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    1.5TB drive showing up as a 500GB drive?

    so I just got a seagate 1.5TB last night I formatted (quick format) and then copied everything over from my HTPC last night over to it, no issues...I checked it this morning and ensured everything was there and the PC could read it I move it to my HTPC today...says it's not initialized and...
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    eyefinity - anyone running the Dell DisplayPort to Dual Link DVI Adapter?

    thinking about getting this for eyefinitiy (3 monitor setup) am I missing something or will this work fine? I am out of the loop is there anything cheaper/better out there I should get instead?
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    php permission issue with writing files/creating directories

    LAMP server...the issue I am having is the user is uploading a file to the server, I have the php script create a random directory and place the file inside the user needs to be able to FTP into the server and delete the files, but the permissions are all wonky, sets the ownership to 'apache'...
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    any .net developers? a few questions

    I'm currently a PHP developer and looking to learn .net for building software, not web apps...I've toyed around with VB6, but it's been a longgg while...before I begin I just have a few Q's -seems like WPF is the new way to go for developing software front ends...are there any drawbacks to...
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    So on top of no dedicated servers, MW 2 limited to 9vs9 “The max number of players on all platforms are 1v1 through 9v9. This is the number of players we focused on when we were balancing map size, perks, classes, challenges, etc.” I won't be...
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    tf2 halloween update :D
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    how's this build?

    how are the parts I've listed? is there something I can get around the same money that may give me better performance I plan on ugrading to an SSD around xmas time. 1) What will you be doing with this PC? Gaming? Photoshop? Web browsing? etc 80% of the time, i will be doing photoshop...
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    5850 triple output Q

    I am just wondering if I can use the three video outputs at the same time on the 5850? I see it has 2xdvi, 1xhdmi, and 1xDisplayPort I plan on using 2xdvi and 1xhdmi but no displayPort is that going to cause an issue? a friend told me you have to use the displayport for 3 outputs?
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    issue with nhl10 on xbox 360?

    Everytime the puck and me (when playing in action) gets in the corner besides my net (where the goalie cannot play the puck)...the framerate drops to non-playable...maybe makes the game play awkward and near impossible anyone experiencing any issues like this? any fixes? it's really...
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    data recovery software

    hey y'all my friend just somehow wiped his partition table off his drive, and I'm wondering what y'all use? I've used R-Studio in the past, with great results, just wondering if there's anything better then that out there these days
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    anyone use sr-225 for gaming

    are they just too bright or do they work alright? just worried after a 3-4 hour session it might make my ears feel like they're about to bleed
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    world at war zombie players

    let's play add me to your PSN: Leb_CRX I like this mode more than regular :D
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    holy horrible performance out of my raptor

    ... my PC has been running like complete @$$ for a bit... went from XP to vista, then back to XP...each time it would seem to run better for a bit, then boom, back to dead...finally I had enough and began to investigate the problem (I switch OS's like most people switch
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    need a web analyser

    can anyone recommend one they've used and thats good? not looking at having a log file parser...but something that resides off site since installing anything on that server is a no-go
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    do y'all go through gaming phases too?

    I've been gaming for a long time, and as long as I can remember I tend to go through these strange phases where all I can think about gaming for a few weeks, then a few weeks where I don't even want to game in my spare time (such as now, I am browsing forums to kill time), then back to gaming...
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    using digital out..onboard vs. sound card

    I am a big audio newb, so please bare with me...I've been doing some reading lately and confused about a few things, so here goes.... using digital out..since it's a digital signal, is there a benefit to using a sound card as opposed to the onboard card (lower THD, whatever else)? my...
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    your pc game of the year v3

    a lot of debate has been going on in the other thread in the general section figured I'd make a poll...and I'm bored waiting for witcher to download vote/add in the thread...for others (and I didn't get all the games), reply and yes, I included orange box as 1 item, because it was sold...
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    double post, oops, del plz

    a lot of debate has been going on in the other thread in the general section figured I'd make a poll...and I'm bored waiting for witcher to download vote/add in the thread...for others (and I didn't get all the games), reply and yes, I included orange box as 1 item, because it was sold...
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    your pc game of the year, mods del plz

    messed it up, but fixed it go here:
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    orange box...pc and console (360) multiplayer

    can we play on the same servers or not? buddy is thinking about picking it up for his 360, well I am trying to talk him into it, just wondering if we can or not
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    how old is the steam engine debate

