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    1955 Willy's Jeep

    It's mine feel free to ask any questions. Super clean 7,500 reserve 4 days left on listing.
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    Small iTunes device to play on DAC

    I am trying to find a device to connect to a DAC to stream music from preferably from iTunes as that is what we already utilize. I have a TEAC UD-H01 which is a very capable dac I just need a source for it. I've looked at something like a Raspberry PI but they don't play well w/ iTunes. I prefer...
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    First build where budget isn’t everything.

    Mild gaming rig some overclocking 2kish budget. Shipped items only 2 hours to anything. Buying now. All new looking at 1440p monitors. Motherboard needs to have all the frills I can swing in my budget. A couple m.2 slots, raid capabilities, water cooling in the future. Live rural will never have...
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    2-3k touch screen preferably 17”

    Also need cam, numpad, and gaming capability. I know it’s quite the list but for my new job it’s what I need. Of course I don’t need a 17 inch but that’s what I would like. I would also like thunderbolt 3. In my new job I present in front of customers (sales obviously) and they actually signed a...
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    Vintage Glass

    I have a thread along these same lines but it seemed no one had any experience to share on the subject. I figured I'd share my own. With the advent of mirrorless cameras vintage lenses are back in. I have an affinity for adapting old electronics for modern uses. I love my vintage receivers...
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    Apple TV 4k 32gb $169, 64gb $199 Warm? Newegg

    Word is a new one is being release however this is a decent enough deal for me to bite. My Vizio Smart TV has been showing signs of problems.
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    Dipping back into this hobby (I think) Dusting off Sony NEX-3n

    I never really stopped taking pictures however cell phones have come a long ways and I basically stopped carrying my camera anywhere. My kids are getting older and into sports etc which has me wanting to take photographs outside what my iphone will do. As the title states I have a Sony NEX-3n...
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    Letter B graphic

    I have a friend starting an Asphalt business. I dabble in photoshop and he's helped me out several times I'd like to take a shot at a logo for him just something simple. If someone could do a highway looking B for me I'd greatly appreciate it. Here's my horrid attempt. I'm no artist....
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    upgrade what I have or build new?

    My system is in my sig, I only play wow on a pair of 1080p 24" monitors (game up on one itunes twitch etc up on the other). The game is really starting to drop frames on me I seen sub 30 @ times. I'd love to throw a 300$ video card at this situation but will I be bottlenecked by the rest of my PC?
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    Ordered a DAC (Teac UD-H01)

    Currently using a creative sound card Headphones -Sennheiser HD-650 I have vintage recievers and intergrated amp collection that I use for my amp. My favorite is a Kenwood KA-7300 check it out @ I currently having 2nd thoughts... I've...
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    Bought this today

    1 x ($299.99) SAPPHIRE 100352-2L Radeon HD 7950 3GB 384-bit GDDR5 PCI Express 3.0 x16 HDCP Ready CrossFireX Support Video Card $299.99 2 x ($119.99) SAMSUNG B30 Series S24B30BL Matte Black 23.6" 5ms (GTG) Widescreen LCD Monitor 300 cd/m2 DCR 70000:1 (1000:1) $239.98 1 x ($219.99) Intel Core...
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    Problems with gateway

    I bought a computer from a neighbor that the hard drive went bad on. It had windows vista home premium on it and when I call microsoft they say since it had the OS installed by gateway they have to unlock the key. Gateway won't talk to me unless I purchase their support since its out of...
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    Ordered some Sennheiser HD380's tonight

    Can't wait to get them in, I required a good isolating headphone so only had a few options and finally settled on the 380's from everything I have found they are either love or hate. I also ordered a Soundblaster SB1240 which I'll use as an amp until I get something more suitable. I only had to...
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    Phones and an Amp 150 bucks

    Title says it, at the moment I have some JVC HA-RX700's which have been good enough for my ignorant ass until I downloaded this app for my droid called PowerAmp, I plugged my JVC's and became enlightened. I would probably be okay w/ just an amp for my desktop but wouldn't mind a little better...
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    Internet stability issue

    My wired internet keeps dropping. When I run a ping it times out a decent amount, which makes gaming pretty much impossible. I think I have it narrowed down to my DSL router but want to make sure there's nothing else I can check as there's two whole days I'll have to put up w/ crappy internet...
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    VGA Cooler Under 30

    Hey ya'll, So my stupid 4850 is running 95c in MoH and WoW w/ the fan @ 85% I've been scared to set it any higher manually since it'd be running that all the time so need an inexpensive solution to cool this puppy down. Any thoughts???
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    New Palm Pixi Plus for Verizon $65 no contract Ebay I picked up two, the seller doesn't have alot of reviews I don't really see how he can sell it this cheap but he's 100% and seems legit. I just want a smart phone w/out the extra 60 bucks...
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    Medal Of Honor Fraps PWN

    One of my BFF's IRL is the top melee(knife) killer in the world in this game. He did a fraps because i asked him to.
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    My 955 doesn't seem as strong as it should be

