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  1. Digitalcaveman

    HELP PLEASE - Aorus F43U Audio to Atlantic Technology PB-235 Powered Soundbar

    Hey all, I'm in need of some serious help with this monitor Aorus F43U which I just got and is awesome. Want to connect this so it will play audio to my powered speaker an Atlantic Technology PB-235 soundbar. So when you plug the 3.5mm jack into the Aorus nothing plays on th speaker. It...
  2. Digitalcaveman

    6 Monitor Question for Mancave

    Hey Guys, I am either going to sell these 3 Dell 3007wfp's or perhaps raise them up higher. I have 3 more LG 27GL380's coming tomorrow. See Picture of Mancave construction below. QUESTION: I have (3) GTX 780 Ti's - Can I connect each to two monitors (totals 6) and drive 6 monitors for a...
  3. Digitalcaveman

    (3) GTX 780 ti's to Drive (3) 2021 LG 27GP850 Monitors

    Hello Everyone, After many hours of research, I decided on a major upgrade for my desktop system. Since I cannot find a single gpu for a "normal" price, I thought I would upgrade my 3 old dell 3007 wfp monitors to 3 new 2021 LG 27GL850's each attached via Displayport. My question is will my...
  4. Digitalcaveman

    Monitoring your CPU - Monitoring Temps from Windows

    Guys, I'm stuggling with trying to find a way to monitor my CPU temp from Windows. Yes, I know I can access it in the bios but I want to do it from Windows. Is there anything any of you use that can connect to the bios and get those temp readings displayed on Windows? Not sure why this...
  5. Digitalcaveman

    GPU Power - Tri SLi and BackUPS Power

    Guys, I want to see how many of you use a big Smart-UPS for your gaming rig when using 3 or 4 GPU's? I recently ran into a serious problem whereby my UPS was around 3000 watts and my system is pulling around 1700 with everything I have plugged in at full load its around 1900-2000. How do you...
  6. Digitalcaveman

    New Triple 780 Ti Superclocked SLi system - Pics

    Just finished it this week :D
  7. Digitalcaveman

    Memory Concern - Hopefully will Work - Build Link provided

    All, I selected my components from pcpartpicker for you all to see the concern I have with the memory I selected. If I water cool the cpu, could I exceed the 1.575 voltage to go to 1.6 for the voltage compatibility for this G.Skill memory? Thanks, dc
  8. Digitalcaveman

    KiLLeR System UnLeaSHeD!

    Dudes/Dudettes, Some serious firepower has just been purchased today....I'm rolling around on the floor with 3 GTX stupid sticker blissful anticipation of the arrival of: Corsair 900D Case i7 4960x Intel Extreme Deliciousness (3) GeForce GTX 780 Ti Superclocked in Tri SLi Swiftech...
  9. Digitalcaveman

    ASUS RAMPAGE IV Black Edition Memory Recomendation

    Guys, I want to max out the 64GB memory slots and get the memory that best runs with this board. Saw the record with G.Skill and see many boards using Dominator Platinum. I know I need quad channel but what is the highest speed memory the board will accept before OC... 2133? I will look at...
  10. Digitalcaveman

    Span Multiple Displays with Surround Greyed Out

    Guys, Can anyone offer any help here, updated to latest Geforce drivers for dual 780 Ti's SC's and am using two monitors for the time being until I can add a third card. Any suggestions as to why I cannot span my displays as the option under SLi is greyed out? Thanks, dc
  11. Digitalcaveman

    Memory Recommendation for Tri SLi RiG

    Guys, See my sig... need a memory recommendation for the Rampage IV Black Edition, 4930 or 4960 intel i7 CPU. Looking for a good setup in a CaseLabs TX case probably... Thanks all, dc
  12. Digitalcaveman

    Let's Get BIG - CaseLabs Cases

    Guys, I'm thinking of really getting a big case and wanted to get your thoughts on this one: CaseLabs TX10 :D Just seems like something you could work well with and is very easy to add pretty much whatever you want. dc
  13. Digitalcaveman

