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    Should you really get 32gb memory for a ThinkPad I7 with integrated graphics? Or is it a waste of money?

    I purchased an Lenovo Yoga Gen 6 laptop with an I7. I only got 16gb of ram. My reasoning was that, it only has integrated graphics so I don't think I will play any games that would need 32gb. I also don't do any video editing or really anything like that. This is more my travel laptop, and I...
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    Why would someone pay this much for an old Samsung S27A950D?

    I was thinking of throwing it away but decided to check ebay. Why did this old monitor sell for so much money? Its old technology.
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    When I enable XMP with this memory computer will not boot?

    I have this memory I bought a couple of years ago. I believe on my old motherboard it was never set at 4266 with XMP enabled, it worked at like 4000. I got a new Z390 motherboard and enabled XMP. The...
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    My ASROCK motherboard is dead, what should I do?

    I have an ASRock Z370 Fatality Pro Gaming i7 with an 8700k processor. It is 2 years old now. When I went to turn on my PC this morning it started for a second and then just shut off. I thought it was my PSU as that is the oldest part of my computer but I tried another PSU and it didn't start...
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    Why are some of the most popular games not having new ones?

    Here are a few I've been waiting for. Another left 4 dead Another Elder Scrolls game Another Fall Out game Another Grand theft auto game
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    2080 rtx + i9 8950HK laptop worth $900 over 2070 + i7 8750H. Need Advice

    I'm looking at purchasing a gaming laptop and this will be used for work so I can't use a Desktop and will need the best desktop replacement laptop I can find within reason. I plan on gaming on this and possibly using an external 240hz monitor sometimes. I will only use the computer for gaming...
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    Need educated guesses on when 2180ti will be out?

    Trying to justify a 2080ti upgraded from my 1080ti. Do you think the 2180ti will be out 1 year from now, or more likely 2 years from now? Because if its more like 2 years than its worth the upgrade, but not 1 year. Sorry guys I know people hate threads like this, but need justification...
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    motherboard chassis_fan3 not able to control speed with 3pin fan?

    Just to start off I believe the motherboard is probably broken. All other motherboard fan controllers work fine. The chassis_fan3 port on motherboard, works only with 3 pin at full speed and can't adjust the speed. If I plug a 4 pin fan into the chassis_fan3, it works and I can control speed...
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    Why are used Haf-X cases selling so high on ebay?

    I was going to throw my case away but was surprised they are selling used for like $80 + $50 shipping. Any reason why someone would buy these old cases and pay so much instead of just buying something new...
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    Should I get 2 separate NAS or just 1?

    I need a NAS to both record video from my IP cameras home surveillance and also for extra hard drive space for video / pictures. Would it be better to use two separate NAS or can I just get a single large NAS? Can a large NAS be split up, like with 3 drives allocated for IP cameras, and 2...
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    SSD recommendation for 16 camera IP Nas storage? 860 PRO?

    I want to upgrade my hard drives in my NAS for my IP camera storage. I need 4TB of storage capacity. I want to go SSD because the regular hard drives are slow when you want to watch recorded footage. I want to have very fast storage, and will be upgrading my NAS to a 10gbe new QNAP as I will...
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    How important is motherboard M.2 cooling?

    After long research I decided on an Z370 motherboard from ASROCK. The only thing I'm not liking is that it doesn't have any M.2 heat sinks like the ASUS boards have. I read that M.2 runs hot and plan on...
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    Any reason not to buy this corsair 4266 C19 for Z370 build?

    I have a 1080ti and want max FPS for overwatch. I have been reading that speed matters for FPS. I have my eye on this Corsair Vengeance LPX 4266 C19 memory, $259 at Amazon. Is there...
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    Power supply whine sometimes when playing games with 1080ti?

    I just upgraded my video card and noticed that right when I enter overwatch I heard a whining sound. I was pretty sure it was my video card because this never happened with my old 970GTX. This could also be because I had the fans on the 970gtx go to 70% right when entering games and may not have...
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    Did I luck out with ASUS warranty on my 970?

