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    Infinity Reference 253 and R12 speakers 60% off

    Towers are $149 each and the R12 is $169 each. That's shipped. You will not get a better deal for a new 2.1 or 2.2 setup that will blow you away. I have had two of the R12 for a while now. Not the top of the line but you could easily spend a lot more for the same sound. They do the job though. I...
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    2080 super not working with yamaha rx-v6 Receiver

    Ok. So yeah. What's up with nvidia audio? Hdmi out, correct port, into my new receiver. Shows the receiver in windows under sounds but not connected. It's enabled. Is there known issues with this or a step by step? My google search hasn't helped. Should just work right? Win 10and drivers up to date.
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    Viotek GNV34DBE anyone have experience? Only one review.

    VIOTEK GNV34DBE 34-Inch Curved Gaming Monitor | 144Hz UWQHD 4ms | 2X HDMI 2.0, 2X DisplayPort 1.4, 3.5mm | G-Sync-Ready, FreeSync | 3-Yr Warranty (VESA) All I found is this review from Toms...
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    Win10 usb install stuck on blue window screen

    Doing an install on a msi 550 tomahawk with a 5600x a samsung 860evo 1tb and 32gb ram. All good in bios. I see everything. Usb windows loading tool is an issue I cannot solve. I used it previously with an htpc build. Win 10 64bit same as this one. Problem is that when it gets to the very first...
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    What x570 mobo and ram are confirmed to work with the 5600x without build issues?

    Anyone running a 5600x atm? I don't care if it's fancy. Just need a solid mobo and ram combo that is compatible and reliable. I have yet to see an under $200 mobo without failures or bad vrms in the reviews. Thanks!
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    ASRock X570 Aqua

    Thought ya'll might dig this one: We were pleasantly mistaken when we thought ASRock would stop at the X570 Phantom Gaming X or the X570 Taichi for AMD's new "Valhalla" enthusiast desktop...
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    Use SBX with Stereo direct or stereo?

    I am wondering what people find works best here. I tried stereo direct with sbx enabled and think there is a bit of a delay there compared to stereo 2.0. Using stereo speakers. Going to try the new dongle whenever it comes out but for now....
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    Velodyne ct-120 sub

    There is one for $75 at the local thrift shop. Seems like it is near mint condition. At least 15 years old though. Worth it or not for a basic 2.1?
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    Good 50" for htpc and light gaming?

    Trying to keep it cheap. My 40" 4k seiki has a weird line in it. Need a larger screen anyway. Any suggestions? Running an old atom and 240 gt combo. Can't even hit 4k.
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    I keep getting requests for payments on paypal?

    So do I need to nuke my paypal account? I am using 2 step verification with my phone but I keep getting weird requests for payment texts from paypal? I changed the email and password associated with the account but still get these notices. Ah. I found some permissions from ebay on my paypal...
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    Tacking on a 120gb ssd as a game drive

    I have win10 64. A 256 gb ocz as my boot and main drive, a 1tb WD Black as storage and I just got a cheapy 120gb ssd. I see it as disk 2 but it is unallocated. How do I name it and get it usable for steam? This drive is strictly to use for games. Thanks!
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    MSN email listed on the darkweb. Attempts to sync have been made.

    What is the best solution when your email is on a list and you know people are trying to hack it? Should I just kill it? Or what? I don't trust passwords anymore. There is the Microsoft Authenticator app but I don't know if that is worth it. Thanks
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    Audeze Mobius planar gaming headset

    Anyone getting these? Should be good. They supposedly have head tracking. As to how well it works? Idk.
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    Used dac I should keep an eye out for?

    I want to upgrade from my SB-Z. It does ok but we all know that for music..... Anyway, my amp is a venerable and refreshed Sansui AU-D33 with some very nice speaker cables. Courtesy of my friend Bill the electrician who likes to tinker. PSB Century 300i speakers with some upgraded wiring and...
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    Need for Speed: Payback EA going all fast and furious with the lootboxes.

    They learn never. "It’s garbage. It’s the worst system I’ve ever seen in a singleplayer racing game, or any full-price singleplayer game."
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    Is the mining thing slowing down?

    Friend of mine has been keeping an eye on ebay gpus and said there are a bunch of newish mining builds and cards on ebay now. Have the large miners squeezed out the small timers or is it just getting too hard to turn a profit?
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    Need a sub $200 phone that my wife can't kill

    At&t. Used probably due to price constraints. She needs a big screen and a very tough phone. I have yet to EVER destroy a phone since cell phones were invented. Her? Not so much. Let's just say she has bad hands. So cheap phone, big screen, just uses it for normal girly stuff like facebook and...
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    So what is the cheapest upgrade over my 2500K atm?

    Completely bewildered atm as to what build would be worth doing in the coming months. I know my 2500K is at EOL but have no idea what to get for gaming. I have a 980 and a BenQ 144hz 1080P btw. Those min frames are killing me in BF1 and pubg.
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    general mayhem?