    The Perfect Gaming / Video Editing CPU

    Guys/Gals, I am planning to give the below setup (in sig) to my bro-in-law with the exception of the graphics cards/monitors. I'm looking at the Rampage IV Black Edition board but wanted to reach out to you all and ask what the best CPU would be to get for my new kick ass build? dc
  14. Digitalcaveman

    HELP Configuring 2 780 Ti's with 3 Dell 30" Displays

    Guys, All my Displays have DVI cables. How can I connect 3 Displays to 2 780 Ti's? Do I need to order a 3rd card and run Tri SLi if I want to use the same DVI cables or what else can I do? Thx, dc
  15. Digitalcaveman

    UPS Back Up Power

    All, Not sure if this would be the best section (looked and there is no Power back up section) but I'm wondering what the best UPS system is today and how many of you all use one? I just bought some expensive vid cards and other stuff and wouldn't want them to get fried. Thanks, dc
  16. Digitalcaveman

    Corsair Obsidian 800D

    Guys, I bought this case in 2010 or 2011 I believe and I'm not seeing it around anymore. I know cases have really evolved into going bigger but when I saw this case for the first time I was blown away... I'm sure many of you were as well. What have you really seen take off in comparison to...
  17. Digitalcaveman

    2032 Battery on Mobos

    Guys, Here's a good one - How Often if any do you all change the 2032 battery in your Mobos? dc
  18. Digitalcaveman

    What about EVGA Boards

    Dudes, Before my ASUS, I had EVGA boards and man they were really nice. The Rampage III when it first came out made me switch. But why hasn't HardOCP done any reviews on EVGA boards. They have some really nice boards.... any comments? :cool: dc
  19. Digitalcaveman

    2 GTX 480's on DangerDen Water Blocks

    Guys, I just purchased two badass Geforce 780 Ti's that I'm going to run on air in SLi. I deconstructed my water system and have 2 GTX 480's with DangerDen water blocks. I'm wondering about the performance difference that I might see by this upgrade. The cards should arrive tomorrow. I...
  20. Digitalcaveman

    BiG BaD SLi Setup Under Scrutiny - Advice Needed for Next Move

    Guys, I have 3 GTX 480's water-cooled because of the noise and heat. Had them for a few years now or so. I think I lost my 2nd (middle) card because in my Tri SLi system it got gunked up and probably had some blockage and fried the card. So I have two working and already fitted with water...
  21. Digitalcaveman

    Tri SLi's On All The Time

    Guys, I have a question regarding leaving my system on all the time. It's water cooled and as you can see in my sig, it's pretty bad a$$ but regarding my Tri SLi setup do you think it would be fine if I left it on all the time or will it suck a ton of juice etc? I have a need to remote into...
  22. Digitalcaveman

    Triple 30" Dells 7680x1600 Got Wallpaper?

    Guys, I got like 3 wallpapers from this forum and essentially I'd like to know how to either "create" 7680x1600 wallpapers or get someone who has a lot of em to send me some :D I need some wallpapers man!
  23. Digitalcaveman

    Serious Graphics Issue with $12,000 system (Pics) - Need Help

    Guys, Ok, I had posts of this screamer that I built and man it is a killer system. Well, just yesterday had this happen - looks like artifacting. I've updated all drivers and resinstalled graphics drivers and when I do I blue screen after the windows screen. It is making me very...
  24. Digitalcaveman

    Ok - Good - Bad

    Guys, Did this OC recently on one of the stock ASUS RP3 boards with my current setup. In your opinion, OK - Good - Bad...what do you think. Would like to know if my gpu score is decent for Tri SLi....
  25. Digitalcaveman

    PhysX Advice

    Guys, Those of you that know a ton on PhysX, I'd like to tap that knowledge :D I have 3 GTX 480's in SLi... and 2 8800GTX's sitting out. Should I maybe add another 8800GTX for that PhysX piece...right now I have the CPU doing the PhysX processing. Need some advice... :)
  26. Digitalcaveman

