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    First time watercooling - General advice so I don't Derp

    Hi! I love your post. I have watercooled every system of mine since 2006 and I have tried many configurations. My advice for a first timer: Get a syringe and a small funnel to inject the coolant into your reservoir or fill tube. For nicely cut tubing, i have found that garden trimming shears...
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    The End Of Terrible Wi-Fi Is Near

    I have a coworker who was only getting about 10Mbps speed tests on his devices associated to his home Wi-Fi, but paying for 100mbps from his ISP. He kept thinking it was a cable modem / ISP problem. He uses the router+wifi combo from the ISP. I came over and did an analysis using a free app on...
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    5G Will Be A Game Changer, Generating Trillions By 2035

    So the question becomes: do you disable the Wi-Fi or LTE in your refrigerator? If you do, you can't use the webcam from your office to check if you're low on mayo because you've become too lazy to check it yourself. Or, if you have the really high end model, it tweets at you when it...
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    5G Will Be A Game Changer, Generating Trillions By 2035

    You mean those services' lame alternatives owned by the ISPs. Original sites like YouTube and Netflix will always be throttled without net neutrality protected peering.
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    5G Will Be A Game Changer, Generating Trillions By 2035

    Meanwhile, in my hometown of 66,000 people, Verizon has deployed 4G LTE where the max throughput on any given day is around 3 Mbps because they choke the WAN link on their antennae. Hopefully I can get about 10 Mbps on 5G.
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    Kaby Lake 7700K vs Sandy Bridge 2600K IPC Review @ [H]

    I swear I am doing that same thing with my Gulftown Xeons and original 2013 Nvidia GTX Titan. This build is the longest I have ever used a single computer without modification because it was simply so powerful when put together. I think the 2nd longest I ever went was with my ATI 9700 Pro...
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    Kaby Lake 7700K vs Sandy Bridge 2600K IPC Review @ [H]

    I am so happy to see this article. Thank you for taking into consideration that many of your readers are still running older hardware. So many reviews only compare the last 2 or 3 generations. I have been seeing so many peanut gallery comments on other sites' comments pages where people are...
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    Samsung Introducing New Quantum Dot Curved Monitors At CES 2017

    I think it's another gimmick like 3D glasses. They need reasons to push you to get rid of your "crappy" circa 2010 LCD.
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    Samsung Introducing New Quantum Dot Curved Monitors At CES 2017

    I felt the same way for a while, but recently a lot of games I have been playing have a built-in non-controllable game engine requirment of V-Sync and act very poorly when it is tampered with - effectively ruining G Sync or the game behavior. For example Skyrim Remastered will behave very...
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    Virgin Flight Delayed By Galaxy Note Wi-Fi Hoax

    Is it too late to vote for "Technology Troll of the Year 2016" ? This is amazing and horrifying.
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    E3 Was Secretly Terrible For The Future Of Virtual Reality

    I would say Giantbomb's video detailing his experiences with the HTC Vive says it all. There appears to be a long way to go before you can have a quality experience with a really engaging game in VR. I personally have no interest in these systems when I see their current level of capability...
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    Xeon X5560 Cooling Help Needed...

    Well, the model number difference is so slight and they appear to be in the same family, so it may be the same shroud. If you look on the bottom of your heatsink while you're in there for those 4 screw placements it may be compatible. Can't seem to find any cheap ones though... but yeah a...
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    Xeon X5560 Cooling Help Needed...

    It looks like this is the underside of that fan assembly/heatsink. If your heatsink has these 4 small philips head mounting points on the bottom... you can probably use that 1TD00 fan assembly.
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    Xeon X5560 Cooling Help Needed...

    Actually, does it look like this? That appears to be a fairly simple deal, but I don't know if the backplate will stay secured when you unscrew the heatsink? Would need to see the back of it, unfortunately. There appears to be room right on the heatsink for a fan, so I'm not sure why...
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    Xeon X5560 Cooling Help Needed...

    EDIT: Re-reading your original post... is this the type of setup where the CPU heatsink lives inside of a plastic channel that's supposed to direct airflow from the front, with no actual fan on the heatsink itself? If so, those can sometimes be attached in a PITA type of way where it gets...
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    Xeon X5560 Cooling Help Needed...

    Definitely sounds like it needs to be repaired / replaced. You could start with just replacing the fan, and reapplying some fresh TIM. What size fan is it? While you're in there, you could take some pics and measure the mounting holes and backplate, so you know what you'd need to be searching...
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    Going from an intel i7 920 to 2x xeon x5670 cpus

    I'm running two X5680's right now at stock speeds. I know that's slightly different than your original inquiry, but if you want to specify some certain benchmarks, I will run them for you and give you the results.
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    3007wfp with a 3007wfp-hc

    P.S. There are no device menus or calibrations besides brightness on the HC. You can try using Windows color calibration but I am unsure if that is available per-monitor. At the moment, I am only running single monitor so I can't check that for you.
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    3007wfp with a 3007wfp-hc

    Two years ago, I did something very similar to what you are considering. I purchased two Dell 3007-WFP-HC's on ebay to add to a single one I already had. In fact, the computer I am typing this on right now is running my original 3007 purchased in early 2008. My situation is a little different...
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    BenQ BL3200 randomly undetected. Getting worse.

