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    Why isn't AR treated glass more common on monitors?

    I also would pay the extra 200$ but big companies don't like money... errrr niche markets.
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    new xbox recon controller

    The gamer look is for children.... the industry needs to grow up.
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    Philips Fidelio X2 $198.90 after $50 Instant Coupon on Amazon

    I have the X1's... they are amazing. Get these while you can. In games its like you can see where people are coming from with your ears. Scary good.
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    Unreal Engine 4.11 Gets NVIDIA’s VRWorks Multi-Res Shading

    For those of you who dont know how VR works this is amazing! Large portions of the rendered image end up around the very edge of your field of view. They render the image near the center at native res where its most needed. Its an option. Not required.
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    Interesting new panels coming this year (Tftcentral news)

    It has an algorithm its using to do pixel shifting for panel health. My guess is its 60hz input but the panel itself is refreshing at 120 to allow the algorithm to room to work.
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    OLED Computer Monitors?

    Plus no backlight bleed with oled... people wont be sending 3-4 monitors back just to get one with minimal backlight bleed.
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    U.S. To Form Task Force To Fight Online Militant Propaganda

    More government "jobs" tax payers have to well... pay for. As with so many other government programs this will likely not create any real value.
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    Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege

    Loving this game. so innovative. Can't recommend it enough.
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    Half-Life 2: Episode Four

    The game would never live up to everyones nostalgia. Would be a PR nightmare that could only hurt them. Your never going to see HL3. If it does happen it wont be anytime soon.
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    ASUS PG279Q 144hz 1440P IPS G-Sync

    All of the panels in these 1440p 144hz displays have been produced by the same manufacturer. If Samsung decides to make a similar panel we could get it in semi gloss or if we wish hard enough full gloss :P Coating is put on during panel fab before asus, acer, or benq even get ahold of it.
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    The ASUS ROG GX700 Has An Insane Liquid Cooling Dock

    Oh joy its got the "gamer" look. Just what people that actually have money are looking for >.>
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    Acer Predator XR341CK 34" 144Hz Curved Gaming Screen with G-sync

    that logo looks ridiculous...
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    Where's my 24" glossy IPS G-Sync monitor?

    You people and your difficult to clean, contrast ruining dull monitors...
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    Why People Pirate Video Games

    Same as a lot of people here. I used to pirate everything when i was in college with minimal income. Now everything is through steam.
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    Acer Predator XR341CK 34" 144Hz Curved Gaming Screen with G-sync

    Very happy to see its 100hz now but the logo on the front is too "gamer" for me. Companies need to stop assuming gamers like 14 kid style agressive branding.
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    New G Sync monitors incoming

    They are making the exact same monitor for freesync first for 600$. Gsync doesnt cost that much more to introduce. Im thinking 800$ total.
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    Feds to Cable Industry: Embrace Broadband Competition or Else

    As long as politicians have power to sell someone will be there to buy it. The only way to remove money from politics will be to remove the incentive. Government has too much power. Some government is essential but what we have today is over reaching. When you hear wealth redistribution you...
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    Feds to Cable Industry: Embrace Broadband Competition or Else

    If a company doesnt have to care about what its customers think then its not a free market. Customers will go elsewhere. In my area and many others comcast has deals with local governments so only they can drop lines to provide service. There is no other option. Comcast has used government...
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    Feds to Cable Industry: Embrace Broadband Competition or Else

    I dont think anyone here is saying get rid of government completely. We just want to see a dramatic scale back from what we have today... which is government that has grown too big and influenced too heavily by corporatisms. Entery into mature markets is easy. Take uber for example. It was...
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    Feds to Cable Industry: Embrace Broadband Competition or Else

    Local government are the ones that limit who can install lines for service. Government... Not buisnesses. Limiting who can deliver service is what is killing competition and without competition isp's keep their 97% profit margins. Government is the problem here. Big ISP's are just taking...
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    Zynga Sacks 364 Employees

    No, they are most likely from projects that weren't making any money. Perhaps theyre trying to slim down and streamline their focus to a few good products.
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    Zynga Sacks 364 Employees

