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    How do you manage your IPMI etc. credentials?

    Thought I'd throw this out there to see if there's a better way to do things. I've slowly been getting into server hardware and it's a completely different world in terms of complexity. IPMI and remote troubleshooting and management features are great but just adds yet another layer of...
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    1U Power Supplies for Servers?

    Anyone have experience with small PSUs (mini-ITX / 1U form factor) with enough output for about 300-400W of CPU usage? It turns out there's a computer recycling warehouse down the street from me so I have a consistent supply of $40 servers. They're all generally fully functional but are ancient...
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    My Latest creation

    I thought I'd share this. I've been researching moving everything into server racks so airflow is easier to manage. My last test with a tesla s1070 system didn't really work out. I think it's possible but I've heard you need to have at least 1 of the original GPUs inserted for it to work...
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    Safe to run GPU without VRM heatsinks?

    Normally I wouldn't do this but I'm trying to test out a build using 1U and that doesn't leave a lot of room for GPUs. I have a semi-functional MSI vega 56 but I need to remove the cover and metal fan shroud that doubles as a heatsink for the misc. parts for proper airflow. The black metal part...
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    My GPU RMA Experiences this year

    Since I handle a lot of GPUs for my er... work, I thought I'd share my experiences here. So far I have purchased AMD and nVidia GPUs from most major manufacturers and submitted RMAs with the following: Powercolor (2 cards) ASUS (1 card) Gigabyte (1 card) MSI (3 cards) Zotac (1 card) Sapphire (1...
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    Poly network / BSC $600M+ Hack

    Poly is reporting someone just hacked them and stole a small bit of loose ETH from polygon & binance smart chain. Addresses in question:
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    GPU Pricing Trends

    I stole this from reddit but for the past couple of months some user has estimated that GPU prices have decreased by about 20% per month. This matches up with what I think everyone is seeing in the market, but since then it looks like prices might be bottoming out for now and even going back up...
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    Supermicro X8DTE-F & Linux Mining Distros

    Awhile back people were recommending this board so I bought a few because they were ridiculously cheap. I've been able to get mine running but I'm having compatibility issues with HiveOS on the 5.4 linux kernel. According to the compatibility page it seems like I could possibly get this to work...
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    GTX 1080 for $480

    Price is relatively good in today's market, but look at the pictures. Never seen this much corrosion on a GPU before, lol.
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    Weird Issues with semi-working RTX 3080

    Not sure what's wrong with this card so I was wondering if anyone had ideas. It's a Zotac OEM model RTX 3080 that looks like one of these kind of: Anyway, I took a risk and bought it used from someone who said it was broken...
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    Mining by the Numbers

    So I wanted to run some numbers to see if it makes sense to be a miner full-time. I think we all know that during bull markets like right now, mining is great. But I wanted to see if it's worth getting into mining in the middle of a bull market when GPU prices are already sky-high and...
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    MSI GS66 RTX 2060 Laptop $600 (Refurbished) Pretty sure this is a scam, but usually on those scam auctions they list the quantity as greater than 1.
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    Post Your Mining Rigs

    The messier the better. I'll start off first. I started with some metal rigs from China and building my own out of wood before realizing a $20 rack from Home Depot is cheaper, better, and faster to setup with the only downsides being portability and size. Cable management is not my forte so I'm...
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    AIO Cooler PWM Connections?

    Not sure what I'm doing wrong here, but I bought a GPU with an AIO already installed and it has the male end of the PWM cable coming out of the GPU for the pump I assume. The radiator fan has a female end that I can plug directly into my motherboard (either the pump or one of the sys_fan...
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    Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous

    Just thought I'd shill a game I've been playing a lot of lately. It's still in beta with a release slated for summertime so it's not out quite yet, but here are my impressions: Background: Pathfinder WOTR is a cRPG like Baldur's Gate, Pillars of Eternity, etc. based on the pathfinder world. The...
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    ASUS 1080TI (Turbo) Very low hashrate

    Hey everyone, I was hoping you could help me figure this one out. I had a 1080TI ETH mining rig and every card is hashing at roughly the same 46-48MH/s rate with the ETH Enlargement pill turned on using t-rex miner in HiveOS. Except for the Asus 1080ti Turbo (blow fan type model) which is...
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    Dell G5 Gaming Laptop - $685 (5600M GPU, Ryzen 5 4600H CPU)

    This is similar in performance to a GTX 2060 mobile (slightly slower than the GTX 2060) and seems to have roughly comparable specs to the cheap Gateway gaming laptops that Walmart is selling now for between $700-1000. Reviews aren't great as far as heat, build quality, etc. are concerned, but...
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    Anyone mining Firo (Zcoin)?

    I just saw this pop way above ETH in terms of mining profitability for older nvidia cards. It looks like you generally need a multi-core CPU and 16GB-32GB of RAM on your rigs to mine it, so it's a little more costly to get into, but right now it's 50% more profit that ETH mining for certain...
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    Ebay Fraud Help

    Hey guys, just need some advice from more experienced ebayers. I recently ordered a motherboard off a seller and instead they sent me a crumbled up package with some random metal pipes. Then they tried denying my return claim by saying: " Hello, We have the shipment details at a box being sent...
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    Hot Deal? Corsair RM850 PSU for $100

    I just bought four of these and they arrived fine so the seller is legit. Looks like they were selling a ton of them. Reviews say the PSU doesn't as high quality fans and capacitors as the RMX but it seems to be alright...
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    Can you install a Ryzen 3600 into a powered on computer socket without damaging it?

