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    Want: IPS, 27+inch, to be used as gaming-$500 budget

    Hey guys, I'm looking for a 27" or bigger monitor with an IPS panel, and the primary use will be for gaming. Before anyone says just go TN, you'll have to find one that looks as good as my old W2241T monitor. I have yet to see one. I'm looking at the Yamakasi Catleap Q270 "2B OVERCLOCK" for...
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    Cheap friend needs a mic

    So, my buddy needs a mic so he can talk to us while we all game. He is a dick and won't buy himself a mic, so, that means I have to buy one for him. So, what mic can I get that costs less than $10 that won't sound like total ass?
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    14.4 Beta drivers-Anyone try them?

    Anyone tried the leaked 14.4 beta drivers? On 14.3, I wasn't able to mine at stock clock settings, it would always throttle. I ended up pulling the opencl stuff from 14.3, and installing 13.11 betas again.
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    p55a-ud3 I'm stummped, 2mobos, 2 cpus, still no video

    Original problem was the 4x pcie slot was the only one to give me video. I RMA'd the mobo, they said it checked out fine, sent it back, I still had the same problem. Rma'd the mobo again, this time can't get any video at all. So, I rma the cpu, still don't get any video. I'm using an evga...
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    ViewSonic VX2739WM vs Samsung P2770H, Which one to get?

    I can't decide between the VX2739WM vs the P2770H. I have a Samsung TV, and it is amazing, I've seen other viewsonics, they are also pretty damn good. I have no way to look at these before I buy them, and they both are getting good reviews. I basically want a 27" monitor I can game on at...
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    Windows 7 need htpc apps

    I've got my Ion based HTPC working great with MPC-HC as far as play, pause, volume functions work, but, I still have to use my mouse to get to the videos. I'd use Boxee, Media center or xbmc for playing files, but, I can't get boxee or xbmc to see my video files because they are on another...
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    VGA switch

    I'm looking at getting a VGA switch, looking to spend no more than $40. I used a kvm at school, and it made a hissing noise all the time, that annoyed the crap out of me. I don't need a full blown kvm with keyboard inputs and everything, I'm just going to use Synergy for that. So, anyone know...