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    5800X constant WHEA errors/blusescreen only in games

    So I've been having this problem for a few weeks now, not sure what exactly is happening here. This ONLY happens in games, this machine will run any stress test or benchmark for 20 hours straight with zero hiccups. If I try to play a game, in this instance the game is Fallout 76, it will blue...
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    Two EVGA power supplies VS one 6900XT.... what is this?

    So I just picked up a 6900XT from a user on here, and I'm seeing very strange issues with my EVGA power supplies hooked up to this card. Note that I did some searching and a few others with high end 6000 series cards have had the similar experiences when combined with EVGA power supply coil...
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    Can you stop EVGA cards from shutting the fans off at idle?

    I have an EVGA 3070 with the XC3 cooler. Is this possible? I know they are designed to be off at idle up to a certain temp, and I can't find anything in the Precision software to stop this from happening. The fans on this thing rattle like a bastard when they spin up and its annoying as hell...
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    What is an RX 560 4GB equivalent to?

    I've had this thing collecting dust (literally) for a couple of years. I have no idea when I bought it, no PCI-E power connector so its probably not very fast. I tried to look at comparisons on google and I think its around a GTX 660? Maybe? Its an MSI 4GB OC model. I wanted to use it to set up...
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    How did this get under my radar?

    I loved this game when it came out, then there was the whole stink with Curt Schilling and the game support just evaporated. Even so, the game was very complete and had minimal bugs so I played through it a lot. I had absolutely no idea there was an improved/remastered version that came out. I...
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    AW3420 Alienware command center?

    I have an AW3420, been trying to figure out how to make the lighting do what I want for a while now. I have finally after almost 6 months managed to sucessfully install the command center, but everything EXCEPT the FX section works. If I try to do anything with the lighting it wants me to get...
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    Laptop came with single 8GB stick.. 8+4 or 4+4?

    So I got a cheaper laptop on sale this weekend for some light games that I don't have to sit at the desk for like swtor. Its an MSI and came with 8GB of RAM in a single stick. I don't really want to buy anything else for this machine, but I happen to have two 4GB sticks of samsung 2666 RAM from...
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    razer basilisk going to sleep after like 2-3 seconds?

    I bought this mouse the other day because I really liked the shape and the left click had stopped working on the G305 I was using. This one is the basilisk x hyperspeed. It was on sale for $29 so I said why not. Its actually quite nice, but I can't get the damn thing to stay awake. If I stop...
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    How to fix your noisy Acer X27 fan

    I did some searching on this and found lots of complaints but no solutions! I bought (stupidly) an Acer XB273K (4k/144 Gsync 2 27"). I got it all set up and was very impressed with everything except the blasted fan noise. I didn't know prior to buying it that it even had one so that was a...
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    Acer ED347CKR turning yellow?

    I have had this screen for about 6 months, its a 3440x1440 100hz VA panel. Has been great but lately when the screen is white the right side is getting more and more yellow. Is this common on these things? I don't know how much of a pain in the butt Acer would be if I tried to warranty it...
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    Anyone know how to fix this?

    My windows 10 install seems to have shit itself. Nothing changed, no updates of any kind. Turned the computer off so I could move it and clean the desk and this is what I get when I turn it back on.
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    Vega cards coil whine with my EVGA PSU but not corsair?

    I have had several Vega cards, reference and otherwise. I was originally using an EVGA 750B2 but I upgraded to a newer 850P2. The cards all coil whined hideously with those PSU, but I happened to install my V56 that whines badly in my main rig in my 2200G ITX box with a Corsair 600W SFX unit and...
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    MSI B450i Gaming Plus AC stuttering?

    Does anyone else have this board? I have the same 2600X and 16GB on it as I was using on my ASRock B350 Pro4 which is a lesser quality board, and when I play games it works fine mostly but it occasionally has severe audio static/stuttering and the game will lag badly when it does it. Fresh...
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    Ryzen 3 2200U laptop very sluggish?

