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  1. firas

    Looking for a router/access point for a small company

    the company I work for moved to a new location, the attached sketch is not the final one but its close enough we have a 200mb fiber, the router is the red point, its in a closed storage room there is a cat6 cable that goes from the router then comes our from the ceiling around the blue point...
  2. firas

    Help with exporting from Illustrator to Photoshop

    I downloaded a free Illustrator template but when I export it as Photoshop PSD I get an image that is smaller than what I need and increasing the ppi from export options doesn't seem to help. when I open the PSD in Photoshop the size is 10x14 inches but I want it to be something like 34x80...
  3. firas

    24” IPS gaming monitor

    I'm looking for the best 24" 1920x1080 IPS monitor that is good enough for gaming. anything other than the Dell U2417H (or maybe U2415/U2414H) I should know about?
  4. firas

    [HELP] Intel Skull Canyon NUC or ASRock mini-STX DeskMini 110 with I7-6700?

    Edit: please see post #11 for final results If I were to upgrade the PC in my signature I would go for a small case (Ncase M1, DAN A4, Fractal Node, Lian Li Q series, etc), ITX motherboard, SFX PSU, i5-6600K or I7-6700K, GTX 1070, 16GB DDR4. But right now the plan is to buy (build) 2-3...
  5. firas

    Smart TV’s and Android apps

    I’m planning to buy my first smart TV next week, (mostly an LG because of the magic remote). I had no knowledge about smart TV’s and thought they all run an Android OS and I can install any app just like a Galaxy smartphone. But now I know I can’t play clash of clans with my wife on the TV...
  6. firas

    how to connect a laptop hard drive to desktop

    do I have to bring that big cable (looks like a smaller version of the old IDE cable) only?
  7. firas

    MaLDoHD 4.0 for Cysis 2 download and instructions
  8. firas

    any comments on this build?

    it's for a friend and mainly for gaming. it's his first PC, he owns a PS3 & a MacBook. we'll buy the NZXT Phantom (the white small one not the 410) from a local store. 1200W PSU for a 2nd video card in the future, wanted the EVGA SuperNOVA NEX1500 Classified for the red/black scheme we're...
  9. firas

    what to do when Windows 7 boot is corrupt?

    yesterday when I was trying to OC the CPU I had a few of BSOD’s during logon, eventually one corrupted the boot files and I was unable to login to windows (Win7 x64). this is the third time I had to format for the same reason, 2 by a bad OC settings and one after I used the case power...
  10. firas

    Partitioning Hard Drive for Games

    Hi all, I’ve partitioned my primary hard drive (640GB) to three equal partitions (about 200GB each) C for Vista D for XP, which I don’t use at all so this partition is practically empty E for data what I know is that the first or primary partition will be located on the fastest outer...
  11. firas

    [Type 3] The next graphical juggernaut to rival Crysis?
  12. firas

    help choosing a motherboard for a new rig

    I’m planning to build a new rig within this week, my final thoughts are Q9550 + GTX 285 + 2 x 2GB DDR2 1066 I was planning for a p45 mobo, and aiming for theGA-EP45-UD3R or GA-EP45-UD3P (extra PCI x8) since they have a good reputation but didn't find them in the local stores (I’ll buy...
  13. firas

    laptop keeps shutting down

    hi all my friend has the following Toshiba Laptop it keeps shutting down (instant without blue screen) we formatted it but that didn’t fix the problem then we bought a laptop cooler (something with 3 fans under the laptop) but it kept shutting down! what could be the reason(s)...
  14. firas

    choose the best botherboard

    - vote as you like, for what you think is the [ultimate best] [best bang/buck] [ best in its category] [best performer/OCer] …etc - I guess some should be excluded & some should be added so tell me and I’ll update it - maximum poll options allowed is 10 (why [H]!) so I...
  15. firas

    sorry... just delete this

    sorry i made a wrong poll and couldn't edit it
  16. firas

    what do you think about this server?

    i'm not an expert here but shouldn't the Intel Xeon X3350 be a better CPU choice at the same price of the mentioned CPU? should we go for DDR@800 or higher?
  17. firas

    looking for a Toshiba gaming notebook

    looking for a gaming notebook and my main concern is the graphic card I’m looking for some way to have an idea about the Mobile Graphics Cards performance and I’m trying to compare them to the desktop VGA GeForce 8800GT since I used it and know what it offers This is the best Mobile Graphics...
  18. firas

    Are those temperatures ok?

    this is my friends PC, the board is Abit P35-E (drivers wasn’t installed when I took the shot), he’s using a $10 case, only Everest was running when I took the shots so I guess these temperatures are @ Idle
  19. firas

    I accidently deleted files from the USB flash disk

    The accountant in my company gave me the flash disk, I gave it to someone else, and that someone else deleted the accountant files, those files are 2 weeks work 4 hours a day! any chance?
  20. firas

    different Billing/Shipping address and newegg

    I’m in the Middle East and as far as I know newegg and all the other websites don’t ship to my area. Aramex (courier like FedEx) here is providing a service called shop&ship where they open for the customer a personal mailing address in the US and the UK where he can receive his correspondence...
  21. firas

