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    New 2600X - I have returned to AMD land

    Hello- just bought a 2600X + Asus Strix x470-f and have 2 questions. Is it worth upgrading the cooler to an AiO? what's a good 16GB memory kit for the price? (preferably without RGB) Will a better cooler noticeably improve gaming performance (via XFR)? I've been worried about underperforming...
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    2080 ti 11GB vram?

    How does it have 11GB VRAM? That number doesn't make any sense at all to me. Is it 12GB but with 1GB not traditionally addressable a la GTX970 's .5 GB?
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    32" 1080p vs 27" 1440p vs ??

    I know most people love high DPI displays, but for FPS games i prefer lower DPI than most. It's the reason I played CS @ 800x600 and 1024x768 on a 21" CRT back in the day and why I opted for a 32" 1080p LCDTV over a 30" 2560x1600 LCD monitor 5 years ago. A higher DPI will always be helpful to me...
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    Pick my new CPU/Mobo

    Hey gang im on a shitty backup computer and dont have time or ability to do my normal research. I moved this past weekend and my dad dropped my desktop. it's having USB, random video artifacting and hard-locking, and power problems. I would just swap the mobo out, but it's socket 1156 and having...
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    HD3870x2 - $28 FS @ Amazon

    DEAL IS DEAD. IT WAS A DATABASE ERROR BETWEEN BUY.COM AND THEIR AMAZON MARKETPLACE. the wrong items were listed. if you ordered the card, you will get a Buzz Jr board game or something retarded. Amazon's order status will look normal, but if you check on, it will show the buzz jr. there...
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    4870x2 problems? windows 7?

    upgraded few months back to x2 from a GTX260. i noticed the FPS improvement but i was getting random crashes, hardlocks, and even some BSODs. i attributed it to a year old Vista install that was giving me weird issues anyway. decided to go with Windows 7 7068 cause ive heard good things about...
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    My netbook research and decision

    little background info: I've been researching netbooks and small notebooks for a few months now. i was enthralled by the original Eee PC but never really had a use for one (or any laptop) until recently. With my new job @ a school i constantly need wireless access, but b/c of remote desktop...
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    Vista 64...Razer Barracuda AC-1 or X-Fi Fatality champion platinum

    I run Vista 64. I have both a Razer Barracuda AC-1 and an X-Fi Fatality Platinum Champion series or whatever with the front drive bay. The razer has better audio but the X-Fi has a much better GUI (creative having better software than ANYONE is scarey). i switch between headphones and 5.1 a...
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    RivaTuner 2.10 + 177.92 + GTX260 = no OC?

    with the above setup all clock speed adjustments i make get reverted back to stock after hitting "OK". i think it worked with Riva2.09 but i installed the beta 177.92's at around the same time. anyone else with this prob? searched and couldnt find anyone else with the same prob edit: EVGA...
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    Defective GTX260?

    Running Main PC in sig. note the Vista 64. 2 weeks after shipping my 9800GTX to evga for step-up i finally received the GTX260. however, upon installing the drivers and rebooting, Vista loop crashed at desktop. continuous crashing and rebooting PC. so, uninstalled drivers, rebooted to safe...
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    Actual costs of Folding

    hi, i've been a casual F@H folder for years (for a different group...shhhhhh!). i only run it on 2ndary machines that stay on 24/7 regardless of f@h. recently read an article (CANT FIND IT!) that showed the average Intel Quad-core utilizing enough power 365/24/7 to cost the average consumer...
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    Hellgate: London

    bunch of my TF2 guildmates are playing this game and i might join em. Funcom lowered the MSRP to $20 which makes this a steal. anyone currently playing or recently quit? i know there's a free and pay version. i'm not opposed to monthly fees at all but would the free version be fun for...
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    APC UPS battery backup keeps shuttin off

    My main rig is plugged into the battery backup plugs of an APC 550 UPS. last few days under heavy stress while gaming it has shut off while beeping. i need to hit the button on the unit to turn the battery potyion back on, then power up my PC. the PC hooked up to the Surge Protection Only...
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    Why dont people use vsync?

    posted it here since it's more of a technical gaming issue rather than general Gaming. as topic says...Why does it seem that most people leave V-sync off with a powerful machine that gets over 60FPS most of the time? is page-tearing not an issue with LCDs? if page-tearing still occurs...
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    32" 1080p Samsung LN32A550 pics

    lots of interest for PC users about this display. few threads here have discussed it, and ive included my thoughts in 1 or 2 of them. thought i'd start a new thread to show some quick pics of it w/ my setup. was postin this on a few forums so i copy-pasted it. this piost is my whole setup...
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    low rails on PCPC Quad Silencer 750

    let me start out by saying this PCP&C 750 was almost spot-on with my prev Abit IX38 QuadGT under same conditions. now with the Formula Maximus, 12v rail is steady 11.82, 5v rail is 4.825 with a .5v ripple, and 3.3 is a steady 3.25. all recorded under full load via OCCT 2.0.0a and 2.0.0b.b1...