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    DIY Cintiq clone for $250ish?

    I was recently alerted to the high-end features and low price of the pen tablets available at Monoprice - a graphics tablet was something I'd always figured was too expensive for me, but I just picked up a small one with an order of cables. While reading about it, I discovered two things: *$80...
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    Are there any MSI BB Fuzion + 2x5970 reviews?

    In light of the scaling problems with Quadfire, I'm wondering how the Lucid Hydra chip handles it. Alternately: Eyefinity + Hydra compatibility posts. Google doesn't turn up much on my first try.
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    The Correct Eyefinity Build(tm)

    Bathe in its beauty as the universe is bent to its will. May require non-TN displays because of portrait viewing angles; In which case, I'm sorry about your wallet. Only possible once the HD5870 2GB Eyefinity6 edition comes out. Neither of the 3x1 orientations are satisfactory - we...
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    Non-TN monitors with Displayport List

    Twisted Nematic LCD panels have problems with off-angle viewing. They have particular problems with vertical off-angle viewing - I can't even stand the contrast from one eyeball to the other on my netbook when I rotate the screen orientation - an array of portrait TN screens is non-optimal...
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    LCD Stripping for Bezel Management

    I'm looking at this image from an LCD projector build-log and contemplating Eyefinity. Once rectified and scaled, Photoshop tells me that this 17" stripped laptop monitor appears to have internal bezels of 0.19" on the right, 0.10" on the top, 0.11" on the left, and 0.21" on the bottom of the...
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    Announcing the Multi-Monitor Gaming Wiki

    The Multi-Monitor Gaming Wiki has just been created at I've been reading so much about the capabilities of Eyefinity that I'm having trouble keeping track. Some of the launch reviews of the HD5970 didn't even have the time to get Eyefinity working, and the...
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    5950 Rumor - Confirmation?

    I just called a well-regarded boutique system builder to ask about 5850 stock, which I hadn't been able to select from their website configurator for a month despite frequent checks. I've called twice before and gotten the same guy in sales, who seemed to be pretty confident/knowledgeable about...
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    A different focus in liquid cooling

    I havn't really been following this topic for years, and am making my annual "What would it cost to bring my system up to date" inquiry. This year, I'm considering liquid cooling. I've replaced maybe a dozen fans in the 6 years I've owned this system (which is getting increasingly haphazard)...
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    Prebuilt Choices on $1000?

    I'm much in favor of homebuilding, but a relative has been granted $1000 for a new gaming system on the condition that it be mostly or entirely put together and warrantied by a large company. Though I've always been consulted, it's not my normal set of restrictions, and I'm not sure what to...
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    How Would You Case Mod a Segway

    I just found this: and thought you guys might be interested :)
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    Project Duplex

    I'm setting out on a long term project to make a 2 motherboard watercooled case out of acrylic. Mobo A will be a new A64 machine, mobo B will be the a7v8x, TbredC 2400+, and ti4200 that I have now. I was VERY close to just going with a Stacker, as pictures of it were the inspiration for...
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    Acrylic Case: Motherboard Tray

    How do most people who make their own acrylic cases do the motherboard tray? I'm wondering how I'm going to anchor the PCI/AGP bank.
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    Watercooling system suggestion

    I'm to make a dual system watercooled acrylic case sometime soon. I'm on a bit of a budget (I just found out I'm $300 short of finishing the system I'd hoped to put together :)). Anyway, here's what I have so far: Custom made acrylic cylinder (what should I use to seal this) reservoir. V...