    I go by the latest release/update...which is nov7th of this year in this case my friend says, from the original date of release (nov 16, 2004) his point: Is an OS a pogram getting patches/updates different from game engines getting patches and updates? my point: it's getting...
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    raptor 150 question

    just wondering if anyone knows if the WD1500AHFD differs from the WD1500ADFD in anything but the clear case the reason I ask is because I had someone mention this to me but they couldn't remember why, they had just read it somewhere, doing some research, I found this on wikipedia...
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    Testing my CD Burner

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    dual monitor help...

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    weirdest issue, someone help

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    ram question

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    abit nf7-s owners

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    7900 GTO weird video output sometimes

    I am getting a fuzzy screen sometimes after playing HL2 with my evga 7900GTO...currently running at stock speeds with the latest nvidia will randomly just show lines across the screen from corner to corner, I have to alt tab out of the game and alt tab back in to get it working...
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    weirdest issue, someone help

    buddy putting together a s system, specs: OCZ game extreme 600Watt PWS asus p5b DLX/wifi edition intel core 2 duo e6700 2 * 1028 meg sticks of crucial ram seagate HDD 500 gigs (sata) EVGA 7900GTO New hardware install. it let me past the post once, everytime after that it immediately...
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    Ghetto Engineering presents - northbridge fan on DS3

    bored tonight, wife went to bed early, and as I sat oc'in I touched the northbirdge...and damn it was hot since it's late at night, and nothing's open, I decided to use what I had to mount a fan... step1: -analyze the parts you have and can work with step2: -decide on fan...
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    apps for monitoring temps and voltage

    what do you guys use? I am looking for CPU temps and volts, RPM for fans (cpu and system) and temps for video...ideally it would have a graph of some time, not just current temps/volts I like MBM5 but it takes up a bit too much resources for my liking just wondering what you guys are...
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    need to upgrade psu?

    I am building a new rig, wondering if I need to upgrade my current PSU, a seasonic S12 380Watt here's what I am putting together: e6400 (probally gonna be oc'ed, want to hit 3200mhz) ds3 mobo 7900 GTO 2 gig of ddr800 5 fans 1 IDE HD and a DVD writer I've tried a few calculators...
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    php security question

    ok so i'm currently working on a major app for one of my clients, and security testing has been brought's what i've identified as potential problems, hoping I can get some more knowledable folks to point out areas I've missed besides the obvious (security holes in apache (if any)) ...
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    powersupply issue, I think?

    I am just wondering if anyone can help me diagnose a PC issue...I am fairly certain it's my powersupply but want to be sure before purchasing one...I am running an enermax 300w right now, not sure of what model, but have been running it for about 3-4 years now...anyways it all started a few...
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    6800GS's AGP version

    just wondering are they all built the same? I am seeing one here for 239$ CDN and it seems cheap usually prices over here are higher it's the BFG one
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    PHP Session usage

    trying to setup a page for a client has to pass variables between several pages using the start_session() *on every page, right below body tag* and $_SESSION variable but running into a problem where it wont remember the session at all when the new page is page is called...
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    best flowing 80mm/92mm fan

    I am looking for the best flowing 80 or 92 mm fan... I don't care about noise, as this is for servers locked away in a room (with their own fresh air supply) I searched, but all the threads I found had the best cfm/low dba...I don't care about DBA :o Thanks :)
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    ram question

    if I compared value ram to some fancier ram like corsair with faster timings in the same system, with non overclocked settings, will there be a difference in performance? I am trying to determine if all DDR400 ram is built to exceed what a mobo can do in non oc'ed form or if there is a diff...
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    9800 pro artic cooling VGA silencer ( avc 1000)

    I just installed this cooler on my video card last night there was a metal plate surrounding the outside of my GPU I think called the shim, I left that on is that ok? also I dont feel any air blowing out the outside of the case even on high, is that normal? I oc'ed good with her though...
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    server stat issue

    I built this site for a client and put a custom404 fine just redirects at 0 seconds, just takes the user and redirects them to the /...well we checked stats, and its' getting 10000 requests...the next is the / with could the redirect get more requests then the actual page...