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    20 year old [H] photoshopped image I found on an old HDD.

    I wish I knew who made this! Just thought you guys might like to see it. lol
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    i-tunes destroyed my organized mp3 folder, can this be fixed?

    got an ipod for christmas and finally got around to putting itunes on my pc. and i guess i missed the checkbox i had to uncheck that said: "would you like i-tunes to destroy your neatly organized mp3 folders?" 700+ albums in their own folder titled all nice and neat, gone. i've come to the...
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    9600 AIW remote not working

    hey guys im having a hard time getting the remote on my 9600 AIW to do anything. i reinstalled the drivers for it from ATI's website and still nothing. it fails to work the mouse/pc controls or any of the other programs such as the TV. is there anything you have to do to activate it? i'm an ATI...
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    MIDI Cropping program?

    hey does anyone know of a program, hopefully free, that will give me the ability to crop sections of MIDI files into their own .mid?
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    802.11g aol connectivity problem (laptop)

    hey guys, my friends got a compaq presario 2100 with integrated 802.11g. unfortunately for him he has time warner cable internet so he has to connect to the internet via AOL. he recently had a nasty computer problem and he decided to reformat. we got the drivers for his wireless from compaq's...
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    laptop gets random bluescreen then reboots?

    hey whats up fellas? i just installed xp pro with sp1 on my friends laptop (Compaq Presario 2100 (2165US)) and he's getting random blue screens. when he gets the blue screen its only up for about a second then the laptop reboots automatically. what could be causing this? any ideas? side...
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    ASUS K8V RAM FSB Problem

    Hey a friend of mine has ASUS K8V SE OCZ 3700 Dual Channel Athlon64 3200 Clawhammer his ram is only running at 200fsb. does this have anything to do with the fact that the RAM is dual channel and the board doesnt support dual channel ram? im not sure if the ram is single/double sided...
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    Norton 2004 Script Error - Help!

    Anyone have any idea what's causing this error? I can't get into Norton Systemworks even if i click Yes. I just get a blank Norton 2004 window.
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    can these files be deleted?

    can these files be deleted? i'm guessing those are from the windows updates, but are they just uninstall files or are they the actual updates?
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    where does mozilla firebird save temporary files to?

    im trying to download the PBS - Nova series on String Theory. i don't have 300 megs of space left on my C Drive, its a pure OS drive and nothing else.... 3 gigs. i can't get a complete download because even when i save to my D drive, it eats away C drive space until it's gone. is there a way to...
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    Winamp 5 - Internet TV Codec?

    ive been checking out some of the internet tv stations with winamp5 and theres some cool streams, like a family guy/futurama stream, it took me 25 minutes to finally get an open slot and theres no video...anyone know what codec is most widely used with winamp's internet TV?
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    some flower pics i took when i was bored

    couple months ago my girl brought me to a place called Otts in PA...this big flower place. needless to say i wasnt exactly thrilled to be there so i started snapping are some of the better ones. lemme know what you think. these werent meant to be 'good' or...