    Sent in my almost 3 year old GTX 970. It stopped working in games, Windows Error 43, only worked 2D on one display only. I had removed the heat sink from the card a while back which damaged the stickers they put over the screws. I had flashed my BIOS and left it flashed to my own custom BIOS...
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    Is there a best 1080ti card? not fastest but most reliable

    Was thinking of buying a 1080ti, but overwhelmed with how many versions there are. I was leaning towards an EVGA because I wasn't happy with ASUS warranty on my 970 Asus strix. But then I read where EVGA only has 2 slot cards and they don't cool well, and you need a 3 slot card. Does anyone...
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    Help me diagnose a monitor issue. (Overlord Tempest OC)

    My main computer monitor which is an overlord tempest 27". I'm sure some of you remember when they sold these some years back as a 120 HZ IP panel. The monitor has been a great monitor but I've noticed a problem lately that seems to be happening when I start my monitor. When I first turn the...
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    It's looking like us i5-2500 will be waiting a lot longer

    I know there is a lot of frugal i5-2500 owners out there waiting to upgrade. I don't think it makes sense with the kaby lake lineup. Most likely AMD won't come through with their Ryzen. Seems like we will be waiting a year or more until it makes sense to upgrade. If we didn't go for a Sky...
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    Will M.2 drives really offer no benefit in booting and games?

    I did plenty of searching, but lots of old posts. They mostly say no benefit in boot times and for games. I'm doing an upgrade for my father and I could keep a 1tb Evo 850, and give him my 500GB EVO 850. Unless an M.2 drive is a noticeable improvement and then I'll upgrade to that for my new...
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    Finally fixed my 970 GTX random crashes in games. Weird fix

    Ever since I bought my 970 GTX, 1.5 years ago, I had random crashes while gaming. Would happen about every 10-30 minutes. I tried everything to fix it. The only thing that helped was increasing fan speed to keep temps lower, I tried everything and did lots of googling, even replaced thermal...
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    Is the Hyper 212 Evo still best value CPU cooler?

    Been out of the loop for a while and it is hard to figure out if this is still the best bang for your buck CPU cooler. In the past it didn't make sense to go with anything else. Was wondering if this is still the best value or should I get something different? Maybe spend a little more money...
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    What do you hardcore gamers do for downtime if your GPU needs warranty?

    My 1.5 year old 970 GTX is giving me random lock up issues since I bought it. I pinpointed it to my GPU, I can get away with gaming for hours before locking up if I run fans at 100% and keep temps below 50C. Now I need to send this ASUS card back for warranty and will have a few weeks downtime...
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    Can I still warranty my 970 ASUS video card, I removed heat sink?

    My GTX 970 has always locked up when gaming if temps go above around 50-50C, if I put the fans on manually to 80% and keep the temps below 50C, it never locks up. I recently removed the heat sink and damaged the sticker over the screw, but replacing the thermal paste didn't correct the problem...
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    Having IP cameras on my main switch slow everything down?

    I have 8 home IP cameras which are hooked to their own switches. These switches then get connected to my main switch. My NAS server which records the cameras is also connected to my main switch. So the cameras in a way have to get routed through my main switch. To simply everything I was...
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    Asus strix 970 gtx overheating and Nvidia cover up?

    I had an issue with my computer where games would cause black screen crash every 10-15 minutes, sometimes longer with sound loop. I had to hard reset computer. After trying everything I heard someone give a tip on the forums that for his 970 strix he had to manually turn the fans...
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    Can someone give me ideas on how to troubleshoot game crashes?

    Hello, I have a problem where during gaming my computer will freeze with a black screen and a constant noise coming out of the speakers and I have to hard reset it. The crashes happen randomly. It seems like it happens in all games and only during games. Temps seem to be fine. I upgraded from...
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    Can't decide between 850 Evo or 850 Pro 500gb?

    I've read as much information as I can and it is hard to decide which one to get. Is the 850 Pro worth the $80 dollars? I am using it for general PC usage, some games etc. Nothing crazy like a server. Which one should I get? Thanks
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    geforce 970 with 2 dvi or 3 display ports?

