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    The 32 inch 4k IPS 144hz's...(Update - this party is started) (wait for it...)

    Picking monitors has to be one of the more difficult tech purchases for me, especially when there is so much information from people about their experiences. I took a chance on the Predator XB323QK. Coming from a 3007wfp, this thing is blazing like the sun. I would probably start...
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    How do I delay Openhardwaremonitor's autostart by a few seconds?

    Task Scheduler Delayed Start
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    2 sodimm slots but can only use one stick of ram

    I would suspect the ONE DIMM ONLY is just an indicator where to plug the module in when you only running one in the system.
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    ACK !! I have screwed up

    Way back in the day when the First AthlonXP dethroned the Intel P3, I managed to drop one while doing my build. Only when I started walking, I realized it was stuck to the underside of my shoe. That was a hard lesson.
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    When working on a computer, do you sit or stand?

    I think the only time I stand is when removing motherboard from the case.
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    Battlefield 2042

    Yes, that's it!
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    Battlefield 2042

    I played the shit out of Desert combat. I remember there was a similar mod to BF2 but the name escapes me. I still have the controller I used for flying and wont get rid of it from nostalgia.
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    Battlefield 2042

    I still remember the first time taking off on Wake Island in 1942.
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    Building shelves

    I would suggest making a drawing with all your dimensions finalized before you start cutting the first piece of wood. Number one rule: measure twice, cut once. There is nothing worse than running out of material that is the right size. You will either make unwanted compromises or spend more...
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    PCI card with NIC and DB-9 serial port?

    Have you considered a serial to network adapter? Something like THIS.
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    adding metal screw inserts to 3D prints

    I have taken plain nuts and bolts and press fit them on a drill press with parts that have been .05-.1mm undersized. No heat.
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    aRGB leads outside of case

    You could take an RS232 cable, cut it in half and use a PCI slot RS232 bracket.
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    So if your a normal user and hate GPU mining,get over it.Try this

    There are many calculators that will figure a rough estimate. HERE is one that @.1USD/kWh shows roughly $19.00/day. Change the gpu numbers to reflect how many you have.
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    SFF Dual 3090 RTX dual CPU 1.5TB ram... and quiet

    A simple like is just not enough. Those builds are amazing. My type of dedication.
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    Worth upgrading from 970 EVO M.2 2280 to Sabrent 1TB Rocket NVMe 4.0 ?

    Unless you are upgrading to a higher capacity drive, I would stay with the EVO.
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    Windows 7 Pro and Windows 10 Pro Dual Boot System ???

    You also have the option of installing Win10 on a completely separate drive and switch between which boots, by changing the BIOS boot order.
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    GPT/MBR considerations migrating data from older computers

    I second removing the drive and putting it in a faster machine. You will eliminate the USB bottleneck.
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    Can I pick your brain - Threadripper system

    I hear you. Keep up with the times or get left behind. My education is mostly in EE but my passion for video games made me learn 3d modeling early. That transferred into me doing prototyping and design work.
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    Can I pick your brain - Threadripper system

    I haven't had any issues so far. Most of my workload is doing Solidworks rendering and even then the average render time for me is roughly 30-90 minutes. I went from a 5820k I7 and for comparison, similar jobs took roughly 8 hours. Maximum recorded temperature was 85* that I observed and...
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    Can I pick your brain - Threadripper system

    I have a similar setup to what you are building with a Prime TRX40pro for a mainboard powered by a Seasonic 1000W, in addition to a Quadro rtx4000. The heatsink is a NH-U14S-TR4-SP3. Temperatures are very good for an air cooler and usually high 70s under load.
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    Has Anyone Ever De-RGB'd RAM?

    I would go to the local Staples or similar, get some sticky vinyl tape and either cover the ram or put a whole sheet on the inside of the tempered glass.
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    Surveillance camera with 30ft cord

    For recording you can use Ispy. It supports many types of video sources and with a USB extender, you could get your cam to work.
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    Seasonic: Hard to find!

