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    spare iphone screen programmed for accessory monitor?

    i need some input on whether or not i can use a spare iphone monitor as a touch screen monitor. im trying to see if i can buy a beaglebone or some kind of micro computer chipet to make a small tablet. thanks for the input!:cool:
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    playstation monitor PC 3D work around

    so i've been lookin at these for a lil bit not that exact item from that buyer, but that screen. i jus used the picture for reference. from what i gather this monitor should be able to do 3d on any PC...
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    is this a good deal? input and opinions pls

    hey i got a friend whose trying to upgrade his surround view set-up to a major bigscreen setup. and in the mean time he has a set of monitors he wants to dump onto and is insistent that he will hook it up lol. i dont doubt him as a friend im jus getting more opinions so i doint have to do so...