    That does sound wrong. Your best bet for troubleshooting is try to a known-good computer and monitor cable. (attach this monitor to another computer) If it does the same thing... something is wrong.
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    Do you Regret buying a 4K ?

    I have an Acer XB280HK and Titan SLI. I mostly do "regret" it and I am now thinking of 1440p @ 120+ Hz instead. I ran a Dell 1600p screen for years and I think that resolution (and 1440p) is great at the 27" - 30" segment. I can tell you for sure that this particular monitor doesn't scale...
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    What's the best CPU monitoring for windows 8.1 pro 64bit?

    I had an issue where CoreTemp would not talk to my All CPU Meter - which is my preferred heads up. I switched to PC Meter and it works well.
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    REVODRIVE + ASrock Extreme4 (Very slow write speeds) Help requested.

    Although this page is listed under the RevoDrive3, it should still be applicable to your product. It mentions certain compatibility and slot considerations for various motherboards, including ASRock:
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    REVODRIVE + ASrock Extreme4 (Very slow write speeds) Help requested.

    The BIOS settings for hard drive operation mode shouldn't matter - the RevoDrive has its own RAID controller and SATA operation internal to itself. Is there some way you can check the speed on the slot you have the RevoDrive installed in? It should be running at 4x. Sometimes, having more than...
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    Well i think im done with Corsair Memory

    Were the modules listed on the approved memory list for the motherboard?
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    Very slow Startup and need some advice.

    Yes, you should be able to use a 7200 RPM drive. 7200 will generate just a little bit more heat but it should be fine. 0% CPU usage is ideal. These days your sound chip and other hardware will offload processing away from the CPU to reduce CPU overhead - which is a good thing.
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    Very slow Startup and need some advice.

    I would agree with trying another disk as a troubleshooting step. I have seen two computers in the past with bad hard drives that weren't completely failed where if the hard drive was attached (even as a secondary) the computer behaved like it was on its death bed. As soon as the partially bad...
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    pcie ssd's

    I used a RevoDrive X2 for a long time and was pretty happy with it. At that time (3? 4? years ago), it was twice as fast as anything else available. I don't think that's really the case these days. Another thing to consider... In case you are not aware, these devices need to load a large ROM...
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    Do you prefer Windows 7 or Windows 8?

    I was originally in love with Win7 and I despised what I learned of Win8. When I finally got into 8 for more than 5 minutes... I learned that I liked W8 way more than I thought I would. The new Windows Explorer copy dialogs, the new Win+X menu shortcut, the new disk Optimizer w/ Trim, and I...
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    ASUS Announces ROG SWIFT PG278Q Premium Gaming Monitor

    Will my 3007WFP finally be upgraded!?
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    What video card has served you the longest before upgrading?

    Me too. 3 years! Man I miss that card. Played GTA3 like a boss.
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    Which CPU to choose?

    I have built two gaming PCs in about 2 months for friends. I used the i5 3570 and the i5 4670. Both of those overclocked fairly easily but not to an extreme degree. They very easily scored "high end" in the 3dmark 11 ratings when paired with a 780. Another website I shall not name offers a...
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    Need Advice On Watercooling Loop

    These are the GPU adapters I used: This is my build log, maybe it will give you an idea?: The...
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    Need Advice On Watercooling Loop

    Regarding fans, depends how fancy you want to get. Most people use a push&pull config. I have a total of 10 fans in my PC just for 3 radiators and I can only afford to do push or pull on each one. The performance gain from doing push&pull is not 100%. You can go with higher speed fans and use a...
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    Need Advice On Watercooling Loop

    Some parts to get your research ideas going: tubing: fitting...
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    Need Advice On Watercooling Loop

    I would recommend a medium sized pump with a reservoir top, that way you don't need to struggle to mount a reservoir somewhere. For medium flow, go 3/8 tubing. A decent 3x120 (360) or 3x140 (460) radiator will do. I am running a single 360 radiator for my dual GTX Titans in a dedicated loop and...
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    EVGA SR-2

    I also have an SR-2. Indeed, the board is tricky. I still haven't got mine to overclock more than 2% of the base processor clock. I'm actually on my 2nd board because the first one stopped POSTing. Since then, no issues with booting. There are lots of issues you can have with the SR-2, from...
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    SSD or HDD as my new primary system drive?

    Last month I built a PC for a friend. I used Windows 8 and I saw a bunch of neat things, and I hated less. Today, I upgraded my main computer to Windows 8 and I like it. There's an awesome new menu you get with all my favorite things (by default) when you right click the start menu: The...
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    HD's Black, Red, Green or Blue?

    The SATA 6GB/s connection does have a small positive effect on SSD performance, even if you aren't fully saturating the link. AFAIK, conventional HDDs don't see a performance improvement in normal usage from 3GB/s to 6GB/s. The last time I ran a single disk was about 6 years or so ago... and...