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    help with anandtech plz

    Does this look like the Anandtech support forum?
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    am i being hacked?

    It looks to be a worm scanning for open SMTP relays, for the sake of sending spam.
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    E-mail changing.

    Yeah, but not everyone wants to buy a domain just for the [H]
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    E-mail changing.
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    E-mail changing.

    It'd be nice if vBulletin could be modified to allow GM subscribers an exception to the rule. The spirit of the rule is to prevent creation of throwaway accounts used for trolling, spamming, etc, which are typically not things that paying subscribers do.
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    Post your highest memory usage with FireFox!!

    1. The FireFox cache is not just the HTML - session information and layout information is cached. Not every tabbing/fwd/back action causes a hit to Gecko. 2. You forgot images ;)
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    Post your highest memory usage with FireFox!!

    I remember it being somewhere around 3-3.5 GB before it went down in flames. (x86_64 build)
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    Need sticky thread in for sale about why heat is important

    Not even Gandalf himself could sticky common sense. Seriously, is protecting dumb people from trolls worth yet another space-hogging sticky?
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    internet explorer 7 was worth the wait

    Please don't feed the trolls, guys.
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    internet explorer 7 was worth the wait

    "Junk" is quite subjective. Unless you want to start a flamewar, perhaps you could list what FireFox aspects you don't like.
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    Feedback required, i will pay you to help me

    1. Your website looks like crap reminiscent of Geocities. While this is okay for personal pages, you are selling something, and thus, need a professional looking page. Yes, the style and layout shouldn't matter, but many potential buyers have come to expect eye candy from commercial sites. This...
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    Windows activation

    Get Linux. Windows isn't worth buying.
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    Can you please change my name

    vBulletin profiles take up a whopping 311 Bytes :p I think the real reason we have a one account per person rule is to discourage sockpuppetry and keep the trolls at bay. ;)
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    WoW funeral attenders slaughtered

    Please do, by all means, if some group of morons gets the bright idea of warping the whole point of a PvP game by doing so. For fuck's sake, if your clan wants to talk about the bad events, use an IRC channel, or something else that was designed for the purpose.
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    WoW funeral attenders slaughtered

    Real life funerals are not a PvP game. WoW is.
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    Linux vs Windows:Vista

    And I can use my car without gasoline, if all I want is a place to sit out of the rain. This is not what cars were designed for, however. Suggesting that users seek out an open, third party system, unencumbered by hardware of dubious good faith is hardly trolling. Not many people are well...
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    Monarchcomputers Lost My Business

    Why should he be patient when there are dozens of other e-tailers willing to ship same day or next day, and willing to maintain functional pricing systems, in addition to prompt E-Mail support.
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    Linux vs Windows:Vista

    See wiki link and MS link. See wiki link and MS link. Oh wow, holy shit, that sounds like functionality right there. Not having to keep track of a USB key at all times is indeed a feature, as is the inaccessibility of master encryption keys to malware running with adminsitrator privledges...
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    Linux vs Windows:Vista

    Please re-read the statement I chose to increase the font size of. :rolleyes: No, you are wrong. TPM as a whole was designed to create a sub-OS level of data security to prevent exploitation by malicious software. Bitlocker functionality is lost by not having a TPM chip present, since malware...
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    Privacy Statement is Broken

    ya, I shouldn't have made those assumptions :p I assumed a privacy policy would be present, since HardOCP displays one. </thread>
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    Monarchcomputers Lost My Business

    If your description of the discounting issue is correct, then you definitely deserve a refund. Additionally, no shipping calculator should be in violation of posted promotions. If they refuse to cancel the order, call your bank and file a chargeback. Provided your description of events is...
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    when vista launches, will you use xp64?