    So I picked up one of those fairly cheap laptops that was on sale with a 2200U/Vega 3 and 8GB of RAM. I picked this model specifically because it states it has dual channel RAM which I know is a big deal for the APU. I thought the slowness was the drive so I ripped out the garbage 5400rpm HDD...
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    Sapphire V64 Nitro+ SR, can't gain control over fans

    So I did a lot of reading, it seems like the higher end LE model of this card had an issue where the fans never turned on at all. My issue is different, and is mentioned a few times in newegg reviews, etc. I can't manually control the fans at all. This is a problem because it idles with the...
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    Help me find a 13" laptop - size and weight important

    Hey guys, I'm looking to pick up a laptop for my elderly grandma. Her physical condition is pretty bad, but she enjoys looking through facebook a lot and playing some very light games (windows store stuff, basically mobile games). Her requirements were these: - Light and easy to move - No...
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    How to get Wattman to auto-apply?

    I was wondering if any of you fellow AMD users figured out how to get Wattman to auto-apply settings at startup? If left completely alone, my V56 seems to be set up with a different HBM speed every boot (sometimes 700, sometimes 800, I've seen 500 a few times as well). I have a profile with...
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    Fresh windows 10 install... start menu broken?

    I just ran a fresh install on my secondary machine. Everything seemed fine, but once I got into windows and got everything running the way I want I noted that the start menu resets every time you reboot. All of the icons go to the default apps (most just showing that download arrow since I have...
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    2700X high idle temps?

    Wondering if anyone else with an X370 board is seeing this? My 2700X at stock with XMP off idles at 50C and constantly surges to 65C and back causing the CPU fans to constantly be ramping up and down. Mount is good, and under load the temp actually goes down. I notice idle voltage is like...
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    Help... Nvidia driver stuck in limited RGB

    Fresh install of Windows 10 on a new machine with a 1060, installed the latest 391.24 drivers and then the colors went dull. Originally I was able to change it from limited to full (this is over DP, fucking thanks Nvidia) and it worked for a split second and then reverted back to limited so it...
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    Asus Strix B350-i vs X370-i

    I know these boards are identical in terms of physical specifications, but does anyone know if the X370 version includes more voltage control options? I haven't been able to find anything concrete on this and I need to choose one pretty quickly here if I ever want to finish my build (I...
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    How have I never seen this thing!!?? Combo pump/universal block?

    I've been trying to figure out a way to quiet down my XFX Vega 56, which has a Nano PCB and there is nothing available for it. I decided to try and find a universal block that had Vega mounting holes instead of trying to mod an intel asetek bracket, so I found one on perf PC's that listed Vega...
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    Mouse feels... inaccurate

    I'm having a bit of a pickle with this setup, and its really bringing my enjoyment of playing games down. This is the machine: - 1800X on Gigabyte Gaming K7 - 16GB 3200mhz - 960 Evo - Vega 56 - Win 10 Pro - 144hz 1440p monitor My issue is that the mouse just feels very inaccurate, I've been...
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    XFX Vega 56 dual fan - you should probably avoid this travesty.

    What even is this? It makes a blower card sound like a pleasant whisper and the coil whine is out of this world. Probably best to avoid this one for gaming needs, it could probably mine just fine but its nearly unbearable in a rig anywhere near you due to the noise. I should have learned my...
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    Asus X370-F Strix NIC keeps dropping out?

    Just set up a system with this board and an 1800X, 16GB of RAM all running at stock. Having a problem in both Windows and Linux where the network adapter drops out constantly - event viewer shows this: The network interface "Intel(R) I211 Gigabit Network Connection" has begun resetting. There...
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    Very bad contact with AIO?

    I've never seen this before. I got a Deepcool Captain thing, just a 120mm AIO that was on sale and came with some RGB strips. I had it on my 4770k which is delid/relid with liquid metal and my temps were still getting into the 80's during gaming. Took it off to swap for my trusty Noctua NH-U12S...
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    This error message every time I load a page on [H]

    Every time I load a page. Only on this forum. Been doing it for weeks.
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    Cooling a dual-fan GPU in the Evolv Shift?