    Also have to subtract from that $274,725 per person the amount each individual contributes to the companies success.
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    Dragon Age:Inqusition on Origin 39.99 + 25% off with code

    Why? What are they doing that other platforms aren't?
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    GoPro's CEO Is Highest Paid Executive In America

    Your work is worth whatever someone is willing to pay. If you think your worth more ask for a raise, find another job, or start your own business.
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    Lack of glossy gsync and other gaming monitors

    Well their response what somewhat open... whatever if they don't offer a glossy I'm just not buying Acer... might have to wait how ever long it takes samsung to make another high hz glossy.
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    Lack of glossy gsync and other gaming monitors

    Well im excited to give acer a try if they produce a monitor thats 21:9 1440 gsync glossy which if rumors are true is very possible. Never been interested in their products before but they seem to really be on fire this year.
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    Lack of glossy gsync and other gaming monitors

    I keep trying to logon to the acer forums to give feedback in that forum you linked to. (Awesome that they are actually talking with customers) The login seems to be having issues :( Maybe you can direct them to view this page. Not that we should have to but I would totally pay 200$ extra...
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    Lack of glossy gsync and other gaming monitors

    Still using a 950d from samsung @ 120hz but TN and 1080p is starting to show its age... This thread isn't going to be seen by anyone but us. Monitor companies are going to continue ruining what would be amazing displays with aggressive AG coatings. I post on their facebook pages complaining...
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    High refresh 21:9?

    ^. im so excited for that monitor. Acer is finally going to get my money. Would glady pay 1500$ for it. Q2 release supposedly. I think it has vesa mounting too yah?
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    The White House Wants Gamers To Buy Healthcare

    You can save up. If everyone payed cash the market would be compeitive. I bet you dont even know how much your last hospital visit cost your insurance company. You can buy a catastrophic insurance plans to only covers serious injury. Obamacare plans are expensive unless you get the subsidy...
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    HTC One (M9)

    Maybe I'm alone on this. Logos placed on the front of the phone are distracting and tacky. They made such a beautiful phone and then stamped their brand / advertising on it.
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    Acer Predator XR341CK 34" 144Hz Curved Gaming Screen with G-sync

    If its glossy they can make the price ridiculous and I'll still buy it. The matte rog swift checked all the right boxes except one... Are Acer gaming monitors typically matte or glossy?
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    [Freesync] Benq XL2730Z -- 144 Hz, 1440p, 27 inches.

    They have to be paying more for these extended warranties. It's included by law so your essentially forced to buy an extended warranty if you want the product. That or margins on these products aren't as high in these in the EU.
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    If The Internet Becomes A Public Utility, You’ll Pay More Taxes

    Government doesnt have a high turn over rate. Most people dont pay attention and so the same people stay in power for long periods of time. Isp's have monopolies because of government regulation. They controll the government and right there own rules keeping potential competition put of the...
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    If The Internet Becomes A Public Utility, You’ll Pay More Taxes

    Corporations have to compete with each other for your dollar in a free market. They are accountable to their customers. Government has no competition and thus has no accountability.
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    Hate your matte film?

    I was 100% set to buy the swift. The matte coating on the display has stopped me from doing so. Waiting until a monitor with similar specs using a glossy display comes out to upgrade. For 800$ no one should have to compromise. Also waiting to buy some Asus 980's but wont until I have a proper...
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    Germany Mulls Ban On After-Hours Work Emails And Calls

    We definitely shouldn't leave people free to make their own choices. They might start getting ideas.
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    Would You Use A Tablet To Make A Phone Call?

    Ive been doing this for quite some time using an ipad mini with 4g lte + google voice. Ditched my phone and the 70$ a month it cost for tmobiles free 200MB a month + optional 10$ per GB.
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    ASUS Announces ROG SWIFT PG278Q Premium Gaming Monitor

    You arent going to run 1440p@144hz on a dp cable longer than 10ft. It cant handle the bandwidth.