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    Hosting Servers behind CG-NAT (port forwarding through WireGuard tunnel)

    I have recently switched to T-Mobile Home Internet, and speeds have been great. I have been getting between 150 and 300 Mbps download, and 50-100 Mbps upload most of the time. However, I host a few services from home and need to be able to expose them to the outside Internet. I purchased a...
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    Remembering deals of yesteryear

    Sometimes I like to look at my eBay purchase history and wonder how we have strayed so far from reasonable GPU prices. Anybody else? And no, I don't own any of these cards any more. Most of these went into builds that ended up with friends or family.
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    Nevermind, I am dumb

    I just clicked the "Check availability" button for RDNA 2 on and this is what I am seeing. What the hell? Edit: It's Canadian pesos. Oops
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    Ampere ETH Memory Clocks

    What are you guys running for memory clocks on your Ampere GPUs for Ethereum mining? I can't seem to hit the 2500Mhz+ numbers on my RTX 3080 that other people seem to hit without issue. Right now I am sitting at -200 core, 2200 mem, 230W Power Limit. Any higher on the memory and I get invalid...
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    Amazon Echo Flex Smart Speaker with free Sengled Wi-Fi LED Bulb - $9.99 @ BestBuy

    Have you ever wanted to put an Amazon Echo in your bathroom and torment your NSA handler? Perhaps you would like to "drop in" on the kitchen to give your loving spouse a play-by-play of how undercooked that chicken was? Well I have a deal for you! Also includes a free smart LED bulb, all for...
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    FIXED: Unable to flash "bricked" Samsung Galaxy S20 (SM-G981U1) - Auth Failed

    A friend of mine came to me with a 128GB SM-G981U1 that will not boot. It throws the "Secure Check Fail: boot" error after briefly flashing the Galaxy boot logo, and sits at the teal exclamation point screen "Security Error: This phone has been flashed with unauthorized software..." message...
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    (Rumor) NVIDIA Ampere Launch Window Leak

    Per Moore's Law is Dead, and other sources, the NVIDIA Ampere launch lineup is rumored to be as follows: 1.) RTX 3080 10GB in mid-September (Ok Availability) 2.) RTX 3090 24GB Paper Launch - Same time as 3080 3.) RTX 3090 24GB Shelf Availability - ~one week after the 3080 10GB launches (very...
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    AMD "Matisse 2" Zen 2 Refresh Rumor Thread

    According to "my dude", a refresh is coming in a couple months from AMD in order to make Intel's Comet Lake lineup look even more unappealing than it already does. Supposedly, we are going to see some six and eight-core parts with higher clock speeds on the existing Zen 2 architecture later...
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    LAN Party Games - Suggestions Needed

    I am having four friends over tomorrow for an impromptu LAN party. We normally end up playing StarCraft 2, Overwatch, Halo Online (ElDewrito) and maybe some CS:GO or UT2003. I'm looking for suggestions to freshen up the lineup this year. Offline versus modes get old fast, so something either...
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    LGA 2011 Narrow ILM CPU Bracket

    I recently purchased a SuperMicro X9DRi-F from another [H] member and it uses the wonderful LGA 2011 Narrow ILM socket. I stumbled across these brackets on eBay, but they don't exactly specify what cooler they are designed to work with. It looks like they adapt the LGA 2011 Narrow ILM mounting...
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    PCI-e WLAN Options

    What are you guys using for PCI-e wireless on desktop systems these days? I am thinking about this combo. Open to other ideas: Intel 9560NGW NGFF to PCI-e adater I liked this adapter because of the RF shield it...
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    LGA 1366 2P Build - NAS from Hell

    I recently purchased some 8TB WD Red Drives (the Best Buy EasyStore deal) and was quite disappointed with the pricing out there for a decent NAS unit. I priced out several Synology Units and an HP MicroServer Gen8 and neither one really got me excited about paying $300 for such anemic hardware...
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    Quanta QSSC-2ML 2P LGA 2011 1U Barebone - $98 + shipping

    I found this over at Looks like you could rip the motherboard out and make a killer 2P mid-tower workstation if you wanted. Obviously you would need different coolers. I am thinking dual E5-2650s. Quanta QSSC-2ML Dual LGA2011 Sockets 16 DIMM 1u Rack Server, It only has...
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    Build Advice: Cheapest Way to 12-bay JBOD

    I have been looking at upgrading my home storage and I would like some advice on how to build an 8-bay or greater JBOD encolsure for as little money as possible. I plan on populating this system with a bunch of 2TB HGST drives from eBay. I am open to DIY solutions such as this: 4U Supermicro...
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    Enterprise Grade Storage Recommendations

    We are a VMware shop with about 8,000 employees and I am looking for recommendations as to what the "best" storage solution for our use case. We have an IBM XIV Gen 4 SAN right now and I am not exactly a fan. We have no plans to move to a Nutanix-style hyper-converged environment just yet...
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    Free Chipotle Burrito

    Per 1. Text 888-222 the message "Raincheck" 2. You will receive a text back from Chipotle. 3. Click on the link and provide your First & Last Name and Zip Code 4. A coupon for a Free Burrito will be texted to you in the next few...
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    Panasonic NCR18650A Protected 18650 Lithium Ion Batteries

    Just in case any of you need some batteries for a flashlight, e-cig, or laser. Link to listing
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    FS: Intel Xeon E5-2609 2.3GHZ 2011 Processor

    I have a spicy LGA 2011 E5-2609 CPU for sale... PM for details. First $40 takes. Link to stats: Been on hiatus from folding; just got back in to it. Stats...
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    Powercolor Radeon 7870 Myst RMA Woes