    Yes, yes you can. I know this question has been on everyone's minds, but according to my mishap... er "experiment" this weekend, you can in fact turn on your computer with power to the motherboard, and then insert the CPU into the socket with no ill effect. Your CPU should come out unscathed and...
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    A10-8770E Question

    So I'm having trouble with a new build using an A10-8770E APU. No matter what I try, nothing powers on at all. I've tested the brand new seasonic PSU with the simple jumper test and it works, and I've swapped motherboards as well and tried bypasssing the power button and just jumping the pwr on...
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    Weird XMP Issue (AMD x570 board)

    I've been trying to figure out why my 5800x benchmarks at about 50% what other people's do, and it looks like my performance issues are probably related to XMP not being enabled only my memory. I just noticed that... Anyway, I went back to my motherboard BIOS to double check, and even though I...
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    6900xt Reviews?

    Are 6900xt reviews still embargoed? I found this one: but nothing else really.
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    Lightweight / Ultrathin 27" Monitors?

    Hi everyone. I'm looking into thin or lightweight 27" monitors with 1440p resolutions and so far all I've found is the Dell S2719DM and the Acer XG270HU (There's also the Asus MX27UC but it's thicker than the Dell and heavier than the Acer). The Dell looks perfect except the weight on the...
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    GPU Upgrade for 1440p

    I'm having trouble with my 280x keeping up in games at 1440p lately, specifically Black Desert. So I'm trying to upgrade to something better for less than $400. Here's my current build: AMD 280x i5-4690s 16GB RAM I live in Japan, so prices are a bit different...
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    SS-860XP keyed wrong? mono cable

    I feel like a retard but I can't get the motherboard cable to connect to the PSU. The 10 pin does, but not the 18 pin. Think I can reuse the cable from my SS-660KM? Pics: Well using the cable from the other PSU worked, so I guess I'll send the...
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    Power Input (120v vs 220v) on TVs

    This might be a dumb question, but can most modern TVs accept either? I'm looking at finally picking up a TV (Samsung UN46ES7500, but I don't see any specific information on power input in the user manual. The reason I'm asking is because I...
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    20" 1600x1200 Viewsonic Monitor (LCD)

    I used to game on this but I upgraded to a korean IPS monitor. The response time (8ms) was good enough for gaming for me, but I'm not a hardcore FPS player. The viewing angles are also very good imo since it's P-MVA. Only issue is a small tear in the bottom right. There's no stuck pixels...
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    USB MicMate (static over xlr setup)

    Does anyone know why I would be getting static over USB for an XLR mic? I'm using an MXL v67 and MXL MicMate to connect to my computer running windows 7. There's always a ton of background noise though. It should sound great. I've tried speaking with the mic 5 feet away, 1 foot away, and 2...
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    CPU Bound? (i3 550 @ 4GHz)

    I'd just like to get some opinions on this. I went with a budget build awhile back: 1gb refurb 6950, 8GB RAM, & an i3 550. Got the i3 to overclock to 4GHz. Now I'm looking at the cheap 27" korean monitors (2560x1440, ips) but I'll probably want to upgrade my video card after getting one...
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    Shogun 2 Expanion (Fall of the Samurai)?

    Has anyone tried out the new Shogun 2 expansion? Apparently it adds some interesting new features (guns, more useful fleets, railroads). Just curious if anyone has tried it and thinks it's worth picking up. I saw it randomly on steam and was kind of shocked I hadn't heard anything about it...
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    Refurbished HD 6950 1GB - $148 shipped

    From Use coupon code: GEEKBERT for 10% off the list price of $165.49. 5-8 day Shipping is free and it'll total around $148-149. Seems like a pretty decent deal to me if you're running lower resolutions. Found a...
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    Open Source & Gaming

    I was thinking about this quite a bit last night and started wondering about the future of open sources games/engine and how long it will take to build up momentum that's been seen in other areas of software. It seems to me that most mods/indie games would benefit from being open...
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    Newegg Coupon Codes

    Just got these in my e-mail: Unless otherwise noted they're 10% off. Most are valid for 48 hrs. Samsung HDTVs: EMCKEJH22 Panasonic HDTVs: EMCKEJH23 Thumb drives: EMCKEJH24 Flash Memory: EMCKEJH25 Electric trimmers/razors: EMCKEJH26 Upright Vacuums: EMCKEJH27 Inkjet printers...
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    OC Issue & AMD Overdrive

    The other night I OC'd my cpu by about 300-400MHz on stock voltage(mb won't let me adjust cpu voltage, but it will adjust other voltages such as NB, memory, and PCI-E). I upped memory and NB by the smallest value possible(.005V for NB iirc and something similar for NB). I ran Prime95...
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    Help w/ RMA Process

    Awhile back I bought an open-box 5770 and while it works well in general (oc's well, performs like it should, etc.) it sometimes freezes up my comp. Ran it in crossfire for a bit with a new one and it had the same issue. Now that I've taken it out I'm not having any stability issues though. I've...
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    Sick of Razer Mice - Alternatives?

    So here's my dilemma. I hate the ergonomics of most any Logitech mouse I've used but I love the Razer mice ergonomics. On the other hand, my razer mice always fall apart because they're built like shit (tbh my current Krait has lasted a decent while, but its scroll wheel seems designed to fall...
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    Cheap WoW Computer

    So my brother's comp just died (6600gt died on a really old comp) and the other computer I had built (w/ sapphire x1800 gto2) lost the motherboard or something. He has a current iMac for photo work and school work, so he just needs a computer for light gaming (WoW and maybe some newer games...
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    MW2 (Steam) - Free - PM Me

    I just bought a new video card and it came with MW2. PM me for the product key. First come, first serve. If you want to give anything in return that'd be sweet, but it still goes to whoever asks first via PM.