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    Phenom II 1090t cooling options

    It has been years since I've cracked open a PC and messed with any of the hardware, so I'm not really up to date with current HSF/water cooling setups. I recently bought a used 1090t to upgrade my wife's gaming PC, and it came with the stock 4 heat pipe HSF. Under IBT or Prime95 I'm seeing ~60c...
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    AppleCare FTW

    So, I bought my first "new" Mac in October of 2006. It was a refurb Core Duo MacBook Pro. I had owned a couple of used Macs prior to this one. The computer was pretty decent, but it had a few problems right out of the box. I guess I'll list it out all according to date and then give you Apples...
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    Bluetooth mice

    I've been looking for a good wireless mouse to use with my MBP. I'd like to go with a bluetooth model, but I'm not sure which one is a good one. I was looking at a small Logitech one, but I actually prefer the bigger mice that fit my hand better. I like the Bluetooth MX1000 and the Bluetooth...
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    802.11N in a CoreDuo MacBook Pro

    So at work we were messing around with the Apple Mac Pro wireless card and the "N enabler" that Apple has on their website. We were basically trying to figure out what the difference between the MA688Z/A and MA688Z/B cards. Anyway, I decided to take my 2.0GHz MacBook Pro apart and try the N...
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    Mac Pro take apart

    check it out:
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    PSU requirement

    I'm getting nasty video artifacts when I run 3dmark03. My first guess would be the video card, a single eVGA 7900GT KO, but before I take the time to send it in, I'd like to rule out a possible PSU issue. I've tried the card in the following systems and the problems are present in both. The...
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    ASUS M2N-SLI problems

    so i just built the following system: Asus M2N-SLI 3800+ single core 2 x 512MB PC4200 PNY eVGA 7900GT Maxtor 300GB HD Antec Sonata II the problem i am having is random USB disconnects. for example, i am typing, and i see the lights on my wireless keyboard reciever just turn off and...
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    help with new Opteron165 & A8N-SLI-P

    so, i just recieved my new setup on monday and i've been playing around with it. so far i've overclocked it to 9 x 267MHz(2.4GHz) with 1.385v. i'm still stability testing but it appears to be fine. my goal for this chip was 2.4GHz, but i'd like to push for more. on with the questions. 1...
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    Gigabyte X800XT-PE

    when i started out tearing the HSF off of my card last night, i had originally planned on replacing it with a PAL6035. i was going to use the old spring mounting screws from my other Alpha HSF, the PAL8045, but the screws don't fit through the mounting holes. using the stock cooler with Shin...
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    estimates of space needed for video editing

    i just picked up a Digital video camera and i'd like some help estimating HD space i'll be using. it's a Canon ZR80, and it uses mini DV. i'm basically wondering how much space a 30 min clip will take up? i'm assuming that off the camera it is uncompressed, and will probably be a fairly large...
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    multiformat DVDRW drives

    ok, i've been looking into picking up one of the 8x multiformat burners. i'm pretty much set on the Plextor PX-708A even though it doesn't do 8x DVD-R or 4x DVD-RW like the NEC drives can. after reading through some reviews and other various info, i still have 3 questions. what exactly is the...