    PC upgrade, need some help please

    I’m helping my friend to update his rig, he’ll by everything locally and he have a very tight budget (about $600 for the mentioned parts) This is what I found for him: CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E6650 2.33 GHz ($179) Board: I found those three: GIGABYTE GA-P35-DS3L ($130) ABIT...
  22. firas

    more 2X2GB DDR2@1000&1066 hit the market

    4GB(2 x 2GB) DDR2 1000 (PC2 8000) 4GB(2 x 2GB) DDR2 1066 (PC2 8500) I guess it was just a matter of time before we start seeing more and more kits like this due to the DDR3 insane prices and the need for bigger capacity (Win Vista) and higher speeds cuz people need to hit higher FSB with...
  23. firas

    determine presence/absence/operational status of 3 processor features my result
  24. firas

    Vista 32bit SP1 can see all 4GB of RAM?!

    Windows Vista Service Pack 1 Build.6001.18000 32-bit can this be true?
  25. firas

    Question about the DDR3 speeds

    DDR2@800 means it can support up to 400Mhz FSB DDR3@1800 means it can support up to 900Mhz FSB The CPU will bottleneck the FSB to something like 400Mhz-500Mhz in most cases so though the DDR3@1800 RAM will be running @ 1800Mhz speed, the actual speed going between those parts on the...
  26. firas

    Net Tools 2008

    I’m not really into this stuff but I thought this could be interesting for some Net Tools 5.0
  27. firas

    who would’ve thought this about the Skulltrail
  28. firas

    help with upgrading to a video editing 3D software RIG

    my friend wants to upgrade his current rig, he wants to upgrade the CPU, Motherboard, RAM for now and set a $1200 budget for those 3 parts the rig will be used for video editing & montage, 3D graphics software he will buy all the parts from the local stores so no need for web links, and he...
  29. firas

    what’s the best 750W-800W PSU

    I found these Power Supplies locally: 1-Thermaltake Toughpower W0105 700W I cant find it at newegg, I’m assuming its an old model 2-ZALMAN ZM – 750 HP ATX12V / EPS12V 750W 3-some 750W Silverstone PSU, don’t know which one cuz the guy told me it’s in the storehouse! But...
  30. firas

    and another “what’s the Recommended PSU” Q

    these PSU’s are really expensive and I’ll hate it if I had to replace it so I want to pick some future proof one and here is my future plan: Intel 45nm Core 2 Quad Q9450 2.66GHz Processor Asus Maximus Formula Motherboard Nvidia GeForce 9800GX2 4GB DDR2@1066 RAM 2 Combo Drives...
  31. firas

    Install Vista SP1 and enable DX10.1! should I do it?

    is it ok to do it? seems that the SP! is from Microsoft website!
  32. firas

    Maximum Formula SE, shpuld I pull the trigger?

    these are my fixed decisions until now: -Silverstone TJ07 (found it locally yesterday and will buy it next week, it’ll cost me about 430USD) -I’ll go water cooling (3 loops, CPU/VGA/NB block, 1X360 rad at the bottom & another 1X240 rad on top) -The new 45nm Yorkfield Q9450 (hope I...
  33. firas

    HP Blackbird 002 I just wan't the case, but I guess it's like Alienware case' can't get the case only :( btw, I love the flash effect when you click on "TOOL-LESS ENTRY" :D
  34. firas

    Water Cooling, is it Pointless?

    based on this the best Wolfdale (E8500) reached 4553Mhz just with air cooling I don’t know what's it's FSB limits but I don’t thik it'l be very far from 505 and based on this The best Yorkfield (Q9450) reached 3650Mhz with air cooling only I think 430Mhz FSB is near the max...
  35. firas

    Murderbox TJ07

    with all respect to can we buy this: click on the pic or build something close to it? :( btw, I dont like the tubing at all
  36. firas

    Need some case recommendations here?

    Just wanted to know my choices here The case should have: 1-Aluminum 2-Window side panel 3-No front door 4-No plastic childish decorations (maybe some :D) 5-Can handle a tri loops water cooling system (1/2" tubes) 6-With the radiator inside the case (something like the Black Ice Xtreme...
  37. firas

    looking for some good looking WC assembly

    Hi all Basicly I’m aiming for something like this and to be frank looks are the main target for me, CPU OC is done here I know GPU block isn’t that important, and for me cooling the GPU is not important at all I know NB block will cuz water line too loose pressure but these...
  38. firas

    and X48 delayed too

    Yorkfield then Wolfdale and now X48 according to this that’s nice, now I can get any new GeForce 9 series + Yorkfield + X48 mobo at the same time :D and maybe by that time the DDR3 prices will drop a little bit, and some VA/IPS 22” panel will arrive :D wait, I remember I saw...
  39. firas

    Thermaltake Armor+ & Xaser

    Armor+ -- XaserVI VIDEOS PREVIEW Armor+ (VH6000 series) Xaser VI (VG4000 series) PHOTOS says here Net Weight 10.2kg(22.5lb) so I guess it’ll compensate the 60cm (23.6)...
  40. firas

    3RSYSTEM Cases

    since this one is about 3 years old...i'll start another 1 :D 3rsystem Weight : 5Kg :confused: