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  1. Gattlin

    What's a good therman grease? Are thermal pads any good?

    To each their own. Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut PASTE. Only problem is it's spendy.
  2. Gattlin

    Lian Li all brushed aluminum cases

    Got this about a decade ago beautiful case with lights inside
  3. Gattlin

    LCD Screen for sensors??

    "Remote system monitor server control" Free you can use your phone tablet or old smart phone works great and look good too. If you donate like $5 you can customize any which way my tablet looks like some kind of speedometer dash board voltage temps the works.
  4. Gattlin

    1440p or 4K - What's the best option right now?

    1440 without a doubt pick one you can afford that you can push the frame rate up and a quick response time.
  5. Gattlin

    XFX 6800XT custom cooling (Why Manufacturers use 3 FANS?)

    I have a GTX 1080 ti mounted vertically .Right now the temp reads 29c in a 22c ambient but it reaches up to 58c when pushed hard with an aggressive fan profile .