    First I want to say that I am posting it here to hopefully get answers instead of people telling me to use "search". I'm avoiding the video card sub forum because of this. I already used google to search and couldn't find any answers. Hopefully the general hardware thread is less harsh on...
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    Best 970 brand to buy right now?

    It used to be simple, I would just go buy a EVGA card and that is what everyone was recommending. From my research it seems EVGA's have a lot of issues with their 970. It seems that their heat sink doesn't make proper contact with certain areas and also it is plagued by the coil whine. People...
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    Why does my LG 31MU97 recommend 3840x2160 over 4096x2160 resolution

    Tried to google this with no luck. I have a LG 31" 4K 31MU97 monitor. In control panel screen resolution, it shows 3840x2160 as the recommended resolution. There is the 4096x2160 I can select also. When looking at the specs it lists the monitor as a 4096x2160. I am confused about why...
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    Can someone help me find name of this FPS game?

    A few months ago I read a news article on my cellphone about this FPS video game coming out that is supposed to play like old school doom / quake type video games. I think the developers wanted it to be fast paced also. But most importantly it was supposed to bring back the old school style...
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    Are 1440P IPS 120hz monitors still the best for gaming?

    I bought my Overlord Tempest over a year ago. I haven't been researching much about monitor technology. But is this 27" 1440P monitor still the best for gaming? Or possible there is something better now that everybody is using, like 4K, OLED, 3440x1440 monitors? Thanks.
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    Is it worth upgrading to 1440p? FPS loss worth the higher resolution?

    Just wanted advice in the gaming forum where people actually use their computers to game. Not in the monitor forum where people don't game seriously and could care less about frames per seconds and stuff like that. I was wondering if you think its worth the upgrade considering the amount of...
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    is the samsung s27a950 being discontinued?

    Newegg site has it soldout and says it may be discontinued. I see few other places selling the monitor. The monitor howerver shows on the samsung website. Does anyone know the deal with this monitor, is it being discontinued? I was thinking about going with a three monitor setup when...
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    can I use an ebay HTC one S for T mobile prepaid?

    I want to buy a used T-mobile version of the HTC one S from ebay. I was wondering if these unlocked phones will work for a T-mobile prepaid plan? I do not have experience with any of this so any information will be greatly appreciated. I was reading this ebay posting here and he said that...
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    Help with RST, msata, and SSD setup.

    I purchased a dell laptop that has a 1gb hard drive in it. I know it will support msata and RST and should allow me to add an additional SSD drive. I would like to add SSD performance to the computer. What would probably be the best way to go about this. Should I just add a 64gig SSD as...
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    windows 7 user folder shared, and user account in that folder

    In my windows 7 professional, I have my user account or admin account called Comp5, I guess I named my computer this when I first installed windows 7 and it is my admin account. When I click on my c:\users account I have two folders in that directory Public Comp5 This Comp5 has all my...
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    Fresh Install windows 7, over 20GB? where has my space gone?

    hard drive is an intel 510 SSD 120gb What is using all my hard drive space. I just installed windows 7 64bit SP1. After install it showed about 85gb free of 111gb. Or about 25gb used? The windows folder alone is about 12gb. If I add up all the folders that I can see on my computer, it...
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    Do you really need to clean a brand new CPU before applying thermal paste?

    So you take out a brand new CPU i5-2500 from its retail box. Do you really need to clean the surface before I plop on my H60 cooler. I plan on using the thermal paste that the H60 comes with. I also do not plan on touching the surface of the CPU, so I should not leave an oils on it from my...
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    High end 120HZ gaming rig, need recommendations FAST

    1) What will you be doing with this PC? Gaming? Photoshop? Web browsing? etc Computer gaming with future upgrde to Nvidia Surround 2) What's your budget? Are tax and shipping included? 3,000 3) Where do you live? New York City 4) What exact parts do you need for that budget? CPU, RAM...