the works

    Ha ha its a counter spy movie with explosions would be fantastic
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    headset for xbox

    The Turtle Beach at BB looks awesome they have another thats a little cheaper without the surround sound
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    Red Faction TV Movie in the works

    I would rather see a just cause movie, it would be more action packed
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    Another MW2 DLC : Resurgence Pack

    These maps kinda remind me of maps in SC:Conviction hmmm
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    Call of Duty: Black Ops says there will be DS
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    Office 2010 is retail now

    Sounds better ill have to check it out