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    GA-X58A-UD5 and Intel PRO/1000 PT Quad Port NIC

    I've got a GA-X58A-UD5 motherboard and am trying to get this Intel PRO/1000 PT Quad Port Server Adapter to show up.( ) I need some troubleshooting help. My NVIDIA 9800GTX+ card is taking up PCIe slots...
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    IIS8 and RDS 2012

    I know nothing about IIS, but this should be pretty straightforward. We have setup and deployed Remote Desktop Services on Windows Server 2012. That is working great, internally. I am trying to set it up so we can access this externally. I've got the firewall allowing incoming connections...
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    Android -2 Market and Gingerbread Questions

    Hey fellas, I have 2 questions regarding Android. 1.) so i have 4 gmail accounts on my phone. The first account i synced to my phone is the one i want to use for the market, like if i buy an app or whatever. Over the course of the last few months, when installing apps, i didn't realize...
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    How to Manage Droids in an Enterprise?

    Does anybody have any experience in managing Droids/iPhones in an Enterprise environment? We are moving from BlackBerrys to Droids/iPhones next month, and i need to figure this out asap. We have blackberry enterprise server in house, but, we just moved to BPOS so email will now be out...
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    Dell Zino and 63" Samsung Plasma

    Hey fellas- I got a Dell Zino with HDMI out going to a Samsung 63" Plasma (1080p but of course!) Anyway, when i'm looking at the zino on the plasma the screen seems to flicker a little bit, I'm sure this isn't an ideal set up, but I'm wondering what options i have to make this plasma look...
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    HTC EVO on at&t/verizon?

    Does anybody know if there are plans to bring the HTC EVO 4G to at&t or verizon? Surely sprint doesn't get dibs on that phone forever. Please give me some good news?!
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    iPhoto question

    So my girlfriend has a mac book and uses iPhoto to manage her photos. I've never used iPhoto so i dont know what is going on. Basically, some of her photos she can see the thumbnails but when she trys to view the full size photo it enlarges the photo and then the photo disappears and a "question...
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    DDR3 with only 2 DIMM's (Laptop)

    Can you explain something to me? How in the world is it possible for DDR3 Memory to work at full capacity/efficiency/speed in a notebook with only 2 DIMMs? My understanding is that the DDR3 (triple channel) architecture can only be used when all three, or a multiple of three, memory...
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    MAC to Windows Box, Remote Desktop

    I've got a Macbook Pro, and i want to connect the macbook to our terminal server. I've download the rdp client from Microsoft (version 2. )I have no issues connecting to my terminal server and logging in. The problem is the rdp session window is not maximized. There are literally no options on...
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    Looking for a specific MGS4 picture

    Hi- I have the MGS4 theme that i got off the ps3 store, like 2 years ago. There is one specific picture in the theme, that i love. Here is a screenshot... Basically, I'm trying to find this one picture in high...
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    Need opinions for best way to route cables

    Hey below are pics of my rig. I tried to do the best i could as far as cable routing. Anybody got any tips or things i should do instead? I've got 6 drives in this bad boy, which makes things a bit hard. thanks guys. this photo was taken before adding the rest of the drives..
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    Gigabyte EX58-UD5 Raid 1 fail

    Hey got a question for fellow Gigabyte MB users. I noticed my computer was running ridiculously slow, so i rebooted and saw that my raid 1 had changed from "healthy" to "initialized". So i am assuming i had a hard drive crash. I installed Gigabyte's smart backup program utility to try and...
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    direct X 10, what is it?

    direct X 10, what the hell is it? and what are new changes that i will notice. also can my video card support it Ati radeon 512 x1900xtx
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    External Hard drive, encrypted mp3s!

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    External Hard drive, encrypted mp3s!

    Hey guys got a brain buster for ya...I have 14K mp3s on an external hard drive, that i can't copy to my desktop. Maxtor - External 200GB HD; model # TA200E0038171 Files were dragged from desktop harddrive to Maxtor drive under my computer. Files copied fine - no problems. On the Maxtor...
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    broken computer

    sup fellas. So recently i was having some problems with my computer, so i decided i was going to format the HDD. My computer has a 500 gig sata (3 gigs a second) drive in it. All i have is my boot disk, with fdisk on it from like 1998. I tried finding some utilities that could handle a 500...
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    hosted exchange company!

    Hi! Me and another guy manage 2 companies about 100 people total, all in house. With two(2) headquarters per company, and 7 branch sites for one company and 8 for the other, it makes managing all this stuff a little hard sometimes. On top of that we are running Novell Groupwise :( Anyway...
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    Battlefield 2142, weird screen EMP?

    Battlefield 2142, this is a screen shot of the game, is this normal? The screen is all funky, it only happens when a EMP is detonated. The text is fine, and the maps are fine Also, anyone notice a refresh bar, it goes from the top down to the bottom, it only happens when i am on the back...
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    Resolution on DELL 24inch 2405FPW

    Hey Fellas I have a question for you. I finally purchased Battlefield 2142. I have a Dell 24 inch UltraSharp 2405FPW Widescreen Digital Flat Panel. And pushing that is a 512MB ATI Radeon X1900 XTX. I think I have the resolution set at 1920 X 1200. Anyway in the game it has it set a bit lower say...
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    resolution for BF 2142

    Hey Fellas I have a question for you. I finally purchased Battlefield 2142. I have a Dell 24 inch UltraSharp 2405FPW Widescreen Digital Flat Panel. And pushing that is a 512MB ATI Radeon X1900 XTX. I think I have the resolution set at 1920 X 1200. Anyway in the game it has it set a bit...