    So I got this sweet new case and transferred my hardware over to it, but in my haste I forgot that my GPU sucks for this kind of environment. I have an EVGA 1060 ACX something or other. Right now I have the fans in the "default" configuration, with the bottom 120mm pushing through the radiator...
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    Anyone know about Dark and Light - PC specs?

    I saw the requirements, its a UE4 game but I don't know anything about it. Trying to help my buddy out, he got in a car wreck and is stuck at home for a while and wants to play. He currently has an 1156 rig, Xeon equivalent of the i7-860 (cant remember the number) with 8GB of RAM and a GTX 660...
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    Chrome laggy as heck but only in windows 7?

    Anyone know whats up with this? I dual boot 7 and 10, chrome works fine forever on 10 but in windows 7 after 20-30 minutes it becomes so massively laggy the whole PC basically stops working until I close the browser out and reopen it.
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    ASRock Z97 Pro4 won't output to GPU?

    I'm working on a build for a friend, he had this board and a 4770k new in box for months now and decided to have me build him a rig. Here is the problem, I cannot get a discrete GPU to work with either of the x16 slots. Plot twist: the slots work and detect the GPU just fine, or any other card...
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    Did they..... did they fix Windows 7 updates somehow?

    I never thought it could happen, but I just chucked 7 on an old AMD machine that I'm using for some older games and it detected, downloaded and installed all 224 updates in less than 30 minutes. Last time I tried to run Windows 7 on a top of the line machine about 4 months ago I had to jump...
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    How do you redeem the For Honor code?

    I've redeemed plenty of games from Nvidia before but I can't seem to find a page to put the code in this time around. The link in the email I got was useless, it just goes to the generic GFE page. Anyone know where you go?
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    What do you use for mobile gaming audio?

    Trying to figure out some kind of decent compromise here. I've been using HD598 headphones on my desktop for years now but they aren't really the easiest to use with a laptop, the cord continuously tries to coil up and is just generally annoying, plus it needs a decent sound card. I was...
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    1070 problem? Artifacts?

    Trying to figure out what this might be, I have been having this issue for a few weeks now. My monitor keeps showing flashes of black, it doesn't matter if its in game or not. I can't figure out if its the monitor or if its the card. The card is an EVGA 1070 SC, monitor is a Dell S2417DG. I am...
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    Help me [H]ardforum, you're my only hope

    I need a mouse, and I need it to be good on the first or second try. I'm sick and tired of buying mice that I use for 15 seconds and throw on the shelf because I don't like them. I was a long-time (10 years) MX518 user. I prefer around 1300-1500 DPI. I have a fingertip grip and do not like...
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    Looking for a 1070 powered laptop - not MSI

    Hey guys, I'm looking to buy a new laptop, and I'm considering just ditching the desktop altogether now. Currently running a 6600k/1070 setup so I wouldn't be losing a whole lot. That being said, how would a laptop 1070 fare with an external 1440p 165hz screen? It seems like the laptops keep...
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    Gsync + stuttery browsers under Windows 7

    Does anyone else have this issue? When I run Gsync on Windows 7 all of my browsers will stutter/tear when scrolling, yet the same hardware under Windows 8/10 works fine. Minimizing it for a second fixes it for a few minutes and then it comes right back.
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    What the heck MSI

    How is this even allowed past QC on a $2000 laptop? Anyone else has an Asus/MSI with the 75hz Gsync screen like this?
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    Rampage III Gene memory slot issues?

    Hey guys, I picked up a "supposedly" broken RIII Gene with an i7-920 and 7GB of RAM for super cheap. It has 2x2GB and 3x1GB sticks on it, and originally when I booted it up it only showed RAM in the red slots (B slots). It would not POST with RAM in the A slots. I spent a little time, fiddled...