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    low score 3dmark05

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    6800 gs, what is it?

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    The Next Big Thing?

    what? i heard that sony is not going to release the ps3 now immediately.
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    do you guys think the new x1800xt sucks?

    ... $599! i saw and i don't like that price (i don't have that money now). why do they sell a x850xtpe for $599 and the x1800xt for same price i am curious?
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    The Next Big Thing?

    you going to have to wait 1 year plus or less.
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    do you guys think the new x1800xt sucks?

    eWiz has the OEM for $485 i saw that for $500. is this site safe? and i only got $510.
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    The Next Big Thing?
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    Show Your LCD(s) setups!!!

    i like your tv and computer setup (tables). but what's up with that camera pic quality. what camera you using?
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    The Next Big Thing?

    please. explain?
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    The Next Big Thing?

    this ageia card is going to make current games in current video cards seem like a tic tac toe games! this card is going to truly revolutionaze games, have you seen the demos? i hope they dont invent a.i., if they do machines will slave us.
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    do you guys think the new x1800xt sucks?
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    do you guys think the new x1800xt sucks?

    i do. benchmarks all show it at 3rd, last place... this card sucks. do you agree? and i was thinking about buying a 7800 gtx, what card maker do you guys recommend? and is a new nvidia card coming soon?? thanks, andre. :)
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    New build, could use suggestions

    i have an external usb floppy drive. i want before to get rid of the floppy, i wanted my computer to look cooler without a floppy, just have the dvd burder. why use floppies at all?! the only reason i got the external is for in case i need to use "the floppy" for updating bios, or in case...
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    Dell 30" FPW?

    would my x850 card be able to handle "that" kind of native resolution???
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    24" Widescreen CRT (FW900) From Ebay arrived,Comments.

    long live the FW900 series.
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    Best PCI Video Card?

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    16x pcie slot.

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    should i move to amd or stay with complicated intel.

    amd is still the "games" cpu still, ooh man...
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    New build, could use suggestions

    make sure the motherboard you get is capable of handling faster processors later.
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    16x pcie slot.

    .::MAGE::. thanks. that is what i am talking about. full 16x is too far in future or something?
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    Dell 30" FPW?

    a 30 inch monitor not from apple? WOOHOOOO! finally something worth of attention. how much? :D
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    2 193P+ or single 204T?

    are you guys talking about samsung monitors? can i have a link please?
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    ok, I need you to finish off my rig....I need 2 more part recommendations...

    why everybody just dont care about their psu? u got this powerful system with a 480wattish, man that's not enough for all these components, minimum should be 500-520, i recommend droping $200 and get a 700watt for now and future upgrades, and then you won't need to upgrade your psu for a long time.
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    New build, could use suggestions

    3500? get 3800. 3500 is old man. 1gb of ram? get 2 for vista.
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    Please assist with first computer upgrade ($500 limit)

    1gb of ram is not enough anymore get 2gb (for vista). a 400 watt psu?? are you kidding?!! get at least 500 or more if possible.
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    question on replacing cpu

    i didn't know that they made 478 cpus with 800mhz bus? try finding one at ebay, you can get lots of older cpus there.
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    should i move to amd or stay with complicated intel.

    is it worth to go and buy a new intel cpu now. or do you guys think i should get an amd instead, amds are beyond 3.8ghz now, good/bad idea?
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    16x pcie slot.

    i know that the pcie video card slot runs at 16x, what does my ati radeon x850 xt pe runs at?
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    I have a working RDX200!

    what is a RDX200?
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    Best PCI Video Card?

    you should forget about the video card for now and replace the processor, celeron cpus are the worse cpus on this planet.
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    7800GTX 512mb worth it ?

    why replace your 6800 ultra, that's enough for everything there is at this point in time.
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    sony fw900 or dell 2405, 24" monitos

    would you get the sony or the dell? :)
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    2005FPW 2405FPW and 360 The dilemma.

    Daniel53, please post some screenshots??
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    What is your oldest working monitor?

    just curious of how long my will last. :( :)
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    where is the playstation 3?

    any news on the ps3? links?
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    What is your oldest working monitor?

    those are crts. no one has one lcd?
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    Sata II....whats needed to make it work??

    you haven't install anything before have you, like the chipset inf driver, then lan driver, then video card driver, finally the ide driver! in that order.
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    I won an nvidia contest!!!

    did you get it? like they say you could sell the 2 and get a 7800gtx (maybe the new 512).