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    Cheap PSU for dual Xeon NAS?

    I know that "cheap" and "dual Xeon" shouldn't be in the same sentence, but I am in a pickle. My PSU in my current system is dead. I need a cheap one right now to get running again. However, when I have funds, I want to rebuild this as a dual Xeon system. So I am looking for a PSU that is cheap...
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    Breadcrumbs missing on some page sizes

    Pictures should explain it all. As the window size is shrunk and the reactive theme adjust page elements, the breadcrumbs disappear and then reappear. I think it's because something is wrong with the breadcrumb element's CSS properties when the reactive page adjusts itself for a "medium" sized...
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    Help me read this pathping/fix TWC issues

    My internet has been terribly unstable the last few months. I've been through two modems and one router, yet the problems persist. I am near convinced the issue is upstream with TWC. My modem is a SB6141, and my router is a WRT54GL running Tomato. It goes thru two phases. Sometimes it's...
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    PSA: Traffic reporting turned on by default in iOS6

    I understand why this is needed, but it's totally unacceptable to me that they silently turned it on by default. If you don't want Apple tracking everywhere you drive, you can shut it off in: Settings -> Privacy -> Location Services -> System Services...
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    Any modern industrial-grade devices?

    Microsoft has abandoned the Windows Mobile platform. Which is fine because it was a complete piece of shit, but the problem is they seemingly have not replace the platform in the industrial devices industry. Barcode scanner and plant/factory data entry devices. We at my work just got a demo...
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    Any opinions on the WD Sentinel or other standalone NAS boxes?

    So I'm moving out on my own soon, and my dad wants to replace his file server (which I currently maintain) with something simpler for him to use. Functionality he is looking for is the file server, and DLNA streaming. He found this and it looks impressive to me...
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    Performance/stability of SSD controllers

    Looking to upgrade my X25-M. I've been reading reviews and hunting around for info, but there's a myriad of firmware updates and outdated reviews that just ends up with jumbled information. I have two Intel 510s in my workstation. They are great, but the system they are in only supports...
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    Which virtualization solution has a better client support package?

    I installed Parallels and set up to use my Boot Camp partition. It did all this crap setting up accessibility and the magnifying glass in Windows 7 (presumably to integrate nicely with multitouch?), which hosed my OS when started natively. And it did it in such a way that I couldn't just shut it...
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    Active Noise Canceling headphone suggestions

    I own a pair of Bose QC2s that I got for free a few years ago. They do a good job, and I'm looking for a second set of similar style (over the ear, noise canceling) headphones to keep in my office. I'm not looking for low-cost alternatives or anything like that. I'm willing to spend what it...
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    One 27" or two 24"?

    They are for coding, work is buying. Going on a Mac Pro. Probably going to be the new 27" Apple Thunderbolt, or two 24" monitors of some sort (likely Dell or HP). Both options are comparable in price. Indoors office, no windows, so glare shouldn't be any sort of problem. I'm considering...
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    New MacBook + Thunderbolt Display for gaming

    So I'm looking to scrap my entire current desktop and get a 15" MacBook with 6750M and a Thunderbolt display. Does anyone have an idea of how WoW and Starcraft will run at the Thunderbolt display's native resolution? I have researched the video card in the new MBP and everything I've read...
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    Blu-ray in Win7 Media Center?

    I haven't looked at this for years, but I finally got a Blu-ray drive drive and AnyDVDHD. I try to play a movie in Media Center and of course get slapped with: "To play this DVD, you must first install a playback application that supports Blu-ray Disc." And Google reveals you have to buy...
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    Seeking a high resultion monitor for gaming+programming

    Yep, title says it all. Budget is $1k. It seems the best thing in this range is a 27" screen that's 2560x1440, but all I can find is the Dell U2711 and the Apple Cinema. I went to my local Apple store and tried the Cinema, and while it was a great monitor I am concerned that it will be hard to...
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    HP's webOS event discussion

    Live stream here: So far they've announced new phones and a slate that pretty much blows every Android/Windows device away. Apple had better watch out, because it looks like the iPad finally has a real competitor.
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    VZ iPhone prices announced

    Looks like they are going to charge an extra $5/15 per month under the guise of "unlimited" data (for however long it lasts :rolleyes:). Typical Verizon...
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    Where is one supposed to place data types in the project hierarchy?

    I'm an electrical engineer who learned most of my programming in C and Assembly through my microprocessor and embedded systems courses. All the object-oriented programming I know was taught to myself with projects at home and side projects at work, and I now find myself writing a production...
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    Tell me about network attached storage

    We are in need of a completely new infrastructure where I work. We are running a very old-school one server per task setup on Windows 2000, and the hardware is starting to fail. I've configured up a very nice HP ProLiant DL380 G7 systems at a low price, but they only have bays for 2.5" laptop...
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    I'm so confused by these new Nehalem parts

    I'm just beginning to shop around to possibly replace my aging E6600, but it seems Intel has been taking a lesson from ATI when it comes to redundant and confusing parts. I see several architectures (i3, i5, i7), several different chipsets, different types of memory, and worst of all, two...
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    Exchange Server alternatives

    We at my job are investigating alternatives to Exchange Server. It's a matter of cost - we priced out Server 2008 R2 and Exchange 2007 plus CALs, and simply cannot afford it right now. I am by no means a Linux fanbot, but I am familiar with them, and it seems they are much lower in cost. We...
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    Migrating Exchange from cloud service?