    It all depends on your hardware, and the software applications you run. Nobody on this forum can answer such a vague question; your best bet is to head to the drivers/support section of your HW manufacturers' websites, and look for 64-bit downloads. Software applications running in...
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    Linux vs Windows:Vista

    DE FACTO = REQUIRED FOR FULL FUNCTIONALITY Bitlocker uses certain functionality provided by a TPM chip, and thus, does not function to the fullest of its ability in its absence. Bitlocker has been billed as an easy to use...
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    Linux vs Windows:Vista

    Why anyone would trust Bitlocker, or any other TPM-based and Microsoft backed encryption scheme is beyond me. Do yourself a favor and get an open encryption system free of any possible interference by Microsoft or the government. While I'm certainly not implying there...
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    Privacy Statement is Broken

    That makes no sense. I can't even find the URL of the privacy statement by scanning the code manually (notice the href=""), which tells me it is not a browser issue, unless of course Kyle has modified vBulletin server side to return broken code for Firefox browsers as judged by useragent.
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    Vista uses 800MB of memory WHILE IDLE????

    I'm just curious: how many of you with an opinion on the matter, one way or the other, have actually run a current version of Vista, or any appreciable quantity of its development builds? I'm all for intelligent discussion of the issue, but if your only source is hype-laden reviews, and...
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    $59 Seagate 160GB Refurb @

    Even at $15 more, getting a brand new drive is just a safer move. Is a greater chance at hard drive failure, even if you do have meticulous backups, really worth the $15? Hard drives are the one part I won't buy refurbed under any circumstances. In my IT days, I've come across quite a few...
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    Vista uses 800MB of memory WHILE IDLE????

    Yep, and we were lucky to even get SP2, for that matter. SP2 was released mainly to combat the massive amount of malware that was running rampant months before its release. If Microsoft had not begun to address security concerns, they would have lost an immense amount of marketshare among the...
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    Vista uses 800MB of memory WHILE IDLE????

    The gap between XP's release and Vista's release is merely a result of necessity. The early Longhorn builds were resource intensive, and as development progressed, the OS kept consuming more and more resources. Longhorn/Vista kept being pushed back not only because of development woes, but also...
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    WoW funeral attenders slaughtered

    I found this hilarious. If you want to stand around and hold a "service", don't do it in a game where one of the goals is to kill rival players. Hopefully this will serve as a deterrent to others doing stupid non-game things during gameplay. I don't play WoW, and never will, but this...
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    Free Optical Mouse

    excellent; thanks :p
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    more free panties

    Just 10% of the population :p
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    ==> HOT Deals of the Week

    Picked up some of that Corsair earlier. This is why I love Newegg, and use it practically as a one-stop tech shop. If you put up a really hot deal for large WD or Seagate SATA drives, people would jump all over it. I know I'd pick up 3 or 4. :p
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    Privacy Statement is Broken

    <a href="">Contact Us</a> - <a href="">Sister Site to [H]ard|OCP</a> - <!-- <a href="archive/index.php">Archive</a> - <!-- - <a href="">Privacy Statement</a> - --> <a href="#top" onclick="self.scrollTo(0, 0); return...
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    Will Vista Push YOU to Linux?

    Yes; until then, I'll stick with XP. Vista is a joke.
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    Thread disapeared
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    Girl Gamers

    Gaming is not typically a female interest, and logically, the number of women who game regularly will be much, much lower than the number of men who game regularly. One also has to consider that FPSes and other "violent" games are aimed at a male audience. Yes, there are a few good female FPS...
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    Apache and Exchange 2003 together

    Not all exploits have been released. Not every malicious hacker out there is looking to publish their results, and gain exposure and recognition. This has been the case for years, and I have far more faith in Apache's track record of proactively fixing exploits by community examination of the...
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    Vista uses 800MB of memory WHILE IDLE????

    Microsoft has said that it will require Vista, but we all know they're simply going to run an OS check, and the community will patch this annoying feature quite quickly. Besides, they may be nailed for anticompetitive practices if they go ahead with this artifical restriction.
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    Vista uses 800MB of memory WHILE IDLE????

    So, in your expert, on-top-of-the-universe insight, please tell me exactly what I WON'T be able to do if I choose not to upgrade to Vista for a few years, if at all? XP is going to be supported by new hardware, new software, and the .NET framework for years to come. There isn't even an...