    Now this is Extreme LOL And cost nothing close to my system LOL
  27. Digitalcaveman

    New Beast Born

    She's done!
  28. Digitalcaveman

    Now thats Memory

    Oh yeah... 2000Mhz.... HyperX Feast on it baby.... 3 more coming Monday! 3rd 480 coming Monday....
  29. Digitalcaveman

    Orgasm Displays

    Some asked for more pics in other threads, so I had to post more...sorry for the duplicate thread from Video Cards but I spent a shitload of money and feel that HardOCP can give me a pass :D Alright... Feast on some 8043 res baby.... I've got a nice scotch and snappin some the...
  30. Digitalcaveman

    How About some 8043x1600 Goodness

    Guys, Just got 2 of my 3 GTX 480's installed in my new beast and wanted to show off some very nice 8043x1600 Goodness. What a better way to do this than with the GRAND CANYON North Rim! Enjoy.....I'm peeing myself right now :D
  31. Digitalcaveman

    DVI Cable to Computer in Tri SLi/Crossfire

    Guys, I'm sure this isn't a problem for most but how I got these 3 30" beauties is my business :D BUT I have a question and it has to do with connecting all 3 of these with the DVI cables. What if the third monitor in the row just cannot reach your PC :eek:? Would buying a longer...
  32. Digitalcaveman

    Pics Please - For Reference

    Guys, I'm building this monster rig and would like to see anyone that has 3 GTX 480's watercooled in thier case. Trying to get an idea of how much room I have to work with as well as how much room those gpu blocks take running 3 like that. Probably will be building this weekend...
  33. Digitalcaveman

    Portable AC to Cool Multiple 480's

    Guys, Anyone using a portable upright air conditioning unit near their system to cool thier room down while gaming with multiple GTX 480's or similar to dissipate the heat. I was looking at getting one of these to put in my office where my monster system will be churning out 200 degree temps...
  34. Digitalcaveman

    Serious Question - GPU Driving 3 30" Displays

    Guys, I really need to know if I just get 2 GTX 480's and put them in SLi if that will drive my 3 Dell 3007 30" WFP monitors. I really don't want to do 3 480's right now but 2 I could swing. Will it work? OR..... Can I do maybe 1 5970 2GB card and drive 3 of them. Please help I...
  35. Digitalcaveman

    3 30" Dell 3007WFP's - GPU Goodness

    Hi Guys, After watching a bunch of surround gaming clips and some advice from a few of you, I came to realize that my 2 Dell 3007 WFP's would not work lol... so I got another one and need to know what cards out there will drive these badboys in 2560x1600 surround/eyefinity....:D I can't...
  36. Digitalcaveman

    New Black Edition 5970

    Guys, Quick question if you could get a new 5970 Black Edition 2GB card for $550 do you think that is a pretty great price? Thx, DC
  37. Digitalcaveman

    Can a Corsair HX1000 Drive....

    Guys, Can a Corsair HX1000 drive 3 Dell 30" 3007WFP's with (2) Radeon 5970's or (2) GTX 480s? Resolution would be 2560x1600 for surround gaming. Thanks, DC
  38. Digitalcaveman

    GPU's Which is Better

    Guys, Looking at doing either of these two options, which is better performance and by how much? Option 1 - "Advantage, much less $$" (2) AFX 5830's in Crosfire - Performance Difference? Option 2 - "Advantage 1 card - better cooling and power by having 1 card in case" (1) Sapphire 5970...
  39. Digitalcaveman

    Dual XFX HD 5970 Black Edition's in Quadfire

    Guys, if you had 2 of these cards for Quadfire (and this might be a dumb question but....) could you use 2 power supplies. Use the 1 for your system then buy another one and just plug it into the second card? Would that work? Thanks
  40. Digitalcaveman

    XFX HD 5970 Black Edition

    Hey do you guys think if I got 1 XFX HD 5970 Black Edition (I know they are like $1,200) that it would perform equal to what is coming out soon? :D