    Back story: I have 7 mailboxes with a hosted Exchange Server. Cloud computing Exchange, basically. Connect to it via OWA or Outlook Anywhere, and sync with WinMo/iPhones. I want to get off this cloud computing service. My original reasoning for using it was that email continuity would...
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    Replacing an array of bad Seagate ES2 disks

    YES, EVERYTHING IS BACKED UP PROPERLY. (Now that we've avoided all the "back naoi" comments...) I have a mission-critical RAID1 array here. One of the drives in it died, and after some research I have found that both of these drives contain a bad firmware that there was a huge fiasco over a few...
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    Building and integrating a Car PC

    I remember seeing threads like this long ago but can't remember which subforum they were in. This one seems appropriate but move it if needed. I have a 2007 Ford Fusion. It's a pretty baseline model, nothing fancy. I'm wanting to build and integrate a PC (I think they call those carputers?)...
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    Snow Leopard contains antivirus software Thought this was interesting. I'm curious to know what technology it's using. Knowing Apple, I'm gonna guess it's something wrapped around an open-source project, probably ClamAV. Also wondering why they hid this fact for so...
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    Picking an Active Directory domain name

    I own the address for my family website. For my current DC I have the domain name set up as, but I have some problems resolving DNS, and I hear this is bad practice, so I'd like to move away from it. I see some suggesting I use a subdomain: or...
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    Protecting server OS disk uptime

    What's the recommend way to set up a server OS these days in order to protect uptime. That is: fault tolerance so there's no hardware fixing downtime (all the data is being backed up securely). My current home server just has a RAID-1 from the motherboard SATA ports, but some here have advised...
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    Little heads-up about installing Windows 7

    It scans all your computer's hard disks for pirated copies of Vista, flags them as non-genuine, and de-activates so you can't boot into them.
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    Changed password - now won't stay logged in.

    Changed my password. Now, I can't stay logged in. Doesn't work on Mac or Windows, no matter how many times I click the "Remember me" button.
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    How is the Dell G2410 display?

    My 2007WFP is a great screen, but it's getting kind of hard for me to see, and I find myself bending over my desk to get closer, which results in a sore neck the next day. (I think my eyesight has gotten a little worse, yes, I have glasses, and yes, I think I need new ones.) I was shopping for...
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    It is perfect

    Well, I finally got a GNU/Linux system installed on my desktop. Typically, I would have to pick one of these: Stable Active Directory Stable Video Drivers SUSE would me the first, Ubuntu gave me the second, Fedora gave me nothing (sorry Fedora fans :p). Well, the latest version of Linux Mint...
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    ATI and HDCP class action suit

    I dunno if anyone remembers this, but apparently the "HDCP ready" scandal from long ago actually turned into a class-action suit that ATI agreed to settle with. If you bought one of the ATI-branded cards that falsely claimed to support HDCP, you can get a free Radeon 4650, a nice upgrade if...
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    World of Warcraft performance on MB

    How does World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King run on the newest 13.3" unibody MacBooks? It runs pretty poorly on the Intel GMA X3100 in my Lenovo. How high can the graphics go? How does it perform in the new higher-polygon-count areas like Dragonblight and Icecrown?
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    iPhone 3GS - expectations met?

    So it's here. I think my wait (skipping the 3G) was worth it. Cheap, fast, 32GB, better battery life. I'm happy. :D Very curious to see what's going to happen with the OpenGL stuff. Carmack, please port Quake 3!!! :eek: On a...
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    I need some cheap RAID-5 disks

    Well, the last Maxtor drive in my hodge-podge RAID-5 array finally died. I'm never buying a Maxtor drive again, every single one that was originally in this array died, and the WD ones are still going strong! :mad: Anyway, right now I've got a mix of 300, 400, and 500 GB disks that are...
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    Vista being killed ASAP?

    Looks like MS is going to work as hard as possible to bury Vista once 7 comes out: I've always been a Vista fan, as it's never treated me wrong, but I do think that this is the best PR move they could make, after all the bad (albeit...
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    HP drivers for Win7

    Despite everyone saying they use Vista drivers okay, mine aren't working at all in Windows 7. It's an OfficeJet L7580. This printer isn't even a year old. If they screw me over like they did with Vista, I'm going to be really pissed. :mad:
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    Windows 7 RC - large copies to server crashes server

    Desktop: Windows 7 RC Server: Windows Server 2003 SP2 Copying huge files from the desktop to the server crashes the server. It stops responding to pings and will not wake up if I press keyboard buttons or move the mouse. I have to press the reset button. It happens if I do very large network...
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    Home: Server 2008 R2 or SBS 2008?

    So right now I'm running a Windows 2003 server at the house. It was one of my first forays into real server technologies - the AD is a disaster, and my DNS is less than optimal. Additionally, the system needs some new hardware. So, over the summer, I want to upgrade the CPU, and I want to...
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    Xbox 360 - USB Hard Disk and games

    Got an older Xbox 360 with a 20GB HDD. Trying to play Star Ocean, which spans 3 DVDs; if you install all three DVDs to the hard disk, the game will seamlessly transition between content without you asking to exchange disks. See the problem here? The disk is 20 "marketing gigabytes" which...
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    10.5.7 adds Core i7 support

    A certain community (see sig, you know what I mean ;)) has discovered that the kernel in the recently released 10.5.7 now fully supports and works on Intel's Core i7 processor. Combining this with the disappearance of iMacs from shelves, I believe the long-awaited i7-based iMac is very close...
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    Active Directory domain name - local versus com/net/org

    I see lots of arguments for and against use a TLD name for your Active Directory. For example, a lot of places suggest buying and using that for the website, but businessname.local for Active Directory and internal DNS. We've always used the same name for both. Another thing...