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    EVGA RTX 3090/3080 FTW3 Ultra conversion to Hybrid

    Has anyone used one of these kits yet? Curious if I should pull the trigger for my 3090. I am having a hard time finding reviews/benchmarks of anyone before/after.
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    Best VPN for real time video (ie ipSEC, Wireguard, etc)

    So this probably should go with the home theater stuff, to some degree, however, this is really more of a network issue at this point. Scenario: At my home, I have a Ceton Labs cable card tuner. There are two ways I can bring this into Emby (1 way into Plex...more on that in a moment). I can...
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    Proxmox - Need help with LVMs

    Need to install the OS to one drive (SSD) and set VMs and containers to install to secondary storage. I am sure this isn't that hard for people who understand Linux LVMs, but I do not. I really could use some commands that I can for the most part copy and paste or if someone can give me a really...
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    Shadow of the Tomb Raider - Reboots my computer on launch

    I can't for the life of me figure out why this is happening. Here is my system: Windows 10 Pro (fully up to date). Fresh install as I thought that might didn't... Ryzen 2700X @ stock settings 2x GTX 1080 Ti @ stock settings 32 GB Corsair LPX 3000 Mhz RAM (running at 2666 for...
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    Ultra wide Gaming Support (21:9)

    Ultrawide gaming support is really hit or miss so far, I've found. I love the monitor I picked up but it really bothers me that I am limited by games because it introduces an "unfair competitive advantage." This is silly IMO because if I have a really awesome gaming computer with high CPU/GPU...
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    Very low benchmark performance - Suggestions?

    **** UPDATE 5-20-18 **** Turns out my issue was with my memory kit. Once I went from 64 GB of RAM to 32 GB of ram, I could run the RAM at the XMP settings and all of my slowness issues disappeared. Everything is running as it should. Guess I probably should have tried that earlier...ha...
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    What should I buy? Oculus Rift or HTC Vive?

    I have the option of buying the Oculus Rift at $399 brand new or buy my cousin's slightly used (read: barely) HTC Vive for $600. What one should I get? Is one really $200 better or worse?
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    Ultra Bluray - Non Kaby Lake CPUs

    Has anyone heard anything about progress on getting Ultra Bluray to work on non Intel Kaby Lake CPUs? Right before Kaby Lake came out, I bought an i7 6700K. I also just bought a Ryzen 1700X. Neither of these CPUs are slouches and quite frankly I don't understand (other than...
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    Trouble getting 4k 60 Hz to work

    I have had a heck of a time trying to get this to work. Here is my scenario: - Vizio M70-C3 TV (one HDMI port supports 4K @ 60hz while the rest support 4K @ 30hz. - HDMI Cable is rated HDMI 2.0 for HDCP 2.2 and 4K @ 60hz compatibility. - HTPC System: Fatal1ty Z170 Gaming-ITX/ac (the ONLY...
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    Ceton Infinitv PCI 6 No channel map - Will not pair with Comcast

    Has anyone had an issue with Ceton Tuners and Cable Cards where the cable card refuses to pair? I have tried 4 different cable cards as well as a complete reinstall of windows but I cannot get my tuner to work at all. I'm not sure if it's the tuner, comcast, or something else. Comcast says they...
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    Folding stats not recorded

    I'm having an issue where it seems like everything is running just fine, but my stats are not updating like they are supposed to. I upgraded almost all of them this summer, but since that time I'm only getting around 9,000 points a day. I should be getting well over 60,000 as that's what I was...
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    Help spend my money! Need opinions!

    So, it's my birthday this month and my wife is insisting that I buy myself something, even though I honeslty don't want to because we just got back from an expensive vacation. She won't drop it though so I started looking around and I don't know what to get, honestly. Here's my system right...
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    CORSAIR Vengeance Overclock Help

    Hey guys, Just got a new build together and got this RAM: Wanted to see if anyone else has experience overclocking this kit. Corsair has a blog they put up where they ran it at 1.65 and got it to 1866 with 10-9-10-24 timings...
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    8-Pin EPS 12V vs 2x 4-Pin ATX

    Does anyone know if I should use the 8 Pin EPS block or the 2x 4 Pin ATX connectors for my motherboard? The power supply I have has both. It's the XFX 750 W Black Edition in case you want to look at it. I've read that EPS is backwards compatable with ATX, but I'm not sure. I don't want to power...
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    Core i5 DDR3 1333 won't post with XMP Enabled

    I've got a question for you guys. I've built three systems with the same motherboard and memory. The only thing that has changed between the builds is the processor. The first two were Core i7 (1156) systems while the second is a Core i5 750. From what I've read, the Core i5 supports memory...
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    Upgrade from XP to Vista to Windows 7 AHCI mode BSOD

    This is going to require a bit of explaining. I have a laptop at work. It has Windows XP on it even though it's brand new. I haven't honestly used XP since Vista in 2007 so I'd rather upgrade to Windows 7. The laptop has a Windows 7 key. Windows Vista and Windows 7 are both approved but they...
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    Modern Warfare 2 crashing on first level

    So here I am, all excited because I have my brand new copy of MW2. I install it. Run it. Start the first level crashes once it gets through the first cut scene (the one that reviews the previous game). I've tried all sorts of random suggestions that a post on a forum had. Nothing works...
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    FarCry and Windows 7 x64 problems

    Has anyone else had issues with Farcry under Windows 7 x64? I can't make the dumb thing work no matter what I do. I've tried running the game as an admin, xp and vista compatability, I've updated direct x, and my graphics drivers. It's really annoying the crap out of me because I don't want to...
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    VisionTek 4870 X2 Best Buy Update

    Best Buy will have them for $550. I just went over there and they told me that they have ZERO in the states of Utah, Idaho, Colorado, and Nevada. That's including their main distro center in Denver. Just so everyone knows, VisionTek may not have announced their card yet, but Best Buy does have a...
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    Best ATI Brand?

    I've with nVidia for so long I don't' know who is in the game anymore and who can offer something similar to the warranty that I can get from nVidia Brands such as EVGA and BFG. Looking for something with a Lifetime Warranty at the very least with a good reputation. Step-up program would be...
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    ATI Radeon 4850/4870 Mix And Match With Radeon 3850/3870

    I just found this, and while it is great that they'll let you do it, to me it seems that the gains won't be all that big. But I guess some gain is better than having your card just sitting on your desk collecting dust.,5728.html Can anyone...