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    FS: Late 2009 Macbook Unibody w/ Upgraded RAM and HDD

    Heatware! There are a few things that make this machine different from stock: - The battery has swelled pushing the left half of the track pad up ~1mm and making the left side difficult to button click, however it works just fine if you do tap to click or use a mouse. - The battery still...
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    My monitor doesn't pass through digital audio to its coax output

    My ATI 5770 has HDMI out to my monitor, and the monitor can pass through a coax connection to my DAC, which then play through my headphones. I have windows set to output all to the ATI HDMI sound channel and the sound only plays through the monitor speakers, and doesn't pass through the coax...
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    Post your workstation 2010!

    *UPDATED* Might as well get this started now: My little music station
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    What's the next best step to improve my audio setup?

    Source: HT Omega Claro+ which is split to: Logitech 2.1 Z-2300s Sennheiser HD555s (modded for a better soundstage) All the music I listen to is electronic, and encoded in FLAC or V0. Everything is connected analog, and I'm wondering whether or not I need a headphone amplifier, or a DAC/ADC in...
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    What are the formatting tags for this forum?

    All I know is bold but I was wondering if there was a full list of tags that I can refer to when I am making a FS/WTB thread.
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    Best $120ish gaming soundcard for a 2.1 setup?

    I currently have Logitech X-230's, and because the way my desk is, I'd rather not upgrade to 5.1 or 7.1 (it will leave a lot of bare wires showing). I currently have a Soundblaster Audigy SE and all I can say is that I get what I pay for. I mainly play games and listen to music, so X-fi is a...