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    Red streaking in video?

    Hey guys, not sure whats going on but i started getting this red streak on videos, (youtube, gaming) doesn't matter what my display settings are. I've reset them all to default and have reinstalled drivers as well. Any advice on what it could be? here is my build, had monitor connected via...
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    Wifi/Bluetooth dongle

    Buenos dias, I just build my first PC and the motherboard I bought didn't have WIFI, i knew that going when buying it. I had been told that wifi/bluetooth dongles were better and fairly cheap. So now here I am see what your experience is and which one you liked best. My computer is hooked up...
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    High Capacity SSD as primary drive

    OK, so building my first PC with an SSD/HDD combo. The SSD will house the OS while the HDD will have games, movies, music etc. Question is why buy something bigger than say a 250gb SSD for the OS? Isn't everything else supposed to go to the HDD? I feel like i'm missing something. Thanks
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    First PC Build :)

    Like the title says, first PC build ever. Super excited and very scared haha. A friend of mine recommended this site so here I am. My parts list for comments and suggestions. Been watching YouTube videos on building a computer. Have the motherboard, GPU...