    I just ordered a couple from Amazon and they shipped on the advertised date. Here is a deal I think is a good value, at least during these times.
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    Looking for a gaming chair.

    I bought THIS earlier this year and have been happy with it. Its sturdy and wide. They also make a version with the bottom being mesh, but I found this one to be more comfortable. I did get to test drive it at a local Jordan's furniture though.
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    So, apparently MOSTLY everyone needs to return their RTX 3080 / 3090 because of "cheap" components. I'm def returning my EVGA 3090.

    I remember when the 2080ti space invader problem crept up. Nvidia stepped up and had a replacement at my door within 3 days of reporting problem, and that is before I sent my card back. I would give them the benefit of doubt to get this sorted, although from what I read, it is the aftermarket...
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    Official NVIDIA Ampere In-Stock Thread

    I went to Microcenter Cambridge this morning. 5 lucky SOBs got one. They listed 12 in stock this morning. Nvidia page never even showed in stock. Im just going to wait until the hype dies down. Next month they will have full stock guaranteed, especially to temper the NAVI launch.
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    EVGA 30xx series is up

    Based on the dimensions of the die area which I took from this image, the spacing is roughly 89mm
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    Ryzen gaming laptop with 2080?

    Next month, Lenovo is releasing a 15" version with AMD chips and 2080s.
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    DIY Height Adjustable Desk - Gas Springs?

    That Monoprice one with the hand ratchet looks pretty cool. Swap the hand crank for a motor and you have a motorized desk.
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    Lenovo P71 getting tired - P73 or other options?

    For 17" the only other new machine I saw was the new Asus StudioBook. For Dell, I would compare to the 7750 line. HP is about to release a new studio book but that is not until Fall.
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    Adblock plus problems

    I never heard of ublock origin and decided to try it. The funny thing is that I was experiencing the same issue as OP and once I installed uBlock, the issue went away. No more white space with skip ad. It goes straight to video. My 3 extensions are adblock plus, noscript and ublock origin...
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    What's y'all's read on the 12-pin PCIe rumor surrounding the 3080ti?

    I am still waiting for a logical reason why a 'new' 12 pin power connector will deliver more power versus the 'old' 6+6, 6+8 or 8+8 adapters if the gauge of the wire stays the same.
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    I took a picture 2020

    Cape Cod sunrise
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    Push ,pull or push/pull

    I think it comes down to the pressure you need to drive the air through the rad and out the case. I would try push/pull on the rad and the remaining two fans as exhaust.
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    Installing Windows 10 on C drive (looking for advice)

    Go HERE. Insert a USB and follow the prompts. Keep the USB drive plugged in after its done being setup as a bootable drive and change boot order to USB first in BIOS. Win10 pretty much handles everything else from there. A few prompts to go through, and I concur, do not join network until...
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    Is this fixable or done for?

    I have repaired much worse. Looks like most of those pins go to parts on the same side. A bit of solder and stranded fine gauge cable and its an easy fix. Resolder the bracket to the posts and go from there. I would be more concerned with damage to the internals from the drop.
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    Multi-monitor setup - how to make more stable

    In my experience running multi monitor and using the setup for gaming, I found that the best and most reliable solution is to run two gpus. The primary display is connected to the gaming gpu and all other monitors are connected to secondary gpu. I always use SLEEP and never have issues. In...
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    Odd inquiry: Solidworks 2020 and Plex VM graphics card

    For Solidworks, depending on your model size, you can get away with integrated intel graphics. I use a couple of basic systems for modeling parts for my cnc. The laptop in this picture is almost 10 years old. Most of the parts on the mini cnc were modeled in Solidworks and 3d printed...
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    Recommendations for a tablet for reading and annotating PDFS?

    The only one I would probably look at is the S5E but even then I think the Ipad equivalent will be a much more polished product.