    I can't find the access thread. I know it's $5 but the rest is a bit of a mystery.
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    This site looks like a scam to me.\ insecure too. How is this in a google search? Looking for a good price on a ps4. $70? Yeah right. I was looking for a deal to play madden again finally but this is some bs. Btw anyone have an old one laying around and wants to be nice?
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    Best platform for madden?

    I was toying with the idea of getting a console for madden. I was curious what difference there was bw the platforms? I would primarily be concerned with cost as it would literally be a madden machine. I have not played in years and miss it. Thanks!
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    Mirage Arcane Warfare from the folks who made Chivalry

    Anyone try this? I like chivalry at times. If this is an improvement on that formula. Could be good times. I suggest that you drink up before playing.
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    Dragon Touch M8 tablet keeps rebooting

    I have had an issue, even after hard reset, of my tablet turning off the display, the power off button appearing or the damn thing just restarting itself constantly. Might well be a hardware issue but it can also be stable for hours at a time. It still does these things with NO apps installed...
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    What is good around $100 used?

    Wife's phone needs to be replaced. Screen went. Just an old moto g so yeah. Not fixing that. I see a 32 gb droid turbo and nexus 5 on the FS here. She just needs a solid phone. Nothing fancy. Just texts and FB crap with a good reception. Thanks
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    Sennheiser GSX 1000 Gaming Audio Amplifier

    New product with some interesting features. My friend bought it and has a Soundblaster ZxR. He says the directional sound is better with the senn. He lives in Texas so I have not had a chance to hear it yet myself...
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    Steam Big Picture issue

    I used to be able to play steam games installed on my downstairs gaming pc on my upstairs TV. There is a crappy little htpc upstairs attached to the tv which runs Win 7 64 bit, Downstairs is Win 10 64 bit. Anyone have a clue why the upstairs tv is no longer detected downstairs? I would have to...
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    Riding Club Championships

    Is this a game for Bronies? Not judging. Riding Club Championships on Steam
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    Been playing it quite a bit. The game is fun as a casual or if you want to get serious with comp play. I enjoy the faction wars ONLY with a decent crew in TS though. The elite players are VERY good. If you are just pubbing though, no worries. The monsters stay away. Free to play. I have not...
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    Subnautica any good?

    $11.99. Thinking of trying it. Anyone play it yet? Save 40% on Subnautica on Steam
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    Random reboots. GPU or PSU?

    Recently went from a XFX 290 DD to a Zotac 980 AMP! Psu is a XFX Pro 850 I have selected high perf in...
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    Just got a Zotac 980 amp! what software should I use?,%20Inc.-_-na-_-na-_-na&cm_sp=&AID=10440897&PID=3891137&SID=rewrite MSI afterburner or the zotac whatever its called? Just need to oc and monitor temps.
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    Cheap 4K Gpu?

    I need one for the TV. I run bigpicture if I want to game via steam on my main rig. I need it to be low power as it is an i3 rig with a really crappy psu. 750 or 950? Thanks
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    Anything around $300 worth a crap or what?

    CES is here and I have not seen anything entry level that is exciting. I guess we are still waiting on a 24" 144hz IPS at 1080P? Any idea when that will be coming out? I have a 290 so I would like to get free sync but man I am tired of my 2011 Acer GD235hz....... I have $325 budgeted now but...
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    Buy soon or wait a while?

    I need a new monitor for FPS, BF4 mostly. Budget is $300-500. I really do not see anything I like other than that Asus MG279Q Freesync. I have a 290 DD. That is about it for a high quality 144hz IPS right? I know about the acer but I want as high quality and clear a screen as I can afford...
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    LG Electronics UM67 29UM67

    Any opinions on this one? I am looking for a good monitor with some size and better than 1080p and freesync. This one appears to be the only of its type? Makes me nervous.
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    Elite: Dangerous is $15 on steam until Dec 1

    Yup. Nice price for an interesting and gorgeous game.
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    Warhammer: Vermintide is great!

    Just started playing this one. Avail at GMG for $20. Like Left for Dead in gameplay but really well done with lots of great enemies. Giant rat is a MOFO. Fun ass coop. Plays very well with great graphics, audio, gameplay. All A rated imo.
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    Best Gaming monitor under $200?

    Looking to replace my old Acer GD235hz. No issues. Just want a newer monitor with better specs. Asus VG248QE the best under $200 or what? I need to keep it cheap bc wife. :p
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    Win 7 can't create admin account?

    I am unable to create an admin account on a friends hp laptop. I go about it the usual way running cmd as admin and net user administrator /active:yes. It says succesful. When I logoff there is no admin account. Reboot, try again. Same. Just trying to get rid of avg which is preventing a sys...
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    Win 7 keeps crashing just before final load?

    I am having issues with my htpc. It keeps crashing just as the windows logo is about to turn into the desktop screen. Everything seems fine up to that point then boom. Not a reboot either. The pc is frozen until I physically power it off. I swapped HDs and reinstalled windows 7 on a known...