    My PowerColor Radeon HD 7870 Myst Edition recently started artifacting so I RMA'd it. Three weeks later I receive the following email claiming that I "damaged the fan" and that it would cost $40 to replace it. I am the original owner of this card and have babied it since I bought it. I...
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    PS4/XBOX ONE CableCard/DVB Support

    I think it would be cold day in hell before we see such a feature, but it would be quite amazing if Microsoft or Sony would enable support for some sort of first-party CableCard/DVB tuner and DVR software on their respective consoles. Imagine how much market penetration one could gain from...
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    DFS Migration Questions - Server 2003

    I work for a fortune 100 company whose DFS servers currently run on Server 2003. Are there any caveats or gotchas when upgrading to Server 2008? I plan on building out a few new DFS servers, connecting them to the namespace, and then dropping the server 2003 VMs off the face of the planet...
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    Server-side 3D-accelerated virtualized applications

    I am a bit rusty in the area of 3d-accelerated virtualization. Can you guys tell me what solutions exist for 3D-accelerated applications on the server-side of things? Last I checked there was the following: RemoteFX - RDP one GPU to many clients XenDesktop - ICA one GPU to one client...
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    Dell Optiplex 790 USFF Barebone

    See here: (not my listing). What do you guys think of this? What kind of heatsink does this need?
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    WTB: X58 Motherboard for 24/7 folding

    Looking to get back in to the F@H game for team 33. I have one last quad-core xeon laying around and need a 1366 motherboard to get it up and running. Not looking for anything fancy. Heat: NobleX13 F@H:
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    Thermaltake Golden Orb (Socket 370) - $3.49

    An all-time classic is back! Brand new in box! Go go go! :D Electronics Goldmine
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    Home Network Build Reality Check

    I am closing on my first house on Monday and have been collecting components for my home network over the past month. Below are the details of my proposed buildout. ISP: Cox Communications (22 Down/3 Up) Modem: Motorola Surfboard 6120 Router: Symantec 1620 Security Gateway running pfSense...
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    FS: 2P ASUS KGPE-D16 Opteron 6128 Combo!

    I have for sale an ASUS KGPE-D16 motherboard and two Opteron 6128 CPUs. No heatsinks are included, but you probably want to do the MuskyMod anyway. :D The motherboard, manual, and some SATA cables are included; no IO backplate will be provided. Sorry. $475 shipped for [H]orde members...
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    Canon EOS 10D Lens Help

    I just purchased a Canon EOS 10D for a song at a local pawn shop. This is the camera body only, no lens. Before I go sink $200 plus in to a quality lens for this camera, I would like to purchase the most basic lens possible at a low price point in order to properly learn how to take good...
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    ASROCK EXTREME4 LGA 2011 X79 Motherboard

    I am close to finishing my new 2P build and need to liquidate this to fund the Memory and Heatsinks needed to polish it off. Newegg link Like-new in box, includes motherboard, SATA cables, and probably the IO shield. I'll have to check. $175 shipped for [H]orde members.
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    Team 33 HP Cloud Free Invite Thread

    As many of you know, the private beta of the HP Cloud makes for some awesome free PPD while it's still in beta. I just received the following email from HP: Have at it! Be sure to say thanks if you get in.
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    FS: 2x FREE* 8-core Sandy Bridge-E CPUs, Asrock X79 Extreme 4, Phenom II X6 Combo

    Badge: I have for sale the following items, for [H]orde members only: *Free with purchase
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    H50 Does Not Fit LGA 2011 ASUS P9X79

    I just purchased a brand-new ASUS P9X79, and can say that, without a doubt, the stock LGA 1366 mounting for the H50 does not seat the cooler properly when using the included backplage. Specifically, the raised threaded section of the socket prevents the top retention plate from lowering in to...
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    eBay Hardware Brag Thread

    What's the best CPU deal you've gotten off of eBay? Here's mine: 2x 1.6 GHz 8-core LGA 2011 Xeon CPUs - QA89 stepping - $200 each:
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    It's back! $350 Xeon L5640 on eBay! Not as good of a deal as it used to be, but still a great price for a hex xeon... :D (Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with this seller in any way and can not vouch for...
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    The Folding Shack

    Look at this property here: What a bargain for a cheap Folding@Home colocation facility and residence! :D In a perfect world, a couple of folks willing to pay a small premium on top of electric costs would pay...
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    FS/T: 2P G34 combo, 2P 1366 Combo, C32 CPUs, GTS 250s, and more.

    Well, the time has come to be more responsible with my finances, and as a result, I have decided to let go of some gear in the name of progress. Prices listed are for team 33 members only, although I do make exceptions for those looking to join the team. Badge: For Sale: Trades...
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    WTB: Inexpensive Core i7 920 (C0 OK!)

    I am looking to purchase an inexpensive Intel Core i7 920 C0 for a budget 1366 folding rig I'm slapping together. I've seen them go for as low as $120 on occasion in the main FS/T thread, but would rather buy from my fellow [H]orde members. This will be a borg that I am leaving at my buddies...
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    Assistance needed - IBM BR10i (1068e) flash to IT mode - C0 revision error

    I could really use some assistance with flashing my second IBM BR10i SAS HBA from IR mode to IT mode. I successfully performed this on my first card, but the second is giving me trouble. To flash this card, I am executing this command on Windows 7 x64: sasflash -o -c 1 -f 3081ETB3.fw -b...
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    WTB: AMD 1055T/1090T/1100T

    I would like to purchase an AMD socket AM3 hex-core at a [H]orde friendly price. I'm thinking something around $110, give or take. Heat: NobleX13 Badge:
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    DIY Network Rack suggestions

    I would like to build a basic open-air network rack out of some 2x4s, and could use some advice as to the design, construction, and sourcing of rack rails. I'll even throw a $5 bounty out there for quality build advice/design. This rack will house both network gear and a few rackmount servers...