    So I've thought it all along but my wife and I just started new jobs and are staying w/ my mom for a few weeks and I've been able to compare it to my old 4200 as I brought my PC along. Specs are in sig and I rand HD Tune and it said everything is fine, I just don't get it. It is slower when...
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    Warcraftmovies winnest vid! Someone give this guy an Emmy or a cookie or something.
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    Bloodlines Champions By far one of the funnest games I've ever played, course I've been stuck on wow for a few years(don't hate) but this game is nasty! Arena based very very high skill cap and loads of fun. Its still in Beta but anyone that played Age of Conan should get a key.
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    Funniest Game Tag/ Name

    So what's the funniest name of someone or yours that you've seen on the interwebs, could even be a hardforum Name? Ericshun kinda cracks me up only thing that comes to mind.
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    GPU for WoW

    So, I recently updated my system quite a bit(as seen in sig) and atm only really play wow and don't really see playing anything else in the future. I had planned buying a 9800GTX from a buddy but I just can't see the need. W/ everything maxed I'm seeing 60FPS in 25 mans(22" monitor) and around...
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    Program Mouse key to Alt

    So I was watching a video and this guy had his Alt key remapped to his mouse middle mouse button. I have a Logitch mx518 and was wondering if this was possible to do w/ my mouse. This is strictly for gaming purposes any idea's?
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    Smartpower 2.0 500w Enough?

    Hi guys! So I ordered a bundle deal on a AMD Phenom II X4 955 Black Edition and a ASUS M4A785-M mATX motherboard. I plan to buy around a 100 dollar video card and 4gb's of ram in the near future, and reuse the rest of the stuff in my sig. Should I also plan on getting a larger PSU or will my...
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    Date/ Time Stamp - LF Free Software

    Title says it all I deal with insurance companies and need a date/ time stamp on the photo's taken with my Sony camera I will buy something if necessary but, would prefer not to. I'm scared to use software that allows you to alter it in any way which might compromise the integrity(if it exists I...
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    Outlook trouble

    My aunt just bought a new computer, she has troubles w/ Vista so had XP installed on it, she's now having trouble w/ outlooks spell check. Here's what she typed, When I got my computer last month (a new Acer desktop) I asked to have Vista over-ridden and bought XP home and had it installed. That...
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    Looking for Free Typing Learner software

    I did a Google search and it seemed like a holy metric butt ton of not so reputable sites, its for my mother whose wanting to increase her proficiencies.
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    Zul'Aman the newish 10 Man in WoW

    After our third week in a row in Zul'Aman I've got to say that this is the most fun I've had playing. Especially the third boss trying to stop the Scouts from beating on the drums. Blizzard really did a good job on this one every fight it complex in its own way and it keeps you on your toes. I'm...
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    Mod to Translate Spanish WoW

    I was questing yesturday and a Druid comes along and starts helping me. I inspected the guy and he was in all Epics but they were either rep rewards or Heroics. I found that odd so asked him about it(why no raiding gear). He then explained that he didn't speak english very well but wanted to...
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    Recent Real World Vista vs XP tests?

    Are there any out there I'm having trouble finding anything that wasn't posted right after the release date if anyone has a good link or site please let me know. I did see one test where it was testing the performance in games but I'm looking more for everything else.
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    Hot Thread

    Maybe maybe not w/e just a thought but should the limit be raised form 500 to maybe 1000 a hot thread isn't necessarily hot anymore especially in some of the higher traffic areas.
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    Man my Orc Shammy looks Cool!(WoW

    The new patch seems to be in full swing although we got booted from Kara and I no longer have my precious mods. I'll throw up a screen shot when I get home the T-4 Healing shoulders I just got Sunday look so cool!
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    Restaurant System

    Good Morning, Has anyone had experience with Restaurants and the systems that they use with the touch screens? If so what are you recommendations right now the company I'm asking about is using pen and paper and their volume is increasing and to help optimize efficiency they want to go to a...
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    Cheap Dell Desktop w/ a Monitor(380) For governtment employees we get another 50 off this but 380 still seems to be pretty hot.
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    LanBox Liquid Cooling?

    What would be my options for liquid cooling this case? I play to do a build later this month and want it to be as quite and "neat" as possible. I will go Intel with the new Abit board (which I've been following since Steeve started it). I will have one DVD Burner and two hard drives. I also plan...
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    WoW lockups with in first minute of playing

    I don't know what's going on every time I log into WoW it locks up, before I was unable to even log in it would either lock on the login screen or in the Enter World screen. Now I can get in but it locks in like a minute or two. I don't know what's going on, I've got my computer overclocked but...
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    Words of Wisdom for WoW

    If you are installing the game new and are having trouble connecting turn off Peer Guardian! I just spent 1.5 hours on hold and the phone with WoW tech support and 2 hours on the chat session for McAffe then I was like oh, shut down Peer Guardian and it worked fine!
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    Should I buy a new PSU

    After seeing all the horror stories about these Antec PSU's it makes me want to buy a new one but am I just paranoid or really should I throw this out and spend a bill or so on a new one. I have an Antec True Power 2.0 I had a Hyper Type R 580w that died on me and while I was waiting for a new...
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    P5L-MX/ E-4300

    I had this in the SFF MOBO Guide and decided to move it out here.