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  1. NTJedi

    Liquidsky - PC cloud gaming $10 per month

    Like everything else, just wait for thousands of reviews from gamers to arrive. If the majority are positive then it's probably worth it. If the majority are negative then stay away.
  2. NTJedi

    3DMark Testing on GTX1060 concerns

    Any other opinions if the performance numbers I've posted are normal or abnormal ?
  3. NTJedi

    3DMark Testing on GTX1060 concerns

    Just finished some 3dMark basic edition testing and my scores seem low for the gigabyte GTX1060 3GB for a Windows10 system with i5-6600 using PNY 240GB SSD drives. The TimeSpy score was 3,786 and the FireStrike score was 9,866. I haven't done any overclocking or tweaking, just installed...
  4. NTJedi

    RIP Newegg, you weren't good lately anyway

    Using PCHound shows newegg has best price for 80% of my next computer desired parts. And Amazon isn't exactly reliable on what sellers will still be around 6 months from now. I wouldn't mind buying clothing on Amazon which I can return 48hours after opening. Computer parts which might break...
  5. NTJedi

    GOG is having a sale on games recommended by Jesse Cox.

    I scold them from your moms porch while she's servicing my needs.
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    GOG is having a sale on games recommended by Jesse Cox.

    For some strange reasons LOTS of kids spend MANY hours every week watching other people play games instead of playing the games themselves. It's not like they're watching to learn or perform a specific strategy.... they literally just mindlessly watch other people play the games. In some cases...
  7. NTJedi

    EA Digital game deals on Amazon.

    Are these deals still good? I can't check while at work. :(
  8. NTJedi

    What companies build PCs with dual booting OS

    Big Thanks to both of you ! :)
  9. NTJedi

    What companies build PCs with dual booting OS

    I'm not having much luck finding companies which will build my system with a dual booting or triple booting of operating systems. Ideally I want Windows7, Windows10 and WindowsXP since some older games don't work on the new operating systems even when using that "Compatiability mode" setting...
  10. NTJedi

    Samsung Galaxy S6

    What about performance testing on these devices to determine : which last the longest which muti-task the best which overheat after x_hours which works best with graphics which has best CPU etc., etc.,
  11. NTJedi

    Best Gaming Tablet

    From the research I've done the best gaming tablet appears to be the Nvidia Shield Tablet, but I'm worried about the reviews regarding the device getting very hot. Any advice?? whether this is what I should be buying or if a different tablet such as the ipad air 2 would be better?? I...
  12. NTJedi

    King Arthur II - The Role-playing Wargame DRM free version for $3 @GamersGate

    I'm not finding some important answers about the game. Does the game allow for multiplayer? Does the game have randomly generated worlds? Does the game have an editor?
  13. NTJedi

    Burger King - Original Chicken Sandwich only $1.04 thru 7/1

    Thank goodness the truth about pink slime has been exposed and closing many of those slime factories.
  14. NTJedi

    Ultra Limited Edition 550W Power Supply- $13 AR

    Always buy a quality power supply... the few times I purchased one which was less expensive it would die within less than a year and kill *at least* the motherboard too.
  15. NTJedi

    Advice for New System

    I've answered the stickied questions... awaiting wisdom of the tech guru wizards.
  16. NTJedi

    Advice for New System

    I'm wanting a new system and feel uncertain and out of touch with some variables. So I've listed some questions which hopefully the technical guru's and wizards can answer. 1) What will you be doing with this PC? Gaming? Photoshop? Web browsing? etc Gaming and Virtual Machines (Windows7...
  17. NTJedi

    Best Buy Online Midnite sale Tonight!

    Actually he should purchase one quality PSU instead of a low price PSU. The quality PSU's have always lasted 5+ years for me and you only need to blow away some dust once every 2years. The two times I went with a lower price PSU... they've died on me after 2 years... and one of them took the...
  18. NTJedi

    Corsair Hydros on sale at Best Buy

    I hate rebates and if it's something manufacturers wish to do then the stores selling the products should handle all the paperwork. I mean SERIOUSLY if car dealerships handle my $5,000.oo rebates for buying new vehicles then Newegg or Fry's Electronics should handle my $15.oo rebates!
  19. NTJedi

    [WARMISH] 72 AA or AAA batteries $10 shipped

    I hate the planet !! So I might buy some now.
  20. NTJedi

    Dungeons & Dragons Anthology $6.78 (digital download @ Gamersgate)

    I would buy this deal if I had the time... my house, work and girlfriend drain all my time. :(
  21. NTJedi

    Build ready. Where should I buy ?

    tossing stones so the moderators lock this thread
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    [Newegg] Radeon 7950's are out

    This is very true and it's usually done by both companies to maximize profits. While there's some fans who are AMD/ATI and others who are NVIDIA and others who don't care either way... the CEOs are sitting side-by-side in their luxury recliners with a trophy girlfriend on each arm of the chair...
  23. NTJedi

    Slow SSD speeds = What could I be missing??

    I will see if I can locate the drivers... I plan to have both WindowsXP and Windows7 on the same machine. I enjoy the benefits of two operating systems on one machine. Thanks again to everyone for the replies.
  24. NTJedi

    Slow SSD speeds = What could I be missing??

    Depending on the trouble involved it's probably faster for me to proceed with the driver installation and changes. I found the following article online: AHCI mode after installing WindowsXP: However my CPU is not Intel... so...
  25. NTJedi

    Slow SSD speeds = What could I be missing??

    Benchmark tests are still running. Thanks for the fast responses... here's the answers: ANSWERS: 1} The BIOS supports AHCI, RAID and IDE 2} The following registry key does not exist: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\Msahci **Any method of installing the ahci...
  26. NTJedi

    Slow SSD speeds = What could I be missing??

    What could I be missing?? My SSD drive is showing slower speeds than what should be arriving. According to the benchmark tool AS-SSD-Benchmark-[] my SSD drive only has 75MB read speeds and 65MB write speeds. The box reads the drive should be around 555MB read speeds and 495MB...
  27. NTJedi

    driver detected a controller error ?

    Switched the sata cable and also changed to controller port 1 and then the problem vanished. My read and write speeds are below average so I'll create a new topic for the slow speeds.
  28. NTJedi

    driver detected a controller error ?

    About 2 bluescreens of death each day... any advice? Several of these errors below each time the system boots and even while performing normal tasks. I already moved the paging file to another drive as well. Error: Event Type: ErrorEvent Source: Disk Event Category: None Event ID: 11...
  29. NTJedi Deals 12/14

    Is memory going back up in price?? I bought a new truck in Phoenix for a reduced price because of the rebate and the dealership handles the rebate with the manufacturer saving the customer the time and hassle. ** IF NewEgg could be the first online store to handle the rebates for the...
  30. NTJedi

    Humble Bundle 4!! Best bunder EVER!!!

    Strange the number of purchases are increasing so drastically. Based on how many have been sold they've captured at least half a million dollars already.
  31. NTJedi

    $3.38 - Neverwinter Nights Diamond Edition

    Terrific Classic RPG Game!! This game has "ENDLESS" replay value for SinglePlayer and MultiPlayer because so many different realms have been created by the community available for download.
  32. NTJedi

    $20 credit for NewEgg.. check your email

    Ditto... I'd like to know.
  33. NTJedi

    What happened to my drive?!

    Star Trek Translation: "She's Dead Jim." ~BONES Star Wars Translation: "The grave itself is but a covered bridge, Leading from light to light, through a brief darkness!" ~YODA Henry IV Translation: "As soon as one(ssd) is born, one starts dying." ~LUIGI PIRANDELLO, Henry IV...
  34. NTJedi

    Agility3 and Vertex3 = What's the difference?

    Thanks for the fast response... I purchased the Corsair Force Series GT 60GBs
  35. NTJedi

    Corsair Giveaway - Force Series™ GT 180GB Solid-State Hard Drive

    Why is a dead lottery thread still being stickied?
  36. NTJedi

    Agility3 and Vertex3 = What's the difference?

    Having bad luck with searching for the answer... hopefully one of the wizards here have a quick answer. Sorry for the rookie question. 1) Agility3 and Vertex3 = What's the difference? Not much price difference with Vertex2 2) I'm buying one for my desktop system M3A78-EMH ASUS...
  37. NTJedi

    Free game -Proun

    I think I will skip on a game that makes me dizzy.
  38. NTJedi

    XFX 5670 Fan and Heat

    Thanks sirmonkey1985, Coldblackice, and DOOMHAMMA :)
  39. NTJedi

    XFX 5670 Fan and Heat

    I've installed the XFX 5670 and its most recent drivers. I've also registered the card for the warranty. ATI Catalyst Control shows base temperatures at 51o Celsius and all my games run at 59o Celsius. Some Questions: 1) What's normal temperatures for the card when running base Windows...
  40. NTJedi

    ATI and Nvidia under one roof ?

    Thanks for the fast replies SonicTron and SicKlown42012! Tomorrow I will uninstall the